A/N hey so my nickname is Bunny and this is the first story that i've decided to publish (it's really more of an idea really) and i've never been a very good writer but this is a hamster that's kind of been running through my head at all kinds of inappropriate times so i finally decided to try and put it on paper (or computer... hmm) and see what others think. so go ahead and leave a review and tell me what you think of this tidbit and whether or not i should keep my hamsters to myself^^


Golden brown eyes looked down the barrel of the gun and the woman behind the eyes realized that this was it. There would be no escape or rescue arriving just in the nick of time... there would be no second chance to tell Alex that she loved her.

Some days earlier

"So you won't do it?" growled SVU Detective Olivia Benson as she glared at the ADA Alexandra Cabot. Upon hearing his partners' growl Elliot Stabler looked up from the DD-5 he was completing and observed the two women.

"I won't do it." stated Alex firmly as she met the molten brown eyes of the detective in front of her.

"And why the hell not?", exploded Olivia, "It's a dare! Nothing more!".

"When said dare involves paying strippers to prance after me as I walk through Times Square in a Playboy bunny costume is when I draw the line." Alex growled back.

Elliot and the other detectives in the room howled with laughter as Olivia started to reply "Oh come on it's not like-" before being interrupted by the sound of Captain Donald Cragen slamming out of his office. Everyone immediately calmed down and looked at him as he grimaced and said "We've got a really bad one guys."