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It was dark.

'what the hell?'

Olivia tried to lift her hand to feel around herself but was stopped immediately by something around her wrists.

'shit what did you get yourself into this time Benson?'

Olivia took stock of her body. Nothing hurt. Not even remotely. So how was she tied down with no recollection of it if she didn't hurt?

"Glad to see that you are awake, my dear."

Olivia jerked so hard in startlement that she hit her head back on what ever surface it was she was tied to and saw stars.

"tsk tsk tsk. Be careful, my dear, or you won't be able to serve your purpose here."

Olivia looked around now trying to find a face to put to the voice. There. A flash of something lighter then it's surroundings.

"And just who the hell are you?" Olivia growled.

"You may call me Jahan. And may I say that is is a pleasure to meet you." he said.

"If it's such a pleasure then why am I tied down?" Olivia inquired.

"Ah, see that is where the situation becomes a quagmire. You see, I have you tied down in case you change you mind." he replied.

"I agreed to something, did I?" Olivia replied sarcastically.

"In a way yes." he said vaguely.

"Well tell me then Jahan. What pray tell did I agree to?" she asked mockingly.

"Hm you don't remember. Of course you wouldn't. Oh well, all in good time. Stay here." he said as his voice faded away with his footsteps.

"Wait! Get back here you ass!" Olivia yelled straining upwards.

'fucking creeper. And where the hell am I supposed to get off to while tied up?'

Olivia calmed herself down, closed her eyes, and started going over what she remembered.

'I went into that little shop and bought chocolates. Then I kept that guy from falling-'

Olivia's eyes snapped open.



Alex was pacing near Olivia's desk as she waited impatiently for the detectives in Olivia's squad to come up with a plan. Any plan.

'dammit all to hell! I can't believe this is happening!'

"Look since you guys can't seem to come up with anything, why don't you try getting a video or something from the store and surrounding areas?" Alex snapped at the detectives.

The looked at her in surprise.

"That's not a bad idea, actually." Fin said looking at Cragen.

"Get on it." Cragen said looking at Munch and Fin.

The two detectives got their things and hustled out.

"Has anyone heard from Huang yet?" Cragen asked.

"I haven't and I'm assuming Alex hasn't or she would have said something." Elliot replied looking pointedly at Alex.

"No I haven't heard anything either." Alex said choosing to ignore Elliot. Just then they heard footsteps and in walked Huang.

"Olivia is missing?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yeah and we need your help finding her and on a case we caught yesterday morning. But since we don't have anything for you to look at regarding Olivia lets just start on the case from yesterday. It'll help distract us if only a little from Olivia." Elliot said beckoning Huang forward.

Huang sighed and agreed.


"Your perp is a man. It's not the work of a group that we're looking at. He's intelligent. Very intelligent. If there is DNA at the site it won't be much. The staked child is a way that he shows his strength and defiance. The girl hanging upside down looks to have gone through a form of torture that originated in China and is known as Thousand cuts. She must have tried to defy him. Or at least that is the way he would have seen it, so he would make her suffer, reasserting his dominance. The girl on the table is how he shows his power. Yes, for this man most of what he does is about power, for power and to assert his dominance over others, proving to himself that he is smarter then others. That no one can match him. Chances are he is average in looks and comes from an abusive household." Huang said setting down the last picture he had been looking at.

"The nut jobs never stop coming." Elliot sighed "Alright thank you for coming in. I'll call you as soon as we get anything that you can analyze."

Huang nodded and turned to leave the precinct.


"I have to say that I find it very amusing to watch the detectives at your precinct." Jahan said.

Olivia started. She hadn't seen or heard him come in.

"What is so amusing about them?" she asked.

"The way they bustle about looking for clues to your whereabouts." he said.

Olivia could hear the mocking tone.

"Oh? And just where am I?" Olivia asked trying to get him to slip and reveal something.

"Oh bravo! You do show your intelligence subtly, don't you?" he said clapping his hands and giggling like a child.

"Maybe so but you only act like a spoiled child." Olivia said putting an emphasis on child to see if she could get a raise out of him.

She heard it before she felt it. Her head snapped to the side as he smacked her with a resounding crack.

"A child cannot hit like a man!" he snarled at her.

'ha, I've got his number now.'

"You call that a hit from a man?" Olivia scoffed "I've been hit by ten year old's worse then that."

He hit her again this time with a closed fist. She could feel the rage start to come off of him. But that had been enough to set him on edge. She was done insulting him.

'hopefully he'll become a little more erratic and make a mistake now.' Olivia thought.

"I was going to wait to use you for the purpose you were created, but now I think that we'll move your meeting up to tomorrow night." he growled as he stomped away.

"Damn that hurt. You better find me Elliot or I'm going to haunt you every time you eat." Olivia muttered knowing how much Elliot enjoyed food.


"You should go home Alex. I hate to say it but there is nothing that you can do tonight." Elliot said gently to a still pacing Alex.

"I won't be able to sleep if I go home." Alex said running a hand through her hair which had already had fingers run through it many times.

Elliot knew that Olivia was enamored of Alex and would probably like to have Alex at her place at a time like this. He made his decision.

"Well would it make you feel any better if you stayed at Olivia's for the night? I have a key here." he said waving it at her.

Alex glance at the key, then to the door as though she expected Munch and Fin to walk through the door with Olivia any moment.

She sighed and reached for the keys. "Thanks Elliot." she picked up her bag and went to hail a cab to her place before going to Olivia's.


"OK Party, this is Olivia's place so you need to be polite and not destroy anything." Alex said to the cat in her arms as she tried to unlock the door to Olivia's loft.

She heard a meow as she got the door open and Party shot out of her arms and into the loft.

She picked up her overnight bag, locked the door and headed inside straight to the stairs leading to the top half of the loft to change out of her suit.

'it smells just like her. I cant believe it. I was going to tell her about my feelings tonight. Damn. I hope she's OK.' Alex sighed as she reached the top half and looked at Olivia's bed.

'this really wasn't the way I was hoping to spend the night here.'

"Party what are you doing there?" Alex asked the cat who was laying on Olivia's pillows. The cat gave her a look that might as well have said 'Isn't it obvious?'

"Right. Of course. How silly of me to ask. You miss her too don't you?" Alex said leaning down to pet the cat. Party leaned into her hand and purred.

Once Alex had changed into her pajamas she lifted the covers to Olivia's bed and lied down, pulling one of Olivia's pillows in front of her to hold, she looked over at Party who had his face buried into the pillow he was laying on.

"Night Party." she murmured before she was lost to the oblivion of sleep, comforted by Olivia's scent.



"Wha-?" Alex exclaimed, jerking up-right at the sudden noise that had broken her sleep.

"Oh! uh-!" Alex fumbled for her phone.

"Cabot!" she grunted into the phone as she fell off the bed in her attempt to answer.

"Whoa there Cabot, you OK?" Elliot asked.

"Shit yeah I'm fine I just fell out of the bed." Alex said rubbing her elbow "What's up?" she said glancing at the clock to see that it was six a.m.

"We've got the video from the shop. They had two cameras- one inside the store and one facing the front of the shop." Elliot said.

"Mm OK, I'm coming in. I'll be there in about an hour." Alex said.

"OK see you then, Alex." Elliot said hanging up.

Alex looked at the cat who seemed to be laughing at her clumsiness.

"Oh, shut up Party." Alex said throwing a pillow over him and hurrying off to get ready to the sound of indignant meowing.