In the sky, a helicopter flew, far away over the sea, nearby was an island. An island that no one had touched for decades.

"And welcome back to Wetten Dass," Thomas Gottschalk spoke into the camera, "And thus we return to the helicopter. If you've only just joined us, well, I'm joined here by Dieter Bohlen and Wolfgang Petry, who have both agreed to parachute out of this helicopter. What do you guys think back at the studio? Will they do it?"

"No way!" came a voice from the pilot.

"That's very reassuring," Gottschalk smiled.

"Hey," Dieter said, "Of course we'll do it! We're not just about to chicken out of the biggest show on German television!"

Wolfgang then put the parachute pack on his back.

"Well, I'll do it too," Wolfgang smiled, "Of course I will. I trust mother nature enough to see me down safely. And the parachute, of course."

"And I certainly won't be outdone by some hippy," Dieter said, and he also started to put on a parachute pack, "So I'll do it too."

Gottschalk grabbed a parachute pack as well.

"You're not coming with us, are you Gottschalk?" Wolfgang smiled.

"Hahaha, no, I just wanted to know what wearing one of these things felt like, I could never bring myself to jump out of a plane."

"We're in a helicopter, Gottschalk," Wolfgang smiled.

"Y..yeah, whatever," Gottschalk put on the parachute pack.

They were now all wearing parachute bags on their backs.

"Hahaha, it feels pretty funny, actually," Gottschalk said.

Suddenly, something hit the side of the helicopter, resulting in a large bang.

Then another bang as the helicopter was hit again and the helicopter shook.

"What the hell was that?" Dieter yelled.

The red light on the camera that was filming them suddenly flashed a couple of times, before turning off altogether.

The lights in the cockpit were flashing too, and a soft buzz could be heard from somewhere on the helicopter. The three of them were close enough to the cockpit that they could see all of this.

"Holy shit, what's going on?" Dieter jumped up from his seat.

"Nothing, nothing, I assure you that everything here is perfectly safe..." Gottschalk tried to sound convinced by his own words.

"Are we... over the Bermuda Triangle, perhaps?" Wolfgang suggested.

"No, we're flying by Austria somewhere, look, everything's going to be fine," Gottschalk said, looking out of the window.

The helicopter was flying lower and lower.

"It's just another episode of Wetten Dass... what could possibly go wrong?" Wolfgang thought to himself as the helicopter shuddered again.

There was an island below them, and the helicopter blades began to hit trees on the way down.

"Hey, why is the helicopter flying so low?" Wolfgang asked.

"Surely this must be... part of the show, or something?" Dieter asked, as the helicopter started to make a funny whirring noise.

"I..I... I'm sure everything's fine," Gottschalk said, but he sounded paniced.

The pilot then started to speak into his radio.
"Mayday! Mayday!" he started shouting, "Oh god, there's something wrong with the helicopter!"

"What do you mean 'something' wrong! You're a pilot! Fix it!" Dieter started shouting.

Suddenly, the blades on the helicopter got caught in the branches of the trees and the door on the helicopter flew open, sucking Gottschalk out of the helicopter.

"GOTTSCHALK!" Wolfgang yelled, before the helicopter smashed into the side of a cliff.