The Goodbye Line

"Do you have everything?" Hermione asked her children quite seriously as their large trunks lent against the wall of Kings Cross train station.

"Honestly mum we have got everything." JJ replied.

"Right," Hermione said looking at her watch "let's get onto the platform," and Hermione noticed her son and daughter roll their eyes at each other they had arrived at the station twenty minutes early as it their mother so convinced they would forget something or someone.

"You walk straight between the wall dividing platforms nine and ten ,"Hermione said to her children smiling as she saw the puzzlement on JJ and Mariella s face

"You just walk at the wall?" JJ asked skeptically but for his tone he was treated to

"Yes," from his mother. Mariella hung back whilst JJ looked curiously at the wall wondering if you had to whisper a password or tap a brick.

"Just walk straight at the wall," his mother said encouragingly and seeing his sister was not about to move JJ took a brave step and ran straight at the wall. True the sensation of walking through a wall was odd and everyone seemed to have neglected to mention that but when he did arrive on the other side the Hogwarts Express bright scarlet and puffing smoke was sat there. Hundreds of students milled around talking quidditch, summer holidays and one occasion JJ could have sworn he heard a conversation about giants. Although JJ thought he spent a while looking around the platform in reality it was only a few seconds before his sister joined him.

"Wow," Mariella said this is exactly what mum said it would be like as she walked through the platform barrier with Hermione.

"Hey Hermione," Draco rushed through the barrier these two just would not keep quiet. He jostled one-year-old twins Narcissa and Julius on his hips. Both twins had their father's eyes like their older siblings with Julius having his fathers light blonde hair like his elder sister and Narcissa with chocolate brown hair. Presently Narcissa was leaning from her father to her sister whilst Julius was watching the scarlet steam train with amazement. A loud whistle blew somewhere in the vicinity of the train.

"Right get on the train," Hermione busied her elder children on to the train.

"Bye," she shouted as JJ and Mariella leaned out of a carriage window waving until the train rounded a corner and the twins went out of sight.

"In ten years you will be going too," Draco said to his son who looked crestfallen at the disappearance of the scarlet train.

"Not yet," Hermione said hugging Narcissa tight

"No," Draco smiled kissing the top of his wife's head as they turned to back towards Kings Cross station "we have ten more years with these two and we have forever together," and although in years to come whenever this happened Julius and Narcissa would make faces this time as Draco leant in to kiss his wife neither made objections.

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