"Mephiles?!" Everyone in the clearing gasped at Blazes' statement. Blazes' golden eyes widened slightly in surprise, questions in her golden gaze.

"I take it you met him…"

Shadow growled, "If you're talking about a very poor imitation of me, yes, me and Chris saw him." Chris nodded in affirmation at the ebony hedgehogs' words.

Silver glanced at Shadow cautiously, "You sound pretty angry about it. He's the one who warned me and Blaze about the Iblis Trigger."

Sonic scowled at him, "I told you I am SONIC the HEDGEHOG. Get it through your pine leaf skull." Silver growled, taking an aggressive step forward.

"What did you say, Blues' Clues?" Sonics' green eyes narrowed at the name and he clenched his fists.

"I said Pine Leaf." Silver growled, taking a defensive stance.

"That's it: let's have a fight, one-on-one. No help or breaks throughout it." Chris stepped forward, remembering all the racing bets Sonic made with his uncle.

"Sonic, ignore him please. Don't stoop to his le-." Dust flew in his face as the two hedgehogs jumped forward and started throwing punches. Cream gasped and hid behind Shadow, who was watching the whole thing, crossing his arms over his chest and wearing his signature frown. Blaze sighed and rolled her eyes muttering 'stupid little brothers' under her breath. Chris sighed and sat down on the grass, his head resting in his palms.

"Here we go…"


Thirty minutes later the fight continued with no signs of stopping. Chris and Cream had given up watching and began to make flower crowns in a nearby flower field. Shadow had moved to the middle of the distance where he could still see Chris from an easy angle and still keep an eye on the fight. Blaze practiced her fire powers with a fierce intensity until she muttered, "All right, that's it."

The purple cat extended an arm, pointing her index finger to the silver blur and shot a fire blast at it.

"YYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!" Silver broke free of the fight and ran around screaming bloody murder, causing the two children in the field to gasp, Shadow to tense up, and Sonic to watch Silver run around like he was a headless chicken. Blaze grabbed silver by his leg and threw him in the nearby lake. The silver hedgehog sighed blissfully as the soothing water ran over his burns.

"Anyway…all I know is I would never do anything to destroy the world. If anything, that honor goes to Eggman or this Mephiles character." Blaze squinted her eyes at the blue hedgehog, scanning him mentally, as if looking into his very soul.

"I believe you. Your soul is as pure as the Master Emerald. I told you it was unlikely that he was the one." The last part was aimed at Silver, who was blushing with shame and embarrassment.

Sonic chuckled good-naturedly at Silver, "You're not alone in being a naïve guy who believes everything. My good friend Knucklehead is like that all the time. So…want to start over?" He held out a hand to the wet hedgehog, who smiled hesitantly and shook his hand.