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My name is Cammy Hino, but most people just call me "Cammy-chan". I am the younger sister of the Rei Hino, the fiery and beautiful priestess of Hikawa shrine. My goal in life is to become a renowned priestess like my sister.

I met my sister nearly five years ago during the Pharaohmon incident. Having learned about me through Pharaohmon, Rei found it quite a shock that her dad had a second daughter, born from a different mother. I was also kept in the dark about my older sister, until circumstances allowed us to finally meet. It was then I discovered I had special powers linked to a powerful sword in the Digital World. It so happened I was once a warrior named the Digital Priestess, and it was I who sealed Pharaohmon. I helped my sister and her fellow Senshi regain their powers, which were taken by Pharaohmon. Then, I merged my consciousness and powers with Gallantmon: creating Gallantmon Shining Mode.

Following the Pharaohmon conflict, my sister took full custody of me from our father. Over the past five years, I've made a bunch of cool friends and faced many powerful enemies along the way, from an armada of alien invaders named the Rajita and a group of ancient demons called the Taiyoukai.

Anyhow, if there's anything I excel at, it's forming and building friendships. Since my sister is Sailor Mars, I've been close to the Sailor Senshi, but I'm also friends with the Tamers from Shinjuku, the Legendary Warriors from Shibuya, Duelists from Domino City, and the Spirit Detectives.

On top of that, I'm a member of the Neo-Spirit Detectives, the new generation of detectives hired by Prince Koenma! Besides me, there's the lead Detective Yui Tsubasa, her Digimon partner DarkGabumon, the half-Lycan Aoshi Tsubasa, and the summoner Kohana Kuroshishi.

Today, it just so happens to be the last day of summer vacation. And how do we celebrate the occasion? Duh! By going to the beach with all our friends, of course!

Joining us were Mokuba Kaiba, brother of the world famous Seto Kaiba, and Shingo Tsukino, younger brother of Usagi, whom he very recently found out was Sailor Moon.

I opened my eyes, stretching my legs across the sand. I was wearing a red one piece swimsuit and wearing a pink sun hat to protect my face. "Hey, guys. What do you say we go see what everyone else is up to?"

Yui, fully dressed in a dark blue one piece swimsuit and sandals, answered. "That's a good idea. We've relaxed enough. Wanna go check it out, guys?"

"Sure, let's go," Aoshi said, dressed in a gray muscle shirt and black shorts.

"Sounds like a great idea!" Mokuba added, dressed in a light blue sleeveless shirt and dark blue shorts.

Kohana, wearing a long-sleeved white t-shirt and short blue shorts, removed her sunglasses. "Whatever, at least I won't get bored."

Shingo, wearing a white t-shirt and red swimming trunks, raised his head and smiled to me. "I like that idea, Cammy-chan. I'd like to see what sis is doing."

"I think I see Yusuke's group just over there," I pointed ahead and got up. "Let's go, guys! I'll race you!" I knelt down, picking up our beach ball and made off with it. No matter how fast I run, Yui is always the first to catch up. I turned and spotted her sprinting toward at me, full speed ahead! "Whoa, hold on!" The faster I ran, the faster she caught up to me. Looking behind Yui, I caught Shingo calling out to me.

The sound of his voice quickly drew my attention, long enough for me to stumble over something.

"Ow!" a voice yelped.

As I picked myself up, I shook off the sand off my face and saw that what I tripped over was actually Kuwabara, buried in the sand!

"Cammy? You think you could watch where ya going?"

"Kuwabara... oh, I'm sorry!"

"I'm sorry, too!" Yui called out as she knelt over and offered a hand to pull me up.

"It's ok. I guess it's hard to see me when I'm like this," the orange-haired man smiled sheepishly as Yukina placed another bucket full of sand over him. "Ok, I think that's enough, Yukina-chan!" I laughed the minute I caught Kuwabara's face light up as the love of his life poured sand over him.

"Hello, Cammy-chan, Yui-chan," a soft, kind voice came from a beautiful, sea green-haired girl dressed in a cute, one piece matching colored bathing suit. I turned and faced Yukina, who sat beside Kuwabara with another couple sitting on the right-hand side. "Having fun?"

"Yep," I acknowledged. "We just came over here to see you, guys."

"What were you running for?"

Yui chuckled, pulling me to the side. "Trying to get her ball."

"I see."

"Cheerio, my friends!" Botan, dressed in a pink swimsuit, poked her head forward, greeting us with a cat-like smile. "How goes it?"

"GAH!" I cried out, abruptly taken aback by the ferry girl's cheery face. "Botan? What are you doing here?"

Botan initially responded, smiling. "I asked Koenma for a day off to spend time with you guys!"

"He...he didn't tell us that."

"Well, dear, now you know. Ah, isn't it just a beautiful day?"

I nodded my head, stifling a laugh. "Yeah, it sure is, Botan." I wasn't expecting Botan to be here, but it was a pleasant surprise. She may act like a total goofball, but she's been so good to our Neo-Spirit Detective team. She's even had less of a headache dealing us as opposed to Yusuke when he was Spirit Detective. I'm always the voice of reason in the team whilst trying to keep Yui and Kohana in line.

"Yo, guys! You should watch where the doofus buries himself!" Yusuke's voice rang out, laughing, drawing us away from Yukina. Yusuke, dressed in a white shirt and black trunks, waved over to us with Keiko, dressed in a light pink bathing suit, holding a small, black-haired child in her arms. "About time you came over and visited us!"

"Yusuke," Yui smirked whilst walking toward her Spirit Detective predecessor. As the two conversed, I walked over and knelt by Keiko's side and cooed at Raizen Jr.'s.

"Isn't he such a darling, Cammy-chan?" Botan chirped as she hung her face over the child, making silly faces to entertain Raizen Jr.

I think it's fitting that Yusuke chose his ancestral father to be his son's namesake.

"He's sure grown a lot," I giggled, lightly poking the child's nose. "He's grown as much as my niece and nephew! I mean, wow, what a difference a year makes!" I prodded my finger over Raizen Jr.'s. To my surprise, he quickly snatched my finger,. "Well, I can tell he's got his father's reflexes!"

I'm pretty good with children. I have tons of experience dealing with my sister's twins, so I know what kind of games to play with Yusuke and Keiko's child.

Keiko giggled as she gently pried the child's hand from my finger. "He sure does. He's already said his first words."

"Oh really? Ryuuhi and Koori have, too! Hiei said demon children mature faster than humans do."

Botan nodded. "This is true. Demon children can explicitly understand anything their parents say before they develop their first level of vocabulary.

"Yeah, must be a demon thing. Rei and I finally relate on something besides having stubborn boyfriends," Keiko replied. "But, little RJ still cries when mommy's not there to hold him."

I laughed. "Ha, ha, yeah, really no different from a human child."

"Cammy-chan!" Shingo's voice called out, catching me by surprise. As I turned, I saw Shingo, Mokuba, Aoshi, and Kohana walking up behind me. "Sheesh, you and Yui-chan need to slow down."

"Sorry, but you know how competitive Yui-chan and I can get."

"Pfft, and I'm supposed to be the only one competing with her," Kohana scoffed, folding her arms.

Aoshi bowed politely to Kuwabara, Botan, and Yukina before turning over toward Keiko. "Good day, Mrs. Urameshi."

"Oh, Aoshi, you're too kind," the young woman said as she held the child in her arms. "We're still engaged, but we haven't gotten married yet."

"When are you going to officially tie the knot?" I inquired while eyeing RJ, who greeted me with a gleeful smile.

"When we can afford it, but we're getting there, guys."

"If you need some help, I'm sure Lyn and I can convince my brother to finance it," Mokuba said.

"I appreciate it, Mokuba, but Yusuke is adamant about paying for everything with our own savings."

"Just know we'll all be there," Aoshi reassured Keiko.

I nodded, concurring with the half-Lycan. "We wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Good to know!" Yusuke said, overhearing our conversation. "Keiko, let's make our wedding as grand as Usagi and Mamoru's!"

Before long, we finished our conversation with Yusuke and Keiko before moving along... as we ran into Kurama, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and beige pants, and Maya, dressed in a pink bikini, along the way. The couple left to grab frozen lemonades from a vendor before returning back with their friends' drinks. I walked over to the couple, greeting them as I asked where Hiei was.

"I just left talking with Hiei. He's with your sister, the twins, and their friends," Kurama asked as he pointed ahead. "You'll find them just ahead."

"You might want to get there before they head off somewhere," Maya insisted, turning toward me. "I think your sister was asking for you. Wanna go see what she wants?"


"Come on, Cammy-chan," Shingo said, turning to me with a genuine smile that made me blush.

However, before we even made it to my sister and her friends, we caught Joey, Mai, Serenity, and Morpheous hanging together under an umbrella shade. Mokuba stormed past us as he made it over to the group. Joey and Serenity noticed us, beckoning waves towards our group.

"Yo!" Joey, dressed in a white shirt and green swimming trunks, hollered, greeting us with a big manly grin. "How's it goin'?"

"We're all just peachy," Yui answered.

Mokuba blinked, taking note of the lack of a few of our friends. "Hey, where are Yugi, Tea, Tristan, and Duke?"

Serenity, dressed in a hot pink two-piece bikini, quickly answered. "Well, you see. Yugi went to visit Tea in New York, and Tristan and Duke went to Hong Kong to try to find some investors for Dungeon Dice Monsters."

Mai, dressed in a lavender bikini, removed her shades and smirked. "Yeah, apparently Vivian Wong's family runs an investment banking firm out there."

"Isn't she Henry, Jaarin, and Suzie's distant cousin or something?" asked Aoshi.

"Yeah, that's her. How do you think they got the meeting?" Mai winked.

"Speaking of absent friends, where are Lyn and Moneybags?" Joey inquired of Seto's younger brother.

Mokuba answered, smiling. "I'd bet they're somewhere out on the company yacht."

"Why are you not with them, Mokuba?" Morpheous, in his human disguise and dressed in a white muscle shirt and dark green pants, stated.

"Let's just say they wanted some alone time."

Turning towards me, Joey noticed me standing near Shingo. "So, are you two... like seeing each other?"

"We're just friends," both Shingo and myself said at once.

We turn, looking at each other and gasp.

Do we really look like a couple? I don't think of us that way, and I'm sure Shingo doesn't, either. Although, I can't deny Shingo is a bit of a hottie, but I wonder how Usagi and my sister would react if we were to start going out?

"Right?" He asks me, snapping me back to reality.

"Of course."

"Eh, I don't know," Mai chortled devilishly, shooting a devious glare at us.

"Ok, guys, I'm starting to feel a little awkward here," Shingo nervously chuckled, scratching his head.

"Don't mind them, please," the apologetic Serenity giggled. "My brother and Mai can be teases."

Morpheous frowned. "They teasetoo much if you ask me."

Right as always Morpheous! Good call!

"Listen. I don't mean to leave you hanging, but my sister's waiting for us," I promptly stated.

Mai blinked. "Oh, I see. Well, don't mind us holding you for too long."

"No problem. We'll come right back!" Mokuba said, waving to the group.

In no time, we made it over to where my sister, Hiei, and her friends were hanging out near a volleyball court. I hurried over toward my sister, who removed her sunglasses. The first thing that caught my eye was the alluring red bikini my sister wore, and really who could blame me? My sister has that special aura, which draws the attention of almost any heterosexual male. You could say the same happens with me. Just like sisters, eh?

The next thing to catch my eye were the twins, the oh-so-lovable nephew and niece of mine.

Gosh, they're the cutest things next to Calumon! I find it hard to believe I'm an aunt and still not out of high school yet!

"Look who's here, Ryuuhi-kun? Koori-chan? It's your Aunt Cammy!" Rei giggled as the twins crawled from under the umbrella shade.

I knelt over, hugging my nephew and niece while rubbing my nose against theirs.

"So, what brings you here, guys?" Usagi asked, dressed in a cute pink one piece swimsuit with tiny white ribbons tied on the sides. Like my sister, she offered to let me play with and greet Chibi-Usa. As I reached over and picked Chibi-Usa, I turned and saw Mamoru, wearing black swimming trunks and a gray sleeveless shirt, offering me some bottled juice. Realizing it was strawberry-melon flavored, I couldn't possibly refuse. It was my absolute favorite juice flavor! No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

"Thank you, Mamoru-san," I said, bowing my head, while taking the bottled juice.

"Oh, I love those!" Shingo called out. "Mamoru-san, do you have any more?"

"Just a few," the man smiled, handing Shingo his own bottled juice - a cherry flavored kind.

"Mmmm, good," I said as I felt the cold juice fill my mouth and replenish my body with some fresh liquid.

"Thanks, Usagi!" Mokuba said, drinking a watermelon-flavored drink.

Kohana drank her kiwi-flavored juice, suppressing her urge to burp. "Not bad."

As I turned and faced my sister, I opened my mouth and... D'oh!

I caught Shingo picking up Chibi-Usa and cradling her in his arms. A warm smile crept over my face as I glanced up at Usagi's brother. Ever since I was introduced to Shingo, I don't know... we became friends, but over the past year, I've become somewhat close to him. He's been spending a lot more time with us, especially after learning all our secrets at the O-Bon festival. Even Yui, Aoshi, and Kohana could tell how close we were becoming.

"We came here after Kurama pointed to where you were," Yui answered before I had a chance to speak.

"Oh, sis!" I nearly forgot what Kurama told me to do. "Kurama said you had something to tell me?"

Rei nodded, who stood up and scooped both twins in her arms. I followed her as we walked past the volleyball court. Pivoting my head, I caught Minako and Rio playing two-on-two against Makoto and her boyfriend Mako Tsunami. Wearing an orange bikini, Minako played like the pro she's always been since her school days. Rio, wearing a black shirt and green shorts, passed the ball over to Minako, who spiked it over the net. Makoto, wearing a bikini and flip-flops, jumped up and slapped the volleyball to the other side. I watched Minako rebound with a breath-taking leap and hitting it toward Mako, dressed in simple dark blue shorts. Mako made a diving leap, but was unable to catch Minako's shot.

"WHOOOO!" Minako hollered as she jumped up, throwing up a V with her fingers. "Score another for me and Rio again!"

Makoto sighed, scooping the ball up as she passed it to Mako. "Not your fault, Mako. You're playing against a pro."

"But... she... plays like a maniac!" Mako cried out, taken aback by Minako's aggressive volleyball-playing nature.

Yep, if there's anyone with a mean volleyball streak, it was good old Minako-san. Now I was overly giddy with the idea of playing volleyball with Yui, Mokuba, Aoshi, Kohana, and Shingo. Speaking of Shingo, I saw him and Yui following me.

"HEY, GUYS!" Minako's voice rang out from the volleyball court. "Wanna come and play with us? We could use four more!"

"Thanks, but we've got to be somewhere else right now!" I called back to the blonde as we caught up with my sister.

Well, as it so happened, my sister dropped us off near the ice cream and fruit drink vendor. She asked us to help carry fruit drinks and ice bags to replenish their cooler refreshments. I offered to carry the ice bags while Yui and Shingo carried the drinks. My sister paid for the supplies and walked off, carrying the twins as I followed alongside her.

Then, she slightly edged over to whisper near me.

"So, what's with you and Shingo?"

"Oh, c'mon, not you, too, sis!"

"Minako-chan noticed how awfully close you've been with him. She told me to ask you."

I couldn't believe this. Why couldn't people just get a clue? Shingo and I are NOT an item.

"Mai asked me the same question earlier," I whispered.

"I'm just asking... Shingo's a nice guy and I have no doubt Usagi would be happy..."

Taking a moment to let this sink in, I never thought it that way. If my sister is ok with it, Usagi shouldn't be opposed to it, too. But, this was easier said than done.

We return back with the supplies as I saw Ami, wearing a cute blue one piece swimsuit, and Vega, wearing a white shirt and black shorts, walking over to chat with Usagi. As I set the ice bags in the cooler, I caught Hotaru, wearing dark purple swimwear, playing with Chibi-Usa.

"She's such a little cutie, isn't she, Hotaru-san?" I asked the dark-haired girl, who turned and greeted me with a smile.

"Yes, I know. She, RJ, Ryuuhi, and Koori are the future."

"And it's our responsibility to lead them down the right path."

Before long, I watched as my sister knelt under the umbrella while offering a bottle of strawberry juice to Hiei.

"It's such a nice day," Ami said to Vega. "Don't you agree, Vega?"

"Yeah, and it's even better with the air so moist," he added. "It's not too hot either."

I concur. This was the perfect weather to be going out on the beach.

I admit I do envy my sister and her friends. Except for Hotaru and possibly Setsuna, they all have their lovers and partners to whom they can trust. Even Yui and Aoshi have been drawn together. Kohana, yeah, forget it. You'd be better off not bothering pairing her with any guy you throw at her. I think she might be more drawn to girls. I wouldn't know about Mokuba. That leaves me as the only one out of the Neo-Spirit Detectives seeking love.

A young priestess in love.

What am I to do?

"Cammy-chan, I heard Karin and her friends are over at the ice cream and fruit drink vendors," Yui chimed in. "Wanna go back there and check?"

"Oh, sure," I said, getting up as I followed my friends back to the vendor area. I turned, waving to my sister and her friends. Emotions were running high as my mind swam amidst the questions regarding Shingo's so-called friendship with me. Why the hell is this still lingering in my head? Just leave me be already! I'll decide whether I want to start a relationship!

It didn't take us long to get back to the vendors. We spotted Karin and the Kuiper Senshi sitting on a bench. Karin wore a long-sleeved buttoned shirt, a sun hat, dark blue bikini, and sandals. She licked a delicious lime-flavored ice cream. I glanced over to Jami, dressed in a yellow and black swimsuit, and saw her drinking frozen lemonade. I saw Christina, garbed in a dark purple bikini, eating chocolate ice cream. Then, I alternated my eyes toward Taylor, wearing a green swimsuit, and drinking lemonade. Then, I turned and caught Helena, dressed in an olive green and brown bikini, drinking lemonade, too. And finally I spotted Tyra, wearing a white shirt, yellow bikini, and sandals, licking a vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup spilling over it.

I motioned over to Karin, who waved over to us.

"Hey! Good to see you guys here!" The brunette jumped up and stormed over to us.

Kohana folded her arms. "So, what do you guys want?"

"Just wanted to say hi was all," Karin said as she approached Yui and me. "Man, that was a crazy break we've had, huh?"

"Especially the O-Bon festival," Yui pointed out.

I interjected. "Tell me about it. Now Usagi's brother has learned my sister and the others' identities."

"You know it's not that bad of a thing, guys," Jami stated. "I think we can all trust you, Shingo."

Chuckling nervously, Shingo gave a modest smile. "Sure thing, but man... to realize my sister, her friends, and now you guys... I'm one guy surrounded by a group of super-powered chicks, but... that's just awesome! You know I've always been a fan of the Senshi!"

The Kuiper Senshi, except Tyra, giggled over Shingo's comment.

Tyra pointed to Shingo. "You just make sure and not let it slip to the public, got it?"


As I turned toward Shingo, I couldn't help but chortle when he blushes near girls. I find it cute. He may act tough on the outside, but I can clearly tell he's a big softie on the inside.

"We just passed by where Takuya, Izumi, Kouji, and the others were," Christina addressed. "They're just east from here. You'll find them together."

"Oh really?" I asked, turning toward my colleagues. "Why don't we pay them a visit then?"

From there, he reached the beach site where the Legendary Warriors were. It didn't take us long as Takuya, wearing a red shirt and yellow trunks, sat by Izumi, dressed in a pink and lavender bikini.

"Hey, Cammy-chan!" Takuya said, smiling.

Izumi greeted me with a hug. "Oh, Cammy-chan, how's it going, girl?"

"Just fine. We just got back from seeing Yusuke, his friends, my sister, Usagi, their friends, and Karin's group. Now, we just caught up to you."

"Well you're just in time. I've got some fresh-baked white chocolate chip cookies," Izumi smiled, making shifty eyes toward Takuya and the boys. "Don't be shy. Take as many as you like, because they wouldn't appreciate a lady's cooking."

"Liar! Your cookies are great!" Takuya exclaimed.

"YEAH! I LOVE YOUR COOKIES, IZUMI-SAN!" Junpei's voice bellowed out from the distance.

Glancing over to my right, I saw Junpei, dressed in a fully-bodies blue and yellow bathing suit, cried passionate tears as he bowed toward Izumi's direction. Tomoki, dressed in green swimming trunks, was seen biting into one of Izumi's cookies. Kouji and Kouji, both wearing black swimming gear, were building sand monuments whilst covering their ears from Junpei's excessive and passionate cries.

Ok, yeah, Junpei still won't give up trying to impress Izumi, even though it's clear that Izumi and Takuya are an item.

Eh, I still can't blame the guy for trying. I know he'll find the right girl for him.

Who knows? He might have better luck than me! I'm not even trying for goodness sake!

"Thanks for the cookies," Yui said, finishing her piece.

Mokuba glanced toward the distance as he spotted a teen with goggles and a redhead together. "Guys! I think I see Takato and Rika!"

"Oh, right," Takuya added. "They're close from here. You won't miss them if you go right ahead."

"Thanks," I said, turning around while waving to the Legendary Warriors.

We spotted Henry, wearing a green shirt and white shorts, building a sand castle with Sara Shinobu, who was wearing a yellow bathing suit with white frills adorning the sides. I passed by Ryo, who Calumon and Impmon had buried in the sand up to his nexk. Kenta, wearing black trunks and sandals, was seen on the shoreline gathering seashells with MarineAngemon. It so happened we found DarkGabumon playing with Inumon and Renamon's pups - BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon. Speaking of Inumon and Renamon, I saw the digi-couple leaning against each other under an umbrella next to where Himura, wearing a dark blue sleeveless shirt and gray shorts, and Jeri, wearing a light blue swimsuit, were lying together on a towel. To my left, I saw Felinismon and Guardromon building sand sculptures of themselves. As I walked further along, I spotted Kazu, dressed in a black shirt and yellow shorts, throwing a Frisbee to Kiyoko, who was garbed in a green bikini.

"Rika! Takato!" I whirled around as Mokuba called out to the aforementioned Tamers.

I saw Takato, wearing blue trunks, sitting by Rika, dressed in a white shirt and a dark blue bathing suit, on a towel. Guilmon sat by Takato's side, but the euphoric reptile happily rose up and stormed towards us, especially me.

"Cammy-chan, Yui-chan! Aoshi! Mokuba!" Guilmon cried out, embracing each of us one by one. Then, he turned toward Shingo and jumped into the teen, hugging him. "Shingo, is it? Hi!"

"Hello?" an overwhelmed and awkward Shingo hugged Guilmon.

"Hi, Guilmon! Good to see you!" I happily returned an embrace to the reptile. Just think, the two of us here are the components completing Gallantmon's Shining Mode form. Imagine that.

Throwing off his goggles, Takato greeted us with smile. "Hey, guys! We weren't expecting you to come over here!"

"Cammy, your Digimon partner just happened to come here," Rika addressed to me, sitting up. "He must've smelt the pups' scent and came over here to see them."

"Yeah, I know how attached he's become to the pups," I giggled. "He can't help it."

"No, it's perfectly fine," Himura chimed in as he sat up, grinning from ear from ear. "The pups have grown to love their Uncle DarkGabumon."

Jeri added. "That's right! He's been so wonderful with them."

"We're glad to hear this," said Yui.

Shingo walked over by my side and waved to Takato. "Hi, Takato."

"Oh, hey, Shingo," the goggle-head acknowledged Usagi's brother.

As the boys conversed, I turned toward Kazu and Kiyoko's direction.

"Those two really are getting attached, aren't they?" I said, observing the two teens throwing the Frisbee toward each other.

Mokuba folded his arms. "Seems that way."

"Well, it's about time that fool admitted his feelings to her," Rika added.

"Too long if you ask me," Himura remarked.

"I just hope some other people don't make the same mistake they did," Jeri smiled deviously at Shingo and me.

"Oh, god, not you guys, too?" I rolled my eyes. "Come on, Shingo, let's get out of here!" I grabbed him by the hand and started pulling him away from the crowd.

"Uh, Cammy-chan? I think we're alone now." I heard Shingo say after a while.

I turned to him and realized that we were still holding hands. Embarrassed, I quickly let go. "S-sorry," I stuttered. "It's just that I'm so sick of everyone thinking that we're a couple!"

"I know what you mean. Still, I can't say I haven't thought about it, as well."


"Sure! I mean, I think you're great, and I wouldn't mind having you as a girlfriend, but..."


"But even though I knew the world was a whole lot bigger than anyone could have thought, I just found out that world is closer to home than I ever could have expected. I mean, when those dimensional pirates attacked the O-Bon festival, I saw my freakin' sister transform into Sailor Moon right in front of me! And then I find out you and Yui and Aoshi and Kohana all have superpowers, as well? It's a bit much to take in all at once."

"I know it must be a bit overwhelming to be thrust into this world so suddenly, but I think you're doing a great job managing, all things considered."

"It may seem like I'm cool and composed about all this, but, honestly? I still freak out about it sometimes. Which is why I don't think it's a good idea for us to start dating right now. I don't want to look back and regret a decision I made because I was caught up in the excitement."

"You... you think you'd regret going out with me?" I asked, a little hurt.

"I don't know if I would or not, but I don't want to take that risk. I don't know how you feel about me, and I don't want to know right now, but if it's gonna be right, it'll still be right if we start dating later instead of now, right? We were friends before I found out, and I'd like us to continue being friends. If something grows out of that, then great! If it doesn't, it's not like we won't be close friends anyway. What do you think?"

What do I think? "I... I think you're right." Wait, I do? "I'm fine with the way things are right now."

"Really? Thanks Cammy-chan!" Shingo gave me a quick hug, then ran off to go talk to Aoshi.

"N-no problem!" I blushed.

Dammit. I was so close to finally having a boyfriend! Ah, well, if Shingo wants to wait, I guess I can, too. As the French say, C'est la vie!


A/N: I know what you're thinking. "Wait, dimensional pirates attacked an O-Bon festival? When did this happen?" Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: the beach episode is really just the epilogue. :P

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