The four of them all ran out to the helicopter.

"Hey, hey!" Dieter yelled, as the helicopter landed on the hill.

"Hey, you four," a voice yelled from inside the helicopter, "Hop aboard right now!"

And they did as they were told.

"You should know though," Wolfgang said to the new pilot, "That there is a tribe down there, they throw arrows and other stuff at us! That's what crashed the first helicopter."

"Fucking hell!" the new pilot yelled, "Why didn't you tell us that in the first place? Then we could have sent a reinforced helicopter!"

"It was Andrei who was on the phone to you," Gottschalk said, "He didn't know."

"Sorry," Andrei said.

"Bah, I guess I'll just have to fly through it then," the pilot said.

They heard shouting coming back from the island as the helicopter hovered above the sandy beach. The four of them looked out the window while the pilot concentrated trying to fly out of there. They could see the tribe below, standing on the beach, picking up rocks, twigs and anything else nearby and hurling it at the helicopter.

Suddenly, clank clank clank. There were objects hitting the side of the helicopter.

"Shit," Dieter said, "It's that tribe again!"

"Oh no," the pilot said, "Looks like I'll have to dodge around them."

And the helicopter moved from side to side, twirling around in all directions.

"What the hell are you doing!" Andrei yelled, "Y...You're going to crash!"

"I'm not going to crash, because I'm more skilled a pilot than you," the pilot answered coldly, before swooping up into the sky and setting course for Germany.

"Wait a second," Wolfgang said, "Why were there buildings like that on a native tribal island?"

"...That is none of your concern," the pilot growled.

The helicopter flew over the water, and soon, a city could be seen in the distance.

"Berlin?" Gottschalk asked.

"Frankfurt," said the pilot, as the helicopter started to lower itself.

Soon, they were over an airport, and the helicopter landed on one of the landing pads, and it came to a stop.

"I...I...I never thought we would see this place again," Wolfgang said, stepping out of the helicopter, and looking at the city lights around him.

The others, too, got out of the helicopter.

"Oh my god!" Dieter said, "I'd kiss the ground if I wasn't surrounded by all you people. I love you all by the way, I love you pilot, you Gottschalk, you Wolfie, and you, that guy from Todomondo."

"My name is Andrei," Andrei said, slightly annoyed.

Gottschalk smiled, they had finally arrived home.

But their celebration was short lives as reems of television reporters and flashing camera flooded out from the airport, walking up to where they were.

"Ah geez," Gottschalk said, turning around to see the mass media coming over, "I guess that they're here for us."

"Well no shit Sherlock," Dieter said.

"People please," Andrei said, "This isn't the time for interviews."

"Nah come on Andrei," Wolfgang said, "We've got this. This'll be easy compared to what we just did."

And so they were all walked into the airport and were then interviewed for a while, until it was decided that enough was enough and the reporters went home.

The pilot of the new helicopter had gone too, leaving the four of them standing alone in the empty airport.

"Well... that was... hey are we gonna be on TV?" Andrei asked.

"Yes Andrei, we'll be on TV, are you happy now?" Dieter said.

"Well... no but... I mean, at least we get something out of it, right?" Andrei smiled.

"Forget it Andrei," Wolfgang said, "Dieter's just a big meanie, leave him alone Dieter."

"Come on you guys," Gottschalk said, "We better get out of this airport before it closes."

And so the four of them left the airport.

"Well?" Dieter asked, "What now?"

"We go home silly," Wolfgang said, "Weren't you listening? They've got taxis waiting for us, you know."

"Oh, alright then," Dieter said, "Then... I guess this is... goodbye for now?"

"Only for now," Wolfgang smiled, "After we've been through all that, there's no way we can't keep in touch."

"Well, see you three then," Gottschalk said.

"See you," Andrei waved.

"You guys are the best," Gottschalk said, "And with that I bid you all adieu."

And so the four of them parted ways, ready for their journeys home.

The End.