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Two weeks later...

I mostly sat in my... I mean wally's room. It isn't mine. Nothing's mine anymore. The only reason I'm still a little connected to the world is because of Wallabe. I spend most of my time hanging around him. Maybe it because... I had this feeliing everytime I whispered something to him that he would say my name.

It's all a question of sanity don't you think? How much is too much insanity? How do you know how much insanity you need to be called insane? How much do you have to desert yourself to be called insane?

Sometimes I think that I'm just some madman in a hospital. Mumbling about angels and a boy named Wallabe. And screaming Nioami, and Liam's name at night. Does a madman know he's mad? Or is a madman actually smarter than us all? With all their knowledge forming different versions of the world?

Am I insane?

Suddenly, Wally's head snapped up. "Marcus?" He asked.

I bite my lip. I fought with myself not to say anything. I lost. "Yes." I answered.

Wally's head turned to me and scanned all around me. I held my breath. Waiting... hoping... he would say my name again. Instead, he shrugged and turned back to his breakfast.

I put my head down, and when I looked up, I saw Tanner staring at me. Tanner and I were never really friends. But he has a good heart. When he sees me doing something I shouldn't, he ignores it because he knows I'm going through something. Thing is, I've been trying to dealing with it for two weeks.

We were all at the treehouse. Being silent while our assignments talked to eachother. It's funny, how Abby, Nigel, Hoagie, Kuki and wally are so oblivious to what had happened two weeks ago.

Sometimes I wish...

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up, and didn't smile. There, frowning down at me, was... Nioami.

"Can I talk to you?" She asked quietly. I shrugged and stood up to go with her. She pulled me by the hand, and I let her go and just started to follow her. Yes. I choose Nioami instead of Liam. Everytime I close my eyes, I see him smiling, or his eyes when I choose Nioami. I remember how scared and shocked and unforgiving they looked. I will never forget those eyes that haunted my dreams.

She stopped and turned to me. We were Wally's room. The place that we first kissed. Was she thinking of that? Was she thinking about how Liam sang to us until she kissed? Did she even remember or care?

"Marcus..." She started slowly. "I know that your dealing with things. But you just can't seperate yourself from the world. You can't just pretend that Liam didn't exist. You can't do that to Stacy, or Tanner, or catnip, or Taylor... or me. You love me don't you? So why would you hurt me like that?"

I was suddenly furious. "That's just it!" I screamed. "I love you too much! I love you so much I gave up my best friend! I love you so much I don't want anything bad to happen to you. That's why I got and outsmarted the virus. That's why the angel council is out to get me. Th's why I chose you. That's why I want to protect you. Because I love you too much!" I took a deep breath. "But I also love Liam. And I tried to save him. I tried to save him from the depression I'm feeling right now. I was..." My voice trailed off.

I looked up at Nioami. She was trying to hide tears from running down her cheeks. She wasn't succeeding. I feel down to my knees. My hands clawed at the ground as I let tears wash over my face, and eventually fall to the ground.

"I need to help!" I screamed. "I need to save..." My voice was drained out by constant sobbing.

That's when I looked out the window...

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