A.N.: Names will be changed on the character's perspective. No dialogue just yet. As for Naoto here's some refreshing: In game she states her parents died in a car crash, well same with Minato. Her shadow states that Naoto's name with "Naoto" meaning that its possible for her name to be fake, an alias such as how Kuzunoha is a title not a name. There is nothing official in this fic, just theories thrown around.

The day he came down was the day Seta had defeated the Goddess who had created the fog. With malice and deceit gone, what point would there be to protecting humanity? A blue butterfly had landed upon the ultimate sacrifice and he began to descend from between the darkest side of the moon to Earth slowly with the butterfly protecting him.

For him 2 years and 3 months and 17 days had passed.

For his friends, a lifetime of change.

He had witnessed everything thanks to the butterfly letting him see various visions.

He had learned of Aigis and her new potential, how S.E.E.S had become close once more. How Seta and his friends had solved a mystery beyond rational thought. Of those who he wished to meet in his group he was most interested in was his younger sister, how she had grown to be from his absence in her life. He thought of how he should reintroduce himself to the world, to those he knew, but knowing what Mitsuru was capable of, in the end it seemed pointless.

Even though he had saved the world the only thing he couldn't save was himself.

He knew that he would return to living but he didn't expect it to happen so soon. There was only one thing a wild card such as himself could do. To blend in and vanish and try to help as many as he could but before leaving he was going to pay a visit to a certain grandfather of his AND to return to the Velvet Room somehow.

A day after Souji had left Inaba the group got to thinking of the future. Free from the mystery they could now see their futures shining brightly.

"Naoto" had revealed her true FIRST name to her friends but they still addressed her as Shirogane.

There was no need for them to find out the truth of her actual last name like Souji had, she told them that even though she would continue to attend school with them. She also warned to not be surprised if she left for a few days to go help on a case.

Chie had wanted to help people and decided to learn from Dojima-sempei about the law.

Rise would leave town to restart her career and dedicate it to being herself. The others would inherit their family business but they all decided on going to the same college together.

Teddie being Teddie had some things to learn. Even though the Hanamuras didn't mind Teddy staying over they did wish that he learn some skills to communicate with others then by flirting or being overly childish. Yosuke found it annoying, of course, but his parents found it endearing.

Yosuke decided to teach the bear street smarts by visiting Iwatodai. Yosuke had to explain everything but he didn't mind since as Teddy put it, Yosuke loves to hear himself talk. When Teddie asked why they couldn't learn things about the streets back in Inaba, Yosuke rationed that they needed to leave the comfort and familiarity of Inaba and that the small town didn't have some things the city had.

Getting off the train, they started down the streets as Yosuke told Ted who to avoid talking to and where to go just in case of an incident happening. Ted had nodded in agreement but just asked about jumping into a TV to escape. Yosuke told him to not be used to leaving through that way in case if he was being followed.

Ted pointed over his shoulder at the blonde girl with blue eyes who had been following them since they had gotten of the train. Like that?