Zira watched as Simba and her beloved Scar fought on top of Pride Rock.

Just then Scar slammed his paw hard into Simbas face, and making him hit the ground hard. Then he proceeded to try and finish his nephew off by pouncing on him and deliver the death blow.

Yet sadly for Scar Simba flipped him off and sent him tumbling to the ground below.

Thanks to the flames all around Pride Rock Zira was unable to get close enough to see what happened to Scar after that.

Rage and hatred for Simba began to grow within the wicked lioness. So much so that Simba banished her from the Pridelands.

Once in the Outlands the hyenas who had lived there fought Zira and her Outlander lions, sadly they were just to strong for the hyenas. Miraculously the hyena trio escaped and fled.

Years later she would try to avenge Scar at the loss of her own life, along with that of her first born cub.

Throughout Ziras whole existence, she would never know that Simba wasn't the one who truly killed Scar. That the real murder had gotten away.

Yet what if we turned back the sands of time?

What if we were able to let Zira see who really illed Scar?

What would happen then?

Fasten you seat belts. This is gonna be a crazy ride

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