It's Christmas time again so it's time for another Christmas themed fic!

"Why the frown Misty?"

"Just trying to puzzle out who's sent all of these gifts Bryg."

"What have they sent you Misty?"

"Twelve Jedi Masters,

"Eleven TIE fighters,

"Ten blaster rifles,

"Nine battle droids,

"Eight lightsaber hilts,

"Seven holocron crystals,

"Six laser cannons,

"Five holocrons!

"Four bucking Reeks,

"Three Rebel Bases,

"Two Sith Lords,

"And a Peko Peko in a Swamp Tree."

"I'm assuming that some of those gifts are figurines Misty."

"Sorry Bryg but they're the real thing."

"How did they afford to send you all of this?"

"What I want to know is how they managed to gift wrap them Bryg"

"Do you have any idea who might have sent them?"

"Well they do appear to be Fan gifts so either Master Fish or Runo Bannister."

"My younger brother?"

"Yes Bryg, how many Runo Bannisters do you know?"

"But if he likes you wouldn't these be better suited for Valentine's Day?"

"That would indicate that he likes me. You know boys Bryg. They never like to admit that they like a girl."

Your sister, RED, had a boy that really liked her . . . ."

"Point taken."

"So Misty what are you going to do for Christmas?"

"Come here and I'll whisper it in your ear. Bryg."

"That's a great idea Misty!"

"I think so too."

"Uh Misty, you do realize that Christmas is seventeenish days away."


"So why did you open your presents?"

"I haven't. I'm just guessing.

To be updated next week.