Title: Not This Way

Pairing: Siblingshipping/Mokuba Kaiba x Shizuka

Season Six. Round One.

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We huddled closer together as our brothers' voices grew louder. I could feel Shizuka's shoulder lightly jabbing into my side, and I could hear my heart rapidly pounding in my ears.

They didn't know we were here. Hiding in this closet, so close to one another, frightened by what we were hearing. It all happened by accident that we had to hear what was being shared.

It all started out when I snuck into Shizuka and her brother's apartment, me feeling ridiculously like Romeo, trying to secretly see my Juliet. Jounouchi wasn't home at the moment, so I thought I was safe, but the moment we started giggling about the randomness of our lives, we silenced ourselves when the front door slammed close rather loudly.

"Quick, in here," Shizuka dared to whisper, stealthily sneaking over to the hallway's closet since we were in the apartment's almost hidden kitchen at the time.

She slipped in, and once I managed my way in beside her, we closed the door as quietly as possible, hoping that Jounouchi wouldn't hear the almost inaudible creak. I bit my lip when it made a horribly loud squeak, and I immediately let go of the door knob. We both backed up as much as possible into the small closet, not wanting to be seen by the small amount of light that was filtering in through the crack.

Silence filtered the apartment for some time, and a couple times, I managed to whisper that Shizuka go out and that I'll sneak out after the coast was completely clear. I smiled weakly at her determination as she shook her head no.

It felt like endless hours as we stood in the closet. What kept me going was the fact that if I was seen, Jounouchi would for sure kill me, and the sweet smell of strawberries that surrounded Shizuka.

"Where is he...?" I asked lowly, wondering where her brother was. When we first got in here, all we were able to make out were low grumbles and such, but now, it was almost completely silent.

Her hand caught mine all of a sudden, and my heart dropped when I suddenly heard my brother's booming voice; obviously not happy as he was looking for me.

"...The couch," Shizuka answered finally.

"Where is Mokuba?" Seto demanded loudly.

"Why are you askin' me for? You should learn to keep a leash on him!"

"Why you...!"

"Where's Shizuka? I haven't seen her all day. If she's with that rotten brat, I'll..."

"Tell me where Mokuba is!"

"Tell me where Shizuka is!"

"Why would I care about that snot nosed little sister of yours anyway? She's just like you: a no good mutt!"

"Take that back!"

We could see their actions through that crack the door created. Both brothers' fists were pumped, ready to fight, thunder clear on both of their faces. Shizuka gasped a little, not wanting to see what would happen, and buried her face into my chest for comfort. I lightly stroked her honey colored hair.

I watched as Jounouchi took the first swing, missing by a lot, and then getting Seto's fist smashed into his face. So this was how violent they really were. They weren't this bad before. They got this violent because of us, Shizuka and me.

Just because we had to play the roles of Romeo and Juliet.