The Vixen and the Ookami

Summary: In this world everyone is part animal, when you're born you're either a dominant or a submissive, same goes for females too (I will explain in the story so don't freak out) And Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki are no exception. Sasuke and Naruto have been together since they were new born. Sasuke being, constantly over possessive, and Naruto being cutely oblivious(but not in a annoying way) follow Naruto and Sasuke as they try to sort through their feelings for each other as they grow up (and don't worry I will make it move kind of fast for thoughs of you who want lemon! Oh and there's mpreg in it to. If you don't like that you can go screw Karin!)

Pairings: SasuNaru (main), KisaIta, KyuuNita (Nitachi is Itachis twin brother, I couldn't decided between KisaIta or KyuuIta so I just made him a twin bro)

LeeGaa, SasoDei, KakuHida, PeinKonan, NejiHina, ShinoKiba, ShikaTema, ChojiIno and more

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Chapter 1:

Welcome to The World, Naruto Uzumaki!

It was a beautiful day in the village of Konoha. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and…. Kushina Uzumaki was screaming her head off.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kushina wailed as another contraction washed over her. "Uh!" she huffed as the contraction ended and plopped back down on the hospital bed. Her fluffy red and white tipped ears flat against her head. She was in the middle of giving birth to her and Minatos seconded son. Now, let's take a peek outside in the hallway and see what everyone's is up to shall we?

In The Hallway!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Minato flinched as he heard his wife scream in pain….again. "Don't worry Minato, everything is goanna be fine" Fugaku a black Ookami said trying to ease the tension of his long time friend/rival but it did nothing to ease the spiky blond haired kitsune down. "How can I calm down when my wife is screaming in pain" Minato stated franticly and continued his pacing. He only stopped when he felt a light tug on the bottom of his cream yukata with a golden obi. Looking down he saw his elder son of 4yrs old, smiled gently and picked up his son "Is mommy goanna be all right?" Kyuubi asked looking worried with his blood red fox ears pressed down on his head and his crimson silted eyes cast downward. "Of course mommy is goanna be alright, she is giving birth to your new baby brother Kyuubi. Soon your goanna be a nii-chan! Doesn't that sound wonderful?" *Kushina screams again* "…no, not really?" Kyuubi shakes his head no and makes his crimson-orange colored waist-length hair sway behind him, Fugaku chuckles silently behind him.

"Sorry we're late! Has he been born yet?" Mikoto yelled excitedly has she ran down the hall with her three sons. One that she was caring in her arms was an infant of only a few months with blackish-blue hair that stuck up in the back and two dark wolf ears upon his head and a small tail sticking out the back, and two more following behind her as she ran down. By looking at them you could easily tell that they were twins. They both had long blackish-grey hair and lines going down their faces underneath their eyes stretching to their cheeks with their naturally red eyes looking forward as not to trip (they are Uchihas after all). With black wolf ears and tail they looked exactly alike. The only way you could tell them apart is that one was wearing his hair in a low pony tail at the nape of his neck and a serious face on. He as everyone knew was Uchiha Itachi, the more serious of the two. The other had his hair loose and had a more joyous carefree expression. He as everyone knows is Uchiha Nitach( it is pronounced just like Itachi only with a "N" in front, and just imagine the same Itachi only with his hair down and with Narutos personality) he was the more, as people say, less serious one of the twins. "Kyuubi!" Nitachi cried as he ran up to his best friend. "No you haven't missed it yet she hasn't given birth" Fugaku said as he kissed his wife and rubbed Sasukes head which in turn made said baby giggle and said hello to Itachi.

"Nitachi-san!" Kyuubi said and started to wiggle out of his father's arms, and ran over to Nitachi and they started talking till- "AHHHHHHH! MINATO IM NEVER LETTING YOU TOUCH ME AGAIN!" Kushina screamed as (obviously) another contraction hit. Minato paled greatly, for a tan person, he was almost as pale as an Uchiha. Mikoto giggled and said "don't worry it's just the contraction speaking she doesn't mean it" "I MEAN IT!" "Are you sure?" Minato said, very worried for the sake of his sex life. "AHHHHH-!" Kushina screamed, then there was the sound of a baby crying. Minato rushed in to the room to find his wife lying down propped up by the bed, sweat beading down her forehead and her holding a small blue bundle in her arms. She turned to Minato and smiled, "Come here Minato and meet your son" she whispered excitedly. Minato hurried over to his wife and looked down at the baby in her arms and gasped. Minato was amazed at how beautiful the child was. Blond spiky hair like his own, three whiskers like marks on each cheek like his brother, and orange and white tipped ears lay flat against his head.

"He's beautiful" Minato cooed to his wife, staring lovingly at his new son. "Can we see him? Can we see him?" Kyuubi yelled behind them. Minato turned and motioned for them to come see the baby. Kyuubi jumped on the bed and look down at his little brother. "He's so cute!" Nitachi, Kyuubi, and Mikoto exclaimed. "What do you plan on naming him?" Fugaku asked, looking at his friend/rival. Minato looked at his wife and shrugged his shoulders, "We don't know yet" Kushina said a little annoyed that they had not thought of a name as of yet. All the adults (and 4yr olds) turned their attention to Sasuke who was still in his mother's arms struggling to get out. Mikoto put Sasuke down and watched as he crawled over to Kushina. He climbed on Kushina's lap and look at the baby in her arms. He reached out his chubby hands and pinched the baby's cheek. The baby opened his blue eyes and stared at Sasuke as he continued to pinch his cheek. Sasuke giggled at the baby and said in baby slur "Naruto!" and giggled some more as the baby in Kushinas arms giggled and reached out to Saskue taking his slightly larger hand into his(Narutos) hand. Kushina and Minato looked at each other for a second then back at Sasuke and their baby. Minato shrugged and said in a proud voice "Naruto it is then!" Kushina looked down at the baby, now named Naruto, and said "Welcome to the world, Naruto Uzumaki!"

Four Yrs Later!

"Would you two hurry up already!" an older Saskue yelled at his two older brothers. "Well if you weren't so eager to go then we wouldn't be going slow to annoy you, foolish little brother" Itachi said in a bored tone. "I don't know what you're talking about! I'm actually eager to go see Kyuu-kun" Nitachi said with a dazed happy look in his eyes. "Oh whatever! Can we go now!" the impatient chibi complained. "Sure, as soon as I tell mother we're going" Itachi turned his head around and yelled "Kaa-san we're leaving for school!" "Bye kids have fun! Oh, and tell Naru-chan and Kyuu-chan that I said Hi!" she yelled back as her three sons left the Uchiha compound to head next door to the Uzumaki compound. While Nitachi and Sasuke ran to the neighboring compound Itachi took his time since he was in no rush to see the foxes.

Nitachi ran up to the door and rang the doorbell. Sasuke would have done it himself if it wasn't for the fact that he was too short (something Nitachi rubbed in his face quiet often). The door opened and out stepped Kyuubi and Naruto. "Kyuu-kun!" Nitachi yelled as he tackled Kyuubi who was lucky enough to regain his balance before he toppled over. "Morning Nitach-chan, Itachi-san, Sasuke-kun" he greeted each of them. "Sasuke!" Naruto ran over to his long time friend and gave him a hug, his tail swishing around happily. "Good morning, Naru-chan", Naruto puffed out his cheeks in a cute fashion that made him look adorable. "Don't call me 'chan' Sasu-teme" Naruto said in an annoyed (cute) voice. "Naru-chan! Don't use that kind of language!" Kyuubi scolded his little brother. "But he is one!" Naruto said back.

Itachi sighed, "Can we just go to school already?" "Sure! Let's go Kyuu-kun!" Nitachi grabbed Kyuubi's hand and dragged him alongside him. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hand in his and started to walk with him. After a few minutes of walking with Nitachi and Naruto babbling filling the silence they heard a shout from behind them. "Oi! Guys wait up!" they stopped and turned around to see a boy of 8yrs, blue skin and blue hair that spiked up at an angle, sharp teeth and a big grin on his face. "Ohiyo, Kisame-kun" Itachi said with a slight blush on his face. It was no secret (except from Kisame and Naruto) that Itachi had a huge crush on Kisame Hoshigaki. Kisame (a water demon if you are stupid enough to not have figured that out by now already) is a good friend of Itachi's since 2yrs ago. Kisame walked up to them and gave a lopsided grin "Ohiyo mina!" he turned to Itachi "Morning 'Tachi-kun". Itachi blushed and turned his head to the left, "Come on guys lets go" he turned and started walking with Kisame next to him and everyone else following suite.

Few more minutes past and they all jumped when they heard a loud explosion. "DAMNIT BRAT HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO BLOW UP SHIT!" they quickly walked around the corner and saw they're friend (and Kyuubi's and Naruto's cousin) Deidara looking at a smoking and burned down remains of a car. "What ever do you mean Danna, un?" Deidara turned his blue eyes to the red head next to him. Deidara, like kyuubi and Naruto, was a kitsune demon with blond hair he wore half up half down with fringe in front of his left eye and blonde and black tipped ears. They only thing really different between the cousins was that Deidara had mouths on his hands and chest which he uses to make his exploding clay bomb sculptures (A/N: Deidara's my favorite! =3). "I mean I'm sick of your damn sculptures blowing everything up!" Sasori, a scorpion demon, said annoyed. Sasori had red messy-I-Just-Got-Outta-Bed hair and muddy brown eyes and a long honey colored scorpion tail sticking from out the top of his pants.

Kisame sighed and walked over to the two to break them up. "All right, all right break it up you two. It's too early in the morning to be arguing like this" the bluenette exclaimed breaking the two apart. They both turned to Kisame and realized that everyone was there behind them. "Oh! Hey mina!" "Dei-chan!" Naruto yelled running over to the older blond. Sasuke looked ahead at them, burning holes into the elder blondes head. "Hey baby cousin!" Deidara cooed looking down at the kit. "I'm not a baby!" Naruto complained to him. "Yah, sure, whatever makes you sleep at night kid" Sasori said with plenty of sarcasm. In turn the littlest Uzumaki stomped his tiny foot on the pavement and walked back over to Sasuke and held on to his hand. "All right people let's keep it moving, we got 10 min to get to school before we're late" Kyuubi chipped into get the kids moving. Everyone agreed and headed off to the school.

At The School with Sasuke and Naruto!

"Come on Sasu-teme!" the blonde urged his friend as they ran down the hall to get to their class. They ran in the door just as the bell rang signaling that school had begun. "Nice of you to join us, Uchiha-san, Uzumaki-san" their teacher, Iruka a dolphin demon, stated. Both boys ran to their seats before they got in more trouble. "Ok as a was saying 1+1 is t-"Iruka was interrupted as the loud speaker went off and said- "Umino Iruka to Tsunade's office please, Umino Iruka to Tsunade's office please" Shizune, Tsunade's assistant said. The poor dolphin sighed and turned to his class "Ok students, I will be right back, just, talk amongst yourselves till I get back" and with that he left the classroom. Immediately two girls ran over to Sasuke and surrounded the poor wolf.

One had pink hair and two long pink bunny ears popping out from atop her head and emerald green eyes. Her name was Sakura Haruno. She (to Sasukes horror) had a huge crush on him. The other, like the 1st, was a bunny with long platinum blond hair and pale blue eyes with no pupil. Her name was Ino Yamanako. And, like Sakura, had a huge crush on him too. "Ohiyo, Sasuke-kun!" the bunny said in unison. They then turned and glared at each other. "My Sasuke-kun doesn't want to talk to you Ino-pig!" Sakura screeched at Ino. "You're Sasuke-kun! He's MY Sasuke-kun Billboard-brow!" Ino screeched back.

Sasuke and Naruto sat and watched both thinking the same thing 'When was Sasuke(I) ever yours?'. They continued to watch the fight until they heard a shout to their left. "Yo! Fox boy!" Naruto's good friend Kiba Inuzuka walked over to them with a cheeky grin on his face. Kiba is a dog demon, with spiky brown hair, red upside-down triangles on each cheek, narrow black eyes, and a little white puppy he always keeps with him. Naruto waved him over and Kiba happily obliged. "Hey Kiba!" Naruto greeted with a smile on his whiskered face. "Hn" Sasuke grunted in greeting. "Well hello to you to Ms. Molly Sunshine" (A/N: My mom always say that to me in the morning cause all I do as soon as I wake up is grunt in greeting) Kiba greeted sarcastically. "Fighting over the Uchiha again!" Kiba said in a this-is-seriously-getting-to-fucking-old voice. "Why can't they choose someone else to fight over Sasu-teme is MY best friend! Not they're best friend!" "Darn straight dobe" "I'M NOT A DOBE TEME!"

Time skip! Lunch time!

Sasuke and Naruto are currently sitting under a cherry blossom tree with the rest of their friends which where Neji and Hinata Hyuuga who are clouded leopards, Garra, Temari, and Kankoru Sabaku who are raccoons, Rock Lee a squirrel, Shikamaru Nara a deer, Choji Akimichi a bear, TenTen a cat, Shino a butterfly (AN: Couldn't think of anything else-_-') and Kiba with his dog Akamaru. They were in the middle of a heated discussion about who is cooler, Elmo or Big Bird, and Sasuke was winning. They were just finishing when they heard a cry of- "GARRA NII-CHAN!" the high pitched scream came from behind them. The turned around only for Garra to be tackled to the ground by a green and mahogany blur. Garra sat up with his 2yr old sister sitting on his lap.

"Narra-chan? What are you doing here? And where is Layne?"(AN: Narra is me and Layne is my friend) Narra is the youngest in the Sabaku family. She, unlike her siblings, is a snake demon with lemon yellow eyes that had no pupils, no pupils runs in the family, with black rings around here eyes, long mahogany colored hair that went to her waist and, like Garra, had no eyebrows. "I'm right here, Garra-san" a voice said from behind. Garra looked and saw Layne standing next to them. Layne is 7yrs old and a snake demon like Narra, with long dirty blonde hair that he kept with the pony tail holder low at the end of his hair and fringe over his right eye, navy blue eyes that were a little grey underneath his bottom eyelid (AN: I will be putting-at some point- pics of these two characters on DA). "There you are Narra we need to get back inside yo! Before you get in more trouble!" he grabs Narra and drags her away kicking and screaming wanting to go back to her wanting her older brother. "Bye Narra-chan!" Naruto called after them.

End of Chapter One

Haru: I hate the way I ended this chapter but I had to somewhere so that way I could move on so I can get to the part where they turn 14 then 16 when they start to find mates! And then you would have been able to find out how one girl gets another pregnant! And there is going to be some yaoi in the next chapter. Between who? Idk. Then you will see more how a vixen submissive acts when in heat and trying to seduce another. And about how it is very difficult to get a vixen as a mate cause they are verrrrry picky! The next chapter will be when they are 14.

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