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Kurenai panted, gazing around the abandon dungeon (or so she thought). The door to the cell squeaked open.

"So you are finally awake."

Kurenai squinted into the darkness. "Show yourself, you coward!"

She heard the figure step back, gasping. "Coward?! I once fought against The Giant Muskrat of Suna!" it proudly declared. Kurenai could practically fill the pride radiating off him and frowned in disgust.

The teacher raised a slim eyebrow. "What's so brave about that? I could tell you millions of people who fought The Giant Muskrat of Suna! What makes you different?!"

The being smirked whilst moved out of the shadows. "I lived."

Kurenai blinked. "After you got your leg cut off...?"

The figure shook its head. It sighed. "No."

"After you got your arm cut off?"


"After you got your limbs cut off?"

"No! I didn't get any limbs cut off!"

Kurenai went silent… "Not even a pinkie?" she inquired.


Kurenai stared at the figure. "Well then why don't you have any of these?"

-(Line of Awesomeness)-

"We gave you a day, Kakashi. Have you decided?" Dino-man asked. His eyes held sags seeing as that little idiot Kakashi stayed up all night talking to some weird paper penguin he found in his pocket.

Kakashi lifted his index finger. He turned to the origami animal. "What should I do, Randall?"

For the past two days, the Hatake has not been himself. He started sparking up conversations with random inanimate objects. On the rare occasion when he did speak to animate things it would be a mouse or a passing cockroach. His hair had long since frizzed because someone who he would not name would not let him get his beauty products. So now he looks like a messed up Albert Einstein or, as Dino-man says, the KFC dude.

Kakashi's only friend was Randall, the paper penguin and sometimes even Randall would ignore him. Just like right now. The piece of paper turned away from him. "Where are you going, Randall?" Randall did not answer and kept moving away from him as far as Kakashi's arm would reach.


Kakashi gazed at the origami's back gloomily.

"Enough of this, Kakasuey!-"

Kakashi glared. "Kakashi."

"Right, Kakashi, I have waited long enough. Answer the fucking question!" There was a pause while Dino-man held up two pieces of paper. "Chinese or Mexican?"

Kakashi stared intensely at the two take-out menus. "Meehhh," Dino-man leaned in, "xxxi…"

-(Line of Awesomeness)-

Hidan loaded up the cart with luggage. The powerful sun glared down heatedly upon Konoha. "I can't fucking wait until we get inside the damn house," he mumbled to himself, pulling out a handkerchief to remove the sweat off his brow.

Kisame nodded. "I know what you mean; I can just imagine the last time cool air rested itself on this gorgeous face." His giant hand slid down his face dramatically.

Konan came out of nowhere and bumped him on the head. "Moron!"

She then left to go torture some other poor soul.

Kisame pouted. His gloppy eyes were on the verge of tears. "She doesn't love me anymore!" Like a two-year-old, he tackled/hugged/almost killed Tenten as the shark-man held onto her for dear life. "Make the pain go away, Tenten!"

Tenten groaned, glancing around. Her eyes locked with Sakura's. "Help," the Wing mouthed. Sakura shook her head, grinned and gave her the thumbs up.

Tenten was not one for plans and that was probably why her escape plan was not working. Bystanders looked at her coldly as she crawled and grabbed onto people's legs and let them drag her away. The farthest she has gotten so far was three feet and that was with a petite man lady.

-(Line of Awesomeness)-

Itachi arrived at the wagon. He gazed uninterestedly at his friends. Hidan was leaning against the carriage like he was going to throw up. Kisame was hugging the life out of Tenten who in turn was, for some reason unknown to him, holding onto a sailor looking guy's leg. And, of course, Sakura was just standing around like a badass.

Itachi sighed.

He really needed to get new friends.

With one swift swoop, the Uchiha pulled Kisame off Tenten and hopped into the carriage all without saying a word.

Yeah, that's right, you better watch out, Sakura. 'Cause you got some compotation!

Itachi jerked his head up coolly as two South Wing girls passed the wagon. He smirked when they giggled and waved.

Yeah, he was a stud.

-(Line of Awesomeness)-

Zetsu clutched Hinata's hand with his own. "Come on now, it's going to be alright." He gave her a reassuring look.

Hinata avoided his gaze. "I know but your friends don't like me. I see the way Konan glares at me whenever I'm near her."

Zetsu sighed. "That's just 'cause she wanted to do me. That's all." Little did Zetsu realize, what he said did not help. It only made it worse.

Hinata was silent for a long time, fidgeting her fingers in an odd statue-like way.

Zetsu placed his free hand on her head. "Are you alright?" he asked. He leaned in slightly. He needed to make sure her pupils were not different sizes. As the thought recurred that maybe she had a concussion.

Hinata turned beat-red. The rival Wing's nose was pressed up against hers. "Zetsu..." she squealed before promptly fainting.

Zetsu stared down at Hinata in confusion. He stood up and grabbed Hinata's bag before he threw Hinata on his shoulder. He smirked at Hinata's unconscious face.

She was a keeper.

The Haruno walked down the corridors. His giant muscular legs leading him towards the departure dock.

Gold eyes gazed down at him from the rafters. A black tongue slid out and hissed.

-(Line of Awesomeness)-

"You must make sure the Haruno twins do not pass the gates. Only in the academy is my power greater than theirs."

The red-head nodded. "I will do everything you tell me, Master-sama."

A loud cackle bounded off the walls of the small room. "That is what I like to hear. Go, Karin, and make my words into actions."

Karin smirked. "As you wish." She disappeared in a scarlet haze.

"Soon the time will come when my brothers and even the reincarnations of Yin and Yang will bow before me."

The laughter produced was much eviler than before and insane.

Was there really only one villain hiding in the shadows of Fire Moon Academy?

-(Line of Awesomeness)-

"Out of my way!" yelled Pein. He ran swiftly through the halls. A large duffle bag bounced against him as he ran. How he could possibly be late he did not understand. The clock in the library had said it was a little after one but a passing student had told him differently.

Why couldn't he be on time at least once?

The book he checked out was clinched tightly beside his chest.

"Come on! You heard me! Move!" he bellowed. A poor East Wing was thrown on the floor when he did not move fast enough.


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