"Castle? Earth to Castle?"

She snaps in his face and he jumps. The car isn't moving, it's parked in the same spot it has been parked in for... He looks at his watch and groans. Six hours. He must have fallen asleep. The elation he felt moments before fades as he realizes that he didn't spend the last twenty minutes making out with the glorious woman sitting next to him, but instead spend it drooling on himself.

She smiles as he wipes at his chin, holds up her thermos full of now cold coffee.

"He make a move?" He asks as he takes the thermos and presses it to his lips, the closest he's ever gotten to hers in anywhere but his dreams. He has the sudden urge to go back to sleep, as he chokes down the cold bitter liquid.

"No, but Ryan and Esposito are on their way to relieve us. I didn't think you wanted to be caught drooling. That's something they'd never let you live down." She smiles.

"That was uncharacteristically thoughtful of you." He looks at her out of the corner of his eye, like he doesn't believe her motives. Which he shouldn't, they aren't exactly noble.

"Oh, don't be confused. I intend to bring it up frequently. Also, did you know you talk in your sleep?" She questions with the guise of innocence. He knows better, knows exactly what he was dreaming and wonders just how long she is going to keep him in suspense about it.

"I didn't know stakeouts turned you on so much."

Apparently, not long at all, he thinks as she teases him.

She, on the other hand, has no problem remembering quite clearly all the moaning he was doing. The absolute torture of not knowing exactly just who he wanted to 'touch.' Or what he was entertaining in his head that left him so vocally enthralled.

"Actually, I imagined stakeouts in a much more glamorous light. Thus the vivid dreams. I'm only sorry you were unable to join me." He smiles as a car pulls up beside them. Esposito nods and Ryan leans over to look at them from the passenger seat.

"I'm sure." She rolls her eyes and picks up her phone, Esposito answers and she briefs him on the nothing that had taken place, then tells him she's going to catch some sleep. She hesitates for a minute before adding with an evil grin that she is apparently the only one of them who actually hasn't had any shut eye in over twenty-four hours.

"Hey!" He objects and can see that both Ryan and Esposito are laughing in the other car. Ryan pretends to doze off as Esposito says something into the phone that causes Beckett to smile.

"What?" He demands.

"Two hours and thirty-six minutes." She reports. Esposito's face falls and Ryan too seems disappointed. "I expect to be paid when you get back to the precinct." She smiles and hangs up.

"Wait..." Castle turns to face her as she backs out of the parking spot. "You placed bets on how long I'd stay awake?"

"Well, technically the bet was how long it would take before you fell asleep or couldn't stand sitting still any longer. But yes." She replies as she pulls out into early morning traffic.

"I think then, Detective, that I should see some of this money. I did, in fact, win your bet for you."

"In your dreams, Castle. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be stuck in a car with you?" She asks glancing out of the corner of her eye at him.

He smiles, remembering his dream.

"Actually, I do." He answers.

She questions him with raised eyebrows.

"I really do."

She thinks she would do just about anything to know what puts that satisfied smile on his face. But she'll never ask, so she tries not to think about the warm simmering sensations in the pit of her stomach.

Like lightening trying to break free.