AN: I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER OR ANYTHING! this story has a lot to do with greek mythes so if you know them you will probably understand it better but I will try to explain as I go to amke it better for everyone :)

One night the death eaters could not find Voldemort even though they searched the hole manson he was nowhere to be found. "Where could he have gone?" Luscious Malfoy asked, and he was looking at Snape supsiciosly as he said it. "I don't know" said Snape "just because I am the dark lord's favorite does not mean he tells me everything like a gosiping little girl!" There was a sneer on his face.

After looking for an hour all over Malfoys house the death eaters desided that their master must be plotting something in a graveyard or another scary place like that where Voldemort usualy did his evil plans. They were right but they didn't know it because Voldemort was not at a graveyard... He was in HELL!

Voldemort had used his magic to get past Cerbereus at the gates of hell and he paid the man in the boat of the river in unicorn blood to let him get to the underworld. There he met the most evil god in the world, Hades. "Hades" he said, his voice hissing in the lightless air of the hell. "I have come to make a deal with you"

Hades rolled his eyes. "Voldemort I already told you I cannot give you immortal life because it would upset the balance of the entire universe. every soul must eventualy pass through these gates and never leave or else the earth will become too crowded and the population will strat to push on the walls of heaven and hell themselves and there will be a war between gods and men."

"I know you already told me" said Voldemort, snereing at Hades. "I am not as phlegmatic as you might think. I am here because I have a deal for you, give me your wife Persephone for 1 year on earth and in 15 years I will sacrifice myself and 16 others one for every year that our deal is made."

"That is a very interesting suggestion said Hades "but the problem is that I love my wife more than anything else I own, what do you want her for" Voldemort smiled a very cold and chilling smile because this was his grand plan and he was proud of it and sure that hades would be shocked by what the dark lord reveiled. "I may not be allowed to live forever, but I can leve something on earth that will make my mark forever known to every wizard and muggle that ever lived and that is a child who will possess all my brilliance, capability and will carry out my work so that even after i am gone wizards can rule over muggles and squibs the way it should be."

Hades frowned "but why do you need my beautiful yonge wife for this?" and Voldemort laughed "It's obvious of course no woman on earth is worthy of my child so I must find a godess who will be perfect for the job and since persoephne is queen of hell she is jsut right."

Hades looked at voldemort for a long time and then they shook hands and they both smiled because they both though they had got the better deal because voldemort's legacy would live forever and be passed on through generations and hades could lose his winy wife for a year and then he'd have a hole bunch of extra souls to plow the sygien feilds for him very soon. eartn years are different from god years.

Voldemort took Perseophne's hand and led her up to the gates. "See you soon Cerbereus" he said to the big dog and he was still smiling. They returned to the manson but invisible because Voldemort did not want them to see his beutiful new wife yet. He smilred at her "We have got a lot of work to do." Even though she was the queen of the underworld perseopne looked scarred.