Since the dawn of civilization, there have been those who would abuse their power and authority for corrupt purposes...they are the mad dictators, cruel kings and queens, greedy politicians that wrote the history of the world in the blood of others. But there have also been those who challenged them…lone men and women, gifted with extraordinary powers and guile, who have seen to it that the scales of justice are never unbalanced. They are the Weapons of Fate. They are said to be immortal, for even if you destroy their material bodies, their essence never dies, and is reborn anew. Seven is their number:

The Stick, The Stone, The Fist, The Viper, The Gladiator, The Hawk…

And The Demon.

Prepare for a part of the Currents Universe you never thought would see.

Prepare to hear the tale of Matt Murdock, son of aged martial arts athlete Jack Murdock…gifted law student, and a handsome, fun loving youth who has good friends and a loving girlfriend.

A good life is all but a guarantee for him as he is set to graduate with top honors from the Columbia University and open his own law practice along with his best friend, Foggy Nelson.

But when he looses his eyesight, his father, almost his whole life in a whirlwind of events and is taken under tutelage by a close friend of his dearly departed father...

He is thrust unbidden into a world that he never knew existed, into a profession that, as a devout Catholic, he would have been horrified before to even consider.

He eventually does learn, however, through many struggles and hardships, that sometimes to do the work of angels in plain sight, it is necessary to take the guise of a demon.

Prepare…for Daredevil.