Jason crept toward the convertible car that held the two newest arrivals to Camp Crystal Lake. It was a dark-haired girl who wore a neon pink tube top and a blonde boy who wasn't wearing a shirt. The boy had his arm around the girl, talking to her, but the girl, who was in the driver's seat, had her arms crossed over her chest and was looking slightly the other way. So he wouldn't be able to kill her first... he'd have to get the boy.

He crept toward the car, crawling on his hands and knees so he wouldn't be seen from the mirrors. As he got closer, he could hear what the boy was saying.

"... Why you seem to never wanna have sex anymore, Kayla," he commented, trying to pull the girl against him.

"I've told you already, Cyrus!" She scooted away from him, so that not even their shoulders were touching. "I'm more interested in Corey now. I want to break up. I haven't been feeling anything for weeks."

"Oh yeah?" The boy, Cyrus, leaned down and took Kayla's face in his hand, their lips less than an inch apart. "Then how come you screamed after we were done last night?"

Kayla scoffed. "I was cheering 'cause it was over."

"Slut. You might as well just tell Corey you're a whore or he's never gonna go for you. He likes 'em dirty."

"You asshole!" She smacked him in the face. "Corey's better than you in a lot of ways and I would know!"

"You fucking slept with him? You cheating bitch! If you don't stay with me and only me, I'll tell everybody what a whore you are!"

"You do and I'll kill you!"

Jason groaned and rejoiced that he had finally reached Cyrus's side of the car. He stood up to his full height, raised his machete, and in a matter of seconds had brought it down on the side of Cyrus's head. He grunted a little as he removed his machete, smirking at Kayla. Beat you to it.

Naturally, Kayla began to scream. Her eyes widened as she looked at the dead body of her former almost-ex-boyfriend. "Cyrus!" She thrust the key into the ignition and the engine turned over. She slammed her foot on the gas and tried to drive away, still shrieking.

Jason glared and threw his machete after her. She saw it coming and she ducked, but the fact that it buried itself in the middle of the steering wheel was enough to make her let go. She screamed again as the front of the car smashed into a tree. She hadn't been going fast enough to eject herself from the car, but she still looked terrified. She twisted around and yelled when she saw Jason coming. She climbed out of the car and started to run.

By this time, however, Jason had caught up with her. Not bothering to retrieve his machete from the car, he came up behind her and wrapped both hands around her neck. He squeezed as hard as he could, but she was screaming too much for him to concentrate. She was giving him a headache.

She was shouting and crying. "You killed him! You monster, you killed him! I told him we shouldn't come here! You fucking monster!" She flailed around and her elbow hit him sharply in the stomach, as hard as she could.

Groaning as he momentarily let go of her to clutch his gut, he growled when he realized she was getting away. He hurried forward as fast as he could walk, really wanting to kill her now.

Kayla had gotten back to the car by now, and she had her manicured hands wrapped around the handle of his machete. She was struggling to get it out, and she looked back. That was an obvious mistake, since she saw him coming and just got more freaked out. She wailed again, giving the knife another yank.

Reaching her, Jason reached out to grab her by the throat and finish choking her. He was going to kill her in an extra brutal fashion for trying to steal his machete.

Another sob tore from Kayla's chest as she jerked on the knife again. She looked back, saw Jason coming, and gave it one last pull. Just as he reached her, the machete came loose. He could see she hadn't been expecting that, but he didn't have a lot of time to contemplate. Since she hadn't been expecting it to come free, it looked like she'd pulled too hard, and she lost her grip. It came flying toward Jason, lodging in his stomach.

Jason growled again, this time more lowly. He clawed wildly at the knife, angry at his own weapon for betraying him, before dropping to his knees and subsequently collapsing on the ground. Sure it hurt, but he'd definitely had worse (he'd had a hatchet buried in his head, for example), and he was only hoping to fool Kayla.

Speaking of Kayla, he could hear her breathing hard as she just looked down at him. She stepped back a little, finally deciding that he was dead. She let out a sigh of relief, then he heard her turn to go back to the car and mourn her boyfriend. "Cyrus, baby..."

Now was his chance. He reached over and grabbed her by the ankle, dragging her down. Got you.

She screamed again. "No...!" She scratched feverishly at the ground, trying to make him let go. "Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go! You're supposed to be dead!" She kicked her legs fervently, bawling her eyes out.

Jason grunted as one of her feet rebounded off his mask, causing his head to go at an angle for a second and making his neck sore. That was the last straw. She had tried to get away, she'd stolen his machete, attacked him with it, and now she'd kicked him. He may have liked the chase of her trying to run, but enough was enough. The torture had to stop sometime, and he was getting tired of her. His grip on her ankle tightened, pulling her toward him.

She was still wailing, begging to be let go. She clawed and hit the ground, trying to free herself. "Monster! Let me go, let me go!"

He glared as he yanked her toward him and pulled her up off the ground. He got in a straddling pose on top of her, holding her legs together between his knees so she couldn't kick him again. He grasped her wrists and slammed them down into the dirt, holding her there. While he was in this position, she wouldn't be able to move or hit him; he needed her to stay still for just a few seconds before he killed her.

She screamed again. "What are you doing? Monster, let go of me!" She tried desperately to move, wiggling her body ever which way and pushing up on his hands in a futile attempt to free her wrists. "Let go!"

He brought her hands up and clasped both of her wrists in one hand, giving him one free hand. He reached up and took the bottom of his mask with his thumb and first finger. If she wanted a monster, he'd show her a monster.

He lifted his mask and pushed it back to rest on top of his head. He hissed at Kayla, pulling his machete out of his stomach where she embedded it earlier. He raised it above his head and swiftly brought it down.

The brunette screamed shrilly as the blade of his knife ripped through her chest. She kept screaming and he released her hands, deciding there wasn't much she could do now. When he did her hands flew to her chest, as if trying to magically heal herself. She pressed her palms to the fatal wound, like she was trying to stop the bleeding. But it wouldn't stop; he knew that. Any ordinary idiot knew that once your heart was stabbed you weren't going to live.

Remembering all she had done, Jason raised his knife again and tore into her throat to stop her screaming. He moved back a little and brought the blade down on her stomach too. He decided that one more strike should get rid of all the anger. Where should it be?

She was still trying to scream, a desperate and gurgling sound thanks to the blood in her mouth and throat. He was disgusted by that as much as he'd been by the screaming. He crawled up and leaned over her face. He reeled back and gave her one more gash, this time fully slicing down the entire length of her face in a diagonal.

Satisfied that she'd finally been silenced, Jason stood up, sliding his machete into his belt. Good. He stepped back to admire his work and decided, looking at both Cyrus and Kayla, that they needed to be displayed. That would keep more people from trespassing on this land. That would make his mother happy, because she was happy when they had the place all to themselves - though she didn't seem to mind Melanie, so Jason was happy about that.

He gave one last glance to the corpses as he turned thought he was a monster? Idiots. They were the real monsters and they were just too ignorant to notice it. Blind to their own imperfections, but had perfect vision when it came to seeing the shortcomings of others. Not to mention their own faults were the worst things; sex, drugs, alcohol, never mind talking about how "good" it was. It was bad. He could swear nearly every person in the world would turn out that way now... the world itself was becoming bad.

Melanie. He let her enter his mind because he hadn't thought about her for maybe half an hour. Thinking about bad people made him mad, but somehow when he thought about her name the anger faded a little. She was good. She was the one person who had come to this place that he didn't really mind having here. He only minded everyone else because they were bad, but she wasn't.

He didn't think it was odd to think of her whenever he finished killing someone. The people he killed were bad; she was the opposite of bad. She was good. It was only natural to think about something good after you got rid of something bad.

He slid his mask back down to cover his face, and walked back into his cabin to go find some rope.

HOT DAMN THAT WAS FUN TO WRITE. I don't know why, maybe it was temporarily putting myself into Jason's head and trying to see everything how he sees it. :D *is a happy dummy*

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