The sun rose on the new day, and our favorite hyena pairing with it.

Shenzi awoke with a yawn, which in turn caused Banzai to awake.

"Morning Banzai," Shenzi said calmly with a sweet little smile on her face.

"How was I?" Banzai asked

"Amazing," Shenzi said "I wouldn't doubt are clan is repoluating now,"

Shenzi rubbed her tummy a bit, then kissed Banzai

Yet this moment of romance was cut short by Ed screaming about something, then getting hurled throught the air and landing near Shenzi and Banzai.

"What the?" Banzai said

"What did that?" Shenzi asked

A few seconds later she got her answer.

There was Zira. A look of pure anger upon her face, along with blooshot eyes. Zira had ran out past the Outlands and to where the hyena trio the whole last night, her body being fueled by nothing but rage, hatred, and revenge for Scar.

"Finally," Zira said whiping out her claws "Now Scar's vengence will be complete,"

"Shenzi, run," Banzai said

Ed began to get up

"Mee and Ed will hold her off as long as we can," Banzai said

"No, Banzai," Shenzi said "I was forced to let my whole clan die because of her, I'm not letting her take you both to. Besides I got a bone to pick with her about killing are clan,"

"You're carrying are pups now probably, don't rish their lives," Banzai said

Shenzi understood and ran

"Oh, no you don't!" Zira cried as she ran after Shenzi, er primarly target.

Banzai and Ed charged at Zira, then Banzai went to her left, while Ed took the right. They then hit her on both sides

Zira cried out in pain

"If you want are queen, you'll have to go through us!" Banzai said

Ed said something

"Ya you tell her Ed," Banzai said

"With pleasure," Zira said.

The three animals fought visously. Clawing, biting, hitting eachother. Yet Ziras determination for vengence was just two mch for Banzai and Ed. And with one powerful swipe of her claw she sent Ed flying again, and smashing into a tree

"Ed!" Banzai cried. Banzai then bit into Ziras other front leg, blood gushing out of it

Zira holered in pain as she violently shook the hyena off her.

"Ow my leg," Zira hissed in pain "I'm going to..."

Zira's sentence was cut short as a rock struck her in the face. The hurler, none other than Shenzi.

"Shenzi...I run," Banzai said weakly

"Well now, the little queen has returned eh?" Zira said

"No...she' pups," Banzai said

"Oh really?" Zira said "Well now this changes everything,"

Zira then went back over to Banzai and placed her claws underneith his throat.

"Now maybe I should just kill this guy," Zira said to Shenzi "Then you'll know how it feels to have chilren grow up without a father. To wake up everyday and see their beautiful faces that resemble him, and be reminded that someone took him away from you! That's what I feel everyday Shenzi! Now you're goning to feel it to!"

"Mother stop!" a young male lion cried

Zira looked over to see her son Nuka

"Nuka, you're here? Wonderful, now help me finish these killers off," Zira said

"The only killer I see here is you," Simba said walking over

"Simba?" Zira said suprised

Just then ten other lionesses appreared to

"What's the meaning of this?" Zira asked

"I told you before," Simba said " Scar would not let go of his hatred, in the end it destroied him. We are all part of the circle of life, all connected, and your hatred has disputed the natural order of things. You must learn to forgive or be destrioed in the end."

"I'll never let it...ack, ack"

Zira now gagged as Shenzi now capitalized on this distraction Simba had caused to attack her. In a matter of seconds Zira was dead.

Shenzi then got ready, expecting another of the lions to attack her. Yet they didn't.

"Hey? How come you're not attacking me?" Shenzi said confussed

"My mother was a monster, my dad a ego filled tyrant. I suppose it's best that they're bth removed from my life. For Kovu and Vitanis sake to." Nuka said, yet still a tear managed to ecsape from his eye.

"Go," Simba said "Return to the Outlands with your friends, raise you pups and be happy,"

"Huh? So you're not ging to attack us or anything?" Shenzi said

"I'm not a killer like Scar or Zira were," Simba said "I've learned to forgive, now go."

Shenzi woke up Banzai and Ed and returned to the Outlands

Some time after all the fighting and killing, Shezi had her given birth to three beautifu pups. Agirl and two boys.

Plus Banzai was right, their were surviors from Ziras attack.

And in time the hyena clan was restored

Kovu and Vtani never found out what really happened to their mother. Nuka just said she chocked on a bone when she was eating a carcas.

"Mother always told us to chew are food," Vitani said

In the end Kovu became the new queen, wih Kirar his queen.

And they all lived happily ever after

The end