Well, I am sorry to announce this- but he Currents-verse, the setting in which the story is taking place in, is basically being cancelled.

Most of the talented writers who have carried the line through the last several months are now either really caught up with life and all that entails, already have existing fan fic concerns at the moment to devote much remaining time to their Current-verse titles- or a little of both in some cases. While I do have a strong urge to continue on with this tale, I feel it is somewhat disrespectful to do that when others have decided to end theirs.

I have often professed before that I am a fan of character work- inevitably, any character that I come to use in my stories in some kind of extended role end up having this starting point and end-point in my mind- the trick most of the time is how I want to get them there and wind all their threads into a decent story. So it's going to be a bit sad to not carry those characters all the way through the finish line- Matt, Foggy, Karen, Iron Fist, even Purple Man to some extent, geez...!, Stick, Gladiator, Hawkeye- and especially Hawkeye! Elektra was going to have a really pivotal role too down the line, too.

It's hard to let this one drift away- but it's for the best, I suppose. I am doing too much writing for my own good at times- and scaling back down to two titles may be just what I needed. I apologise to anyone who may have grown attached to this tale, it's really hard to do this for me since I had this whole ship-load full of plans, and really precise ones too, for where this was supposed to go, but I hope things will work out for the best.

I would ask any readers for this tale to be on the lookout for when my original tale- The Mighty Guardian is finally posted in Fanfiction. Net. There's a fair bit of editing I would need to do to convert the script format there to the regular one- and oncoming mid-terms make it a bit too difficult to do that right now. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it when it's finally here.