My name is Marcus. You may think that your job is tough? That is school is way too hard? Well, then you obviously don't know my job. See, I'm the guardian angel of Wallabe Beatles. You know, number of the kids next door. Yeah. Do you think you have it hard? And right now we were in school.

"14!" I yelled in Wally's ear. "The answer is 14!"

Wally raised his hand. The teacher called on him. "Is the answer 41?" He asked. I sighed while the other guardian angels laughed. How does he come up with these answers.

Stacy laughed the loudest. She was Abby's guardian angel. I really don't like her. But I try not to let Wally use my hatred. Something with thr rules and stuff. But I break that rule. And somehow that hatred turns into hatred for the teenagers and adults. Wally does not listen well.

"It's like this Marcus." Stacy said before whispering in Abby's ear. "14... The answer is 14... 14..."

Abby raised her hand. And of course the teacher called on her. "Is the answer fourteen?" She asked. The teacher smiled and nodded.

"See." Stacy said. "That's how you do it."

I shrugged. "Yeah well your the guardian angel of Wallabe. He doesn't listen to whatever I say. The only thing he listens to is when I say crud."

Wally slumped down in his chair. "Crud." He mumbled to himself.

As angels, we have these weird powers. The first is our wings. They can fly up to 120 mph. But first of course you need to earn your angel wings. I haven't yet. The second is our power to save our assignments. When I say assignments, I mean like Wally. How we save our assignments is kinda confusing. You know how a speeding car will miss you by inches? That's your guardian angel at work. But we only get a limit of chances like that. No one can live forever. I'm proof of that.

The third is our power to teleport. We can follow you anywhere. But even angels need sleep. And sometimes we sleep in. So we teleport to catch up with you. The last is the power to suggest. We suggest the right answers. Some angels that can't complete control. I've seen that case. You know that father guy? His guardian angel got the virus that turns them evil. And he took control of father. I know I would never do that to Wally. But sometimes the virus will eat at you. Until your helplessly under it's control.

"You know. Sometimes I wish I had the virus. Punch all you guys a little." I said stupidly. Everyone turned to me and gave me the look. Your never allowed to talk about the virus. Ever. Thankfully, the bell saved me the speech about it.

Wally rushed out of there as fast as I wanted to get out. I hated the whole virus speech. It's not a joke. It's a terrible fate. You sholdn't joke or you'll be next. Yeah well come gt me virus.

"Hey number four!" Someone called behind us. We both spun around to see a shadow. Of course, I Wally didn't see the second shadow.

"Hey number two!" Wally greeted as he started to walk with his best friend. I stayed behind and waited for my best friend, Liam.

"So," He started to say, "I heard you were joking about the virus in class."

I shrugged. "I'm not afraid of any virus. And don't give me the speech. I hate the speech. So, are you ready for the infiltration of father's house?"

Liam shook his dark blonde hair. "No. I hate father's guardian angel. Every angel who got the virus is scary." He looked up at me. "Are you scared?" He asked.

I laughed. "Of course not. Butch doesn't scare me." I stopped and whispered, "It's his eyes that scare me."

"Well." Liam said. "We're all going in there. We're all going to see those eyes."

I didn't say anything. Yes. I'll see those eyes. We all will see what happens when you get the virus. And everyone will turn to me. Because I had made fun of it. Yeah, well come for me virus. I'm waiting. I'm not scared of you.