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Code Geass: Knightmare of the Shinigami


Duo was seething in rage as he walked the halls of the Preventer's headquarters.

To put things bluntly Duo was having the worst day of his life. His girlfriend for the past two years, Hilde, or as he referred to her "that two timing bitch", had broken up with him. Apparently she had been seeing this other guy while he had been away on preventer's missions and hadn't bothered to tell him till after he had caught them in bed together that morning.

And to add to his little myriad of problems his salvage business had been run into the ground. Apparently Heero and Wufei found it necessary to pull him away from work nearly every day to train him. They said they were doing this so he would hopefully become a more competent Preventer's agent, but he had a sneaking suspicion this was their way of getting pay back for all the pranks he had played on their uptight asses. And that damn sadist Trowa had helped them. So for the past year he had been training in espionage, martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, assassination techniques, and computer hacking while he watched his business crash and burn.

'When the hell am I even going to need to use espionage?' he thought to himself. 'The fucking war is over.'

"Oh well", he said to himself as he plopped down on the couch in the break room kicking his feet up onto the nearest table. "At least I can relax till I can find a way to blow off steam."

"Duo Maxwell," he heard Noin's voice over the intercom, "report to Lady Une's office for mission briefing now."

"Fuck my life!" he yelled as he got up, stormed out of the room and headed to Lady Une's office.


Lady Une sat at her desk in her office adorned with the most expensive furniture money could buy, gifts from Relena and Quatre. She had been surprised by the lavish furniture considering all the things she had put them through in the past but as the saying goes "don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

She was contemplating how she was going to deal with Agent Maxwell. She had heard about what had happened through the grape vine. She had come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with him would be to remain calm and ask no question about the subject that was irking him at the time.

"Out of my way! I'm here to see Lady Une!" She heard Duo shout outside her office.

'Speak of the devil,' she thought to herself as the door flew open revealing an enraged God of Death.

"What is it Une?" Duo yelled entered Lady Une's n making sure to slam the door as hard as humanly possible.

"Duo," Lady Une began calmly, "please come in, have a seat. Mint?" She finished holding out a small bowl containing a copious amount of afore mentioned item.

"Can the crap Une and just give me the details of the damn mission so I can get the fuck out of here!"

"Very well then have a seat then I will brief you on the mission specifics." Une said calmly as she set the bowl of mints back on her desk.

"Fine," Duo replied as he sat himself in the nearest chair.

"Here," Lady Une said as she tossed him a manila folder, "that contains the profile of the target. We haven't been able to get a prober I.D. on him but he goes by the name Professor X. He was once a colleague of Professor G's."

"Hate the Bastard already," said Duo with disdain, "so what am I supposed to do?"

"I was just getting to that. Professor X has built a space station where he carries out his research. We had sent an agent to infiltrate the station and report on the professor's research. The last report came three months ago. The report states that Professor X was developing a weapon of mass destruction capable of wiping out entire cities from orbit we haven't heard from our agent since," Lady Une informed Duo, "We have also received reports of a freighter scheduled to go to the station in a week's time. The cargo contains components necessary for an ultracompact fusion reactor as well as the fuel supply, technology required for beam weaponry as well as large amounts of gundanium."

"Fuck," Duo muttered, "the damn bastards building a Gundam."

"We need you to sneak on board the freighter and infiltrate the station and plant explosives at the reactor, retrieve the freighter containing the gundanium and return with confirmation of the station's destruction and Professor X's death," Lady Une said as she finished the briefing. "Any questions?"

"Yeah. Why can't one of the others do this mission?" Duo asked.

"Relena requested Heero's presence at one of her charity functions, Quatre is busy runninghis company, Wufei is away on a separate mission, and Trowa is dealing with some issues."

"Such as," Duo inquired.

"After him and Cathy consummated their relationship-"she began but Duo interrupted.

"You mean they fucked right?" He questioned.

"Yes well after they "fucked" some interesting blood work came back revealing that Trowa was in fact Cathy's long lost brother Triton Bloom."

"Holy… Fucking… Shit," Duo finished with a stunned look on his face.

"So Agent Maxwell, do you accept the mission?" Lady Une asked.

"Fine I'll do it, but after this I want 30 days of paid vacation." Duo demanded

"Very well I will see to it that that is arranged. Good luck Agent Maxwell," She said as she gave a salute.

"Yeah, yeah whatever see ya later Une babe," said Duo choosing to revert back to his normal carefree attitude as he left Lady Une's office.


One week later Professor X's space station

Professor X watched the freighter through the protective glass of his magnificent space station.

"Sir the shipment is arriving right on schedule." Said one of his men from behind him.

"I am well aware of that you fool," answered the professor.

"Sir," began the man behind him, "if you don't mind me asking, what exactly did you need those items that we salvaged from the remains of the Lemming and Seraphim for?"

"You'll see soon enough. If my sources are correct then the test subject should be arriving any minute. Why don't you go and prepare a warm welcome for him."

"Right away sir," replied the man before he turned and ran off to prepare for the newest guinea pig.


'Damn it all,' Duo thought to himself as he struggled with his bonds, 'this entire thing was a trap. Lady Une better check her sources next time.'

"Get up. It's time to meet the professor you scum," said his guard as he prodded him with his gun.

Duo was led off the freighter and onto the loading dock of the space station. He was then greeted by an old man with an eye patch and graying hair on his head. The man was also very thin with a very pale complexion that made him look a bit like a vampire.

"Well, well, well if it isn't Maxwell's Demon. Professor G told me so much about you." The Old man stated. "As you most likely know I am Professor X. When one of my spies informed me a Gundam pilot was being sent here I hoped they would, but certainly didn't think they would send you."

"Piss off you geezer," was Duo's only reply.

"Now Mister Maxwell, that's no way to treat your host," X said calmly, "besides I brought you here to test something for me."

"Fuck off," Duo shouted at him.

"Hmm. I was really hoping you would be more compliant in the matter. It doesn't matter, for you'll find you don't have much choice in the matter. Take him to the operating room and prepare our Reaper, Mister Maxwell, for the installation of the G.R.I.M."

Authors Note: So a bit sooner than I said but this is just a prologue but as you can see I have added more of a plot. So he will escape and will be sent to the code geass world in chapter one and this time it will be set when that ghetto incedent happened. Plus I will elaborate on G.R.I.M. See if you can guess what that means. And the lemming and Seraphim were mobile suits for side stories of GW. Plus I just found out about the frozen tear drop story today. It kind of ruins my story but still I'm excited they're continuing GW. I am looking for a Beta Reader for this please i need one.