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Chapter 7

Upon returning to his apartment Duo got right to work on his latest project. He had hoped his days of bloodshed were behind him, but he was a Preventer, and if he had to kill a few people so millions wouldn't die then so be it. But first he would need a weapon. Even though he had enough Gundanium, a full size Gundam was out of the question. Something like that tended to stand out just a bit. Fortunately for Duo his years of working with the sweepers had taught him how to improvise. He had long since memorized the designs of his precious Deathcsythe but scaling it down to the appropriate size would prove to be a near impossible feat.

Duo thought long and hard about how to go about scaling down its size but no matter how many calculations he did it just wouldn't work.

'Damn it all to Hell,' thought Duo as he threw his pen down, 'the only possible way to create an effective mobile suit that size would be to base the design off of one of those God awful Knightmares. None of them even came close to matching the capabilities of a Gundam for a mobile suit that size. None of them… except for that white mobile suit.'

The more Duo thought about it the more he began to compare the white mobile suit to the original Tall Geese mobile suit from his own world.

'It's perfect,' thought Duo as he began a new set of calculations, 'and by incorporating the designs of the Deathscythe I can increase the size of the suit without reducing its speed and mobility as well as remove all the weaknesses of the original mobile suit.' A mischievous grin appeared on his face as he set his pen down, his calculations now complete.

"Now then," said Duo as he grabbed his new laptop and cracked his knuckles before setting to work, "time to rob some people."

Duo quickly hacked the Brittanian Military's computer systems and quickly went to work trying to find all he could on the white Knightmare. Three hours later had turned up little to no information on the white mobile suit. Duo was on the verge of just giving up for the night when he stumbled across an email from a man named Lloyd Asplund to the now deceased prince Clovis concerning something concerning something called Project Avalon. Duo opened the email and looked at the contents.

Thank you so much for letting me test out my latest masterpiece. The Lancelot is the most advanced Knightmare there is, I assure you no other Knightmare can compare to it. The test was very successful, once we found the perfect pilot that is. I look forward to working with you again your Highness. And please pass my thanks to your brother Schneizel for all his funding. Without him the Lancelot would still be just another dream. Until we speak again Ta-ta

-The Earl of Pudding

The way he had said that reminded him of how Professor G had once refered to the Deathscythe as a work of art while all the other Gundams were nothing more than flukes. No doubt this "Earl of Pudding" was just as eccentric as the "Mad Five". Duo could already feel his dislike for this man growing at a rapid pace. But he couldn't let him bother with that now. He quickly began tracing the email to its source. He was able to locate the floor that the email had originated from but found that accessing the files on the computer proved to be a bit problematic.

An hour later and many attempts to hack into the computer system, all of which were in vain, later found Duo extremely frustrated with this man known as Lloyd Asplund. Dislike quickly grew into hate and that continued to grow until Duo loathed the man with his entire being.

"Fucking son of a bitch!," Duo growled out in anger, "I swear to God that if I ever meet that man a am going to shove my foot so far up his ass I'll be able clip my shit stained toe nails with his fucking teeth!"

Duo closed his eyes as he started to take deep breaths in order to calm himself down.

"Well, it looks like I have to do this the old fashioned way."

Duo began to get ready for his self-assigned mission. He had managed to bring a few things back to his apartment from the ship, he had had a feeling he was going to need them soon. He donned his preventer issue, black body armor. The armor was made of some sort of extremely light and tightly woven fibers; many of the workers at the HQ had jokingly referred to it as Gundanium alloy body armor on account of its light weight and extreme durability, in Duo's opinion it was way better than Kevlar. Over the torso section of the armor he wore a black hoodie so that his hair would not be recognized by anyone as well as a black cloth mask that covered that covered the lower portion of his face. He then slung his satchel or as Duo liked to refer to it his "bag of goodies" over his shoulder and then slung his trademark electric parachute onto his back.

'Man I look good,' thought Duo as he gazed at himself in the mirror. "Look out Brittania. The Shinigami is coming for a visit."

David Lancaster was not having a good day. In fact he wasn't having a good life for that matter. Three years ago his wife had left him so now he was struggling to support his two children in high school. His daughter would often tell him how much she hated him when he wouldn't by her the things she wanted. Oh how he wished he could by her those things but the fact of the matter was he just couldn't afford them. His son on the other hand was a whole different problem. He was almost certain that he was involved in some sort of gang activity and he was completely certain that he was on drugs of some sort. He just hoped to God that it wasn't Refrain.

He looked at the Knightmares as he walked his way through the hangar on his routine route of guard duty that he done nearly every day of his life for the past twenty years. Oh how he wished he had done better in basic training and qualified for the Knightmare program. If he was a Knight everything would have been better. His wife never would have left him, he would able to give his daughter everything she ever wanted and his son wouldn't be a delinquent druggy.

He stared solemnly at the rifle he carried. The one good thing about the military was the amazing life insurance policy. If he were to die in the line of duty his children would have more than enough money to take care of their wants and needs and their college would be completely paid for. Their lives would probably be so much better with him gone anyway.

David quickly tore his gaze away from his rifle shaking himself from his thoughts. If he committed suicide and it was proven his children wouldn't receive any money what so ever. All he could do was pray for God to kill him but he knew the chances of him dying while on guard duty were slim to none. He wished he could at least be a foot soldier on the front lines fight the terrorists or better yet fighting in the battles in the E.U.

Lost in his thoughts David barely registered the set of hands grip either side of his head firmly as they twisted it sharply to the side breaking his neck. As he fell to the ground, the life fading from his eyes, his prayers were answered.

'Worst guard ever,' thought Duo as he drug the body into a dark corner. Duo really hadn't wanted to kill the guy but it had been the easiest solution. If he had merely knocked him out and left him there he would have been killed by the blast that Duo had planned but if Duo had taken the time to drag him to a safe spot he ran the risk of being caught.

After the body had been hidden Duo unstrapped his bag and pulled out the plastic explosive and he went to work. Duo crept through the shadows of the hangar as he carefully planted the explosives on the Knightmares in a specific in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness of the explosives. He had to make sure that the explosion was as big as he could make it and caused as much damage as possible in order to keep the soldiers busy long enough.

Once the explosives were ready Duo got out of the hangar and got to a safe distance before pulling the trigger and raised it dramatically in front of his face before whispering, "Boom," as his thumb pressed down on the red button.

The explosion ripped through air as fire and debris flew through the roof of the hangar. Duo watched as soldiers scurried around like ants rushing to put out the fire as it spread throughout the hangar. More explosions shook the earth as more Knightmares caught fire and exploded.

"God damn it," yelled one the soldiers, "get the hoses out here now. We gotta get this fire out and save the Knightmares. Where the fuck is Lancaster? Wasn't he supposed to be standing watch?"

"We can't find him sir."

"Just get the fucking hoses and get this fire out now!"

The fire danced with the shadows cast across Duo's face making him look all the more sinister. Duo walked to the main building where the computer containing the information he wished to obtain lay in wait. The Building was now completely unguarded save for a few men left in front of the door. Duo tossed a small device full of knock out gas into the middle of the men.

"What the…?"

The fast acting gas sprayed out of the capsule like device and within a few seconds all of the guards were down for the count. Duo calmly strolled through the doors as he walked in he pulled another device from his satchel. This device was of Duo's own design; a miniature hyper-jammer designed for the sole purpose of knocking out security cameras thus making it as if he were never there.

Duo pulled out his map of the building as he looked at the route he had mapped out. The room he needed to reach was on the fifth basement level. Duo rolled up the map and stowed it back into the satchel as he went to an elevator and tried to press the buttons to call an elevator but nothing happened.

"Well shit," cursed Duo, "they must have locked the building down. Well it looks like I'm taking the stairs then."

He quickly made his way down the four flights of stairs and soon found himself in a maze of hallways. Duo soon found himself lost and confused as continued roaming the halls trying to find the right place.

As Duo rounded the next corner he saw a young woman with dark hair and a sizeable bust comparable to Milly Ashford's as she exited a room, the room he needed to get into. A quick glance at the door revealed a hand print scanner as well as an optical scanner. Seeing as she was exiting the room Duo figured she must have access to it. He crept up behind her and wrapped his arm around her neck and covered her mouth with his hand to stifle her screams.

"Now then, you're going to let me in or else," whispered Duo into her ear as he brought his gun to her head.

She managed to moved her hands enough to allow herself to speak, "Y-you're after the L-Lancelot aren't you?"

"Was it really that obvious," asked Duo his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I won't let you in. I'd rather die."

"Look princess, you can either let me in and live another day or I can shoot you in the head and take your body parts and let myself in any way. So what's it gonna be princess," asked Duo as he cocked the hammer back in order to emphasize his point.

The woman begrudgingly complied with his request. As soon the scans were finished Duo opened the door and stepped in before whacking her on the back of the head with the pistol to knock her out. After making sure that she was still breathing Duo preceded to the computer in the middle of the room which was standing in front of an enormous object that was covered, No doubt this was the Lancelot.

Duo turned on the computer and went straight to work. After finding all the files he would need Duo plugged in his flash drive and began to download all of the files. As he waited for the download to finish he began to bug the room so that he could always know what was going on. Soon the download was complete but just as he pulled the flash drive out a voice rang out through the room.

"Miss Cecile there's a fire out… Miss Cecile! You what did you do to Miss Cecile?"

Duo turned to regard the voice and soon found himself face to face with the young man who had been about to be executed the other day.

'Damn it,' thought Duo, 'It's that Kururugi guy. Why the hell is he still with them?'

"Answer me," yelled the now furious Suzaku, the gun he held pointed straight at Duo.

"Not much I just bumped her on the noggin is all," was Duo's snide reply.

"If you surrender now and come quietly you can be given a fair trial."

"Heh. There's something you should know about me kid," said Duo as he reached behind his back and prepped a flash bang.

"And what's that," said Suzaku as he tensed up noticing Duo's movement.

"I don't cum quietly," yelled Duo, stressing the word cum, as he hurled the grenade at Suzaku.

The flash bang went off directly in front of Suzakus face. Making sure the flash drive was safely secured to his person, Duo quickly dashed from the room while the young soldier was blinded. Duo quickly made his way through the labyrinth of hallways and to the stairs. If he was lucky he would be able to make it out on the ground floor. But unfortunately for Duo luck tends not to favor the god of death.

"Come back here!"

'You gotta be shittin me,' thought Duo as he mentally cursed his luck, 'Well he's a persistent little bastard I'll give him that. Looks like I'm headed to roof. Maybe he'll get tired and give up.'

Nearly fifteen minutes of climbing stairs later proved otherwise.

"Halt!," yelled Suzaku.

'Damn it, what is with this guy?'

After another minute or so of sprinting up the stairwell Duo finally crashed through the door onto the roof of the building with Kururugi not far behind him. He was at the edge of the building about to leap off when he heard the young man behind him shout.

"Not another step or I'll shoot."

Deciding to humor the kid Duo slowly turned around to face him.

"You have no idea who you're messing with kid," said Duo.

The boy's face held a look of conviction as he spoke. "You're a terrorist and a criminal who needs to be brought to justice."

"And what exactly is justice Kururugi? Is justice young children starving and dying of plague in the streets? Or is it better for the bullets of your war machines to find them first?"

"I'm going to change all of that," answered Suzaku.

"So am I," said Duo as he reached behind his back.

"Don't move!"

Duo just continued his actions until he had a firm grasp on the familiar piece of metal strapped to his back. But as he gripped it the bark of gunfire ripped through the night and a lead slug impacted on his chest the force of which sent him hurtling over the edge.

Suzaku fell to his knees as his gun clattered uselessly on the ground next to him. He had just killed another man. He was no stranger to the act having killed his own father but that had been different. This man had had nowhere left to run. His only options had been surrender or leap to his death.

'So why did I shoot him,' thought Suzaku, 'Was I that afraid?'

Duo almost laughed as his feet finally touched the grounds while his electric parachute whirred noiselessly above him. Looking above him to the rooftop Duo noticed that the soldier wasn't looking over the rooftop to make sure that he was dead.

'What a rookie.'

With his job now done Duo made his way out of the military complex till he reached the motorcycle he had borrowed without permission but with every intention of giving it back… maybe. Duo then made his way out of the city and to the cave where his base of operation lay.

"As Heero would say, 'Mission Complete'," said Duo in a mock monotone, "Now then, time to get down to business."

The next morning Suzaku found himself extremely distraught over what had happened the night before but unfortunately for him he was pulled from his thought as the Earl of Pudding called out for him in his unusual, well usual for him, sing song voice, "Oh Suzaku."

"Yes Lloyd?" asked Suzaku as Lloyd appeared in his vision with a rather large frown adorning his face.

"I'm afraid I have some rather bad news concerning last night," began Lloyd before he was interrupted by Suzaku.

"I'm sorry I killed him, I should have captured him so we could question him."

"Huh… killed him? What are you talking about? He got away, and with all the information concerning my precious Lancelot!" cried Lloyd

"What? But how is that possible? I shot him and watched him fall over the edge. There's no way he could have survived."

"Still a naïve little boy I see," said Lloyd in mock disappointment, or was it real disappointment? You never could really tell with Lloyd.

"Suzaku," came the sweet voice of Cecile Croomy, "Did you check to make sure he was dead?"

"No but he didn't have a parachute or anything like that. How could he have survived the fall let alone getting shot in the chest?"

"It would appear that our thief is a very talented individual," said Lloyd rubbing his chin as if deep in thought, "I wonder if I could get him to test pilot a Knightmare for me?"

"Whaaa?" yelled both Cecile and Suzaku in shock their mouths hanging wide open.

Lloyd merely looked at their expressions with a puzzled expression on his face, "Was it something I said?"

Meanwhile Duo was trying, and failing, to get started on his new mobile suit but he just couldn't keep himself from laughing as he listened to the conversation going on between the three people.

"Maybe hate was a strong word to use for that Lloyd guy," said Duo between gasps of air, "He's fucking hilarious."

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