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The bedroom was spacious, though sparing furnished. An elegant, oak craven dressing table was nestled in a corner with a large, oval mirror, framed with swirls of silver. In another were two large, silk lined reading chairs; between which was a small black table, piled with a selection of books. A tall, wide cupboard, whose door panels were decorated with painted Wyverns, stood with one door slightly ajar, and on the dark coloured walls hung various paintings.

Though the window was open, the heavy scent of lust and passion tinged the warm summer night air; even the wind seemed to utter a soft moan.

On the wooden floor, a long robe of deep purple lay crumpled, joined by a grey cotton shirt and dark, weather beaten trousers.

Wrapped in the black, velvet sheet that the covered bed, Ryushi watched his lover sleeping peacefully, the moon's sliver light softly reflecting of her pale face, highlighting her features. Her lips were parted slightly and he could hear her eased breathing. Over her naked shoulders, her long, sleek black hair fell. Everything about her was achingly beautiful and he couldn't help but feel a stir of amazement that she was even here beside him.

It was incredible how five years could change everything, could change their lives, could change the world. Yet, time's flow couldn't change their feelings for each other, though it had deceived him.

Slowly, he reached out and gently stroked her cheek as torrent of gratitude surged through him. He'd been so close to losing her. When they had parted way he'd been sure that would have been it, that he would never see her again. It was memory that terrified him.

In the darkness he wished there could have been another way for them to have been reunited, a way without the sorrow, pains and the loss of the years, a way without all the senseless death. But in the un-judging darkness, the selfish part of him didn't care about the past war or the worlds they had both fought for. They were together now and he didn't want to dwell on what might have been.

Besides, he knew she was happy, knew he made her happy. This was her choice and he was grateful for it, though a part of him didn't feel he deserved it. His musings broke as she stirred from her slumber, her blues eyes fluttering open. She smiled at him, a gesture he returned. "Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you," he whispered.

Lifting her head, Li'ain gently brushed her lips against his. "You didn't," she assured him, though he knew she was lying.

Shifting her slender body, she nuzzled closer to him, her eyes closing as a content smile appeared on her lips. "I'm just glad to be home."

Ryushi gave a sincere smile and wrapping an arm around her, drew her closer. Tenderly he kissed her cheek, before nestling down on his pillow.

In silence he watched her breathing deepen as she drifted off into her private dreams and fantasies. Dimly he felt his own eyes begin to grow heavy, and soon he was submerged in a comfortable darkness.