Title: Sorry, You're Mistaken

Pairing: AkefiaxRyou/Gemshipping

Season Eight. Round Nine.

A/N: In this fic, Amane (Ryou's deceased sister in the manga) is alive and all-knowing of what's being going on in the series through Ryou. I hope that her personality is somewhat convincing, since she doesn't really have a written one, so yeah. First time for everything I suppose.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!

Amane was utterly speechless as the arms around her tightened like a boa constrictor. The youth couldn't come up with a possible explanation as to why this man had jumped her out of nowhere or why. But there was somehow a connection.

The man with hair as white as hers continued to hug her, and Amane could feel the back of her head start to scrap uncomfortably against the bricks.

Everything was supposed to be done. Her brother's friends had gone into the pharaoh's past and defeated Zorc…the spirit of the Millennium Ring as Ryou had explained. Yuugi and the pharaoh had dueled, and Yuugi had won. Then the tomb had collapsed on them, all of the Millennium Items falling into a dark abyss.

Or so Ryou had told her. Was this that spirit Ryou always talked about?

She could feel her heart nervously speeding up as she merely sat there on the concrete, the man's face buried in the crook of her neck as he kneeled in front of her. She shivered as he felt the man's warm breath against her bare neck, fingers clutching at her back.


Amane wanted to scramble; what did her brother have to do with any of this?

With surprisingly little force, Amane was able to push the man back, taking in his miserable yet relieved face in. She was jumped so fast that Amane hadn't been able to take in the fact that this wasn't the spirit Ryou had always described to her. He had tan skin that contrasted with his white hair, a scar over one of his eyes. From what Amane was able to quickly look over, he was wearing a white kilt and a long red robe.

However, when their eyes met, Amane instantly became frightened. Those eyes so similar to her brother's hardened, a malicious glint in them as his face knotted into one of anger.

Her shoulders were grasped and she was slammed even harder into the wall behind him. Amane whimpered, terrified out of her mind, trying to comprehend what was going on.

The man started speaking in a different language, seemingly irritated out of his mind. Amane could only guess that it was Ancient Egyptian, but nevertheless, it made her predicament all the more confusing.

Out of her rising panic, Amane managed to say "stop," and the man did. His grip tightened though as he obviously tried to figure out what was going on as well.

It was probably because she managed to say something that made the man stop. Amane didn't know how much he'd be understood, but the youth gave it a try, beginning with, "I'm not Ryou."

Apparently the stranger understood her – or at the very least the name Ryou – and Amane grunted as she was pushed over to her left, her shoulders now being pinned down to the dirty concrete with tremendous force.

The man was clearly spiteful of her, that she wasn't Ryou. This made Amane wonder who exactly Ryou was to this guy. Ryou and she did look shockingly similar, so this man must have mistaken her for him without a second glance. A foreign language was yet again sputtered at her though, almost like he was scolding Amane.

Whenever she received a letter from Ryou or a phone call, somehow they'd always get onto the subject of the gift their father gave him – the Millennium Ring. Ryou always seemed to be weary of it, almost sounding like it was a burden to carry. He always described blacking out, and later telling her in secret that there was a spirit residing in the item. It was a hard thing to believe, but Ryou was her brother, and she wasn't about to doubt him.

But…this didn't look like the spirit Ryou had always described. He looked angry as Ryou always put it, evil even, but Ryou had always defined that he had the same skin color as he did and his skin wasn't marred in any shape or form. And he always was wearing what Ryou wore.

As the man continued to heatedly say things at her that she couldn't understand, Amane hastily thought back to any phone conversations or letters concerning this spirit. A couple times Ryou had spoken about Ancient Egypt, and how his friend Yuugi had the spirit of the pharaoh residing in his own Millennium Item. Did that mean that this guy and Ryou's Millennium Ring spirit were one in the same? She remembered Ryou saying once that the pharaoh had an enemy that looked like his spirit.

"Ryou!" the man nearly shouted, bringing Amane's attention back to him. She froze as their eyes locked again, and before she could utter a single protest, she was floating...

She was hovering above a small tribal village. The sun was setting and darkness started to hug the land. Young boys herded sheep into small stalls, the men rode back on horses with the day's kill and wheat. Women tended fires for the evening meals and gathered the younger children to wash up.

Amane's vision however was directed to the outskirts of this small village below her, out where a couple of palm trees were randomly growing. Even in the dim light, she could make out two figures with white hair.

Everything seemed so much closer, almost like she was watching a movie. She was able to recognize the man who was hovering over her with fire in his eyes only moments before, except the scar on his eye was gone. He was tenderly holding the other white headed teen's hands, and Amane silently gasped as she realized who it was.

Ryou smiled at the other youth whispered something indecipherable to him, and Amane watched as her brother pecked the other shyly on the cheek. They spoke in the ancient language for a while longer, and Amane instantly knew who Ryou really was to this man.

The scene shifted to late night. The village was ablaze. Men on horses were attacking the frightened settlement, violence set in their hearts. Amane watched different scenes of horrible slaughter, her eyes frantically searching for her brother.

Finally everything shifted to the back of a mudstone home, and she could faintly make out her brother and his lover, huddling behind some sacks of wheat together. They both looked terribly frightened, especially Ryou, who was cowering into the other's embrace.

Her heart beating rapidly, Amane couldn't help but fruitlessly cry out to the two boys when a raider spotted them without their knowing. She watched in horror as the man with a large saber whip away the bundles, revealing the two boys. A struggle took place, Ryou's lover's face was slashed and he fell.

Amane screamed with her brother's lover as Ryou tried to run away, but he was caught. The last thing she saw before she closed her eyes was the other youth staggering up as the man raised his sword, ready to sweep it down…

Then the scene shifted to inside a home, dawn just breaking. Her throat choked as she realized what had happened.

Ryou's lifeless body was propped up against his lover's bruised body. The other's face was cut up, a particular long streak over his eye. Tears were falling unchecked as he begged in that ancient language and Amane didn't have to start guessing what he was saying.

She wanted to so bad go over and comfort the living male, but she was frozen to the spot in this memory.

Then the boy's voice suddenly seemed angry, and he started screaming at the ceiling. Everything then started to become muddled as the scene started to spin.

Amane gasped as she came back. The man with the scar wasn't holding her down anymore. She was propped up against the brick wall again, the man on the opposite side of the alley.

Everything seemed much less confusing now. The man had somehow explained to her through his memory. He was trying to find Ryou.

He looked up at her almost questioningly; as if he knew that she knew where Ryou would be.

"I'm sorry, but he's out of town," she said slowly, hoping that he'd get the gist of what she was saying, even if it were by the mere tone of her voice. "He's living in Japan."

He seemed to understand as he glared at her as he stood up. He heaved her up as well by the hand, and an idea came to Amane.

Taking out her phone, she quickly dialed her brother, ignoring the look the guy gave her at the strange object. She held her breath as the rings went on, pleading that she wouldn't get the answering machine.

"Hello?" Ryou's voice answered tiredly; she realized it must be late over there.

Letting out a gush of held air, Amane nearly cried, "Ryou!"

"Amane? What's wrong?" her brother asked, and Amane realized that there must've been some relieved emotion in her voice. The memory of seeing her brother about to be slaughtered still lingered in her mind.

However, she pushed the painful memory away and gave a sideways glance at her brother's ancient lover. "I have someone here with me."


"…I don't know. But he looks an awful like that spirit you used to tell me about. I don't really understand anything he talks about, and he showed me a memory from Ancient Egypt and-!" Her voice kept rising and she knew that she probably sounded hysterical, but everything was really starting to hit her now.

"Amane, slow down!" her brother said, sounding more awake. But now he sounded worried. "Has he hurt you?" he asked seriously.

"No, he hasn't," she answered back. "But he showed me a memory of you two in some ancient time. I don't know, but it looked like you guys were…uhm…"

"We were what?"

Amane blinked at the quiet man glaring at her. "Uhm…lovers?"

The other end was silent, and Amane cried out when the phone was swapped from her hand. It appeared that he had quickly figured out what she was using, and she was sure that saying Ryou's name only spurred him on.

"Ryou?" he spoke a little awkwardly into the phone, his accent thick. Amane watched him curiously, wondering if Ryou picked up on anything that she had quickly explained. Then the man began to talk in his ancient language, then paused, and spoke again.

Did Ryou understand what this guy was saying? Maybe it was a magic or something that he always was talking about. Though, Amane didn't get the chance to really evaluate what exactly was going on when the man held her phone back out to her, and she took it.

"Ryou?" she asked quietly. "You were able to understand him?" She had so many questions, but she knew that she should let her brother explain first.

"A little. He did saying something about…lovers in the past….but it's nothing that I can remember," Ryou said. "Then I think he got angry because of that, and I asked him to give the phone back to you."

"So what am I supposed to do?"

Ryou sighed over the line. "Well, if he's anything like the spirit, he'll be difficult to deal with, headstrong if you will. I could fly out in a day or two."

Amane nodded despite her brother being unable to see it. "I think that'd be the best option." She looked over her shoulder to glance at the man, but he was nowhere in sight. She panicked. "Or…not. He's gone."

"What do you mean 'he's gone'?"

Amane was at a loss of words. "I don't know!" she sputtered. "He came out of nowhere, so maybe he's transferred himself elsewhere. I told him you're in Japan, but I don't think he'd know where that is."

Her brother remained silent on the other end for a couple beats, and Amane asked his name at least three or four times before he answered. "Is everything alright?"

"I've got company. I'll call you back later."

Ryou put down his phone, backing up as the newcomer quickly advanced on him. His back hit the wall as arms enveloped him, the scent of sand and sun overwhelming him. He froze, instantly guessing this to be the man who had run into his sister.

"Spirit?" he whispered after a while, and the man drew back, revealing his scarred face. He did look like the spirit, but he wasn't who Ryou bitterly remembered. A hand cupped his face.

"Akefia," he said softly, and Ryou felt his head swimming as a vision took over.

When he came to, Ryou was pretty sure that it was probably the same memory that Amane had been subjected to. It was weird to see himself being killed, and even stranger to see the spirit who he had known to be spiteful and evil mourning emotionally over him.

He was somehow able to understand all that was said. The man who called himself Akefia had cried over his lost love and family; he had cursed the gods and sworn revenge on the men who had caused so much loss. He had promised that he and Ryou would be together again.

Ryou didn't realize that he was speaking the ancient language. "I'm not who you think I am. I'm not that guy who you loved. I'm just a reincarnate of that person. I have nothing for you," he said, his voice sounding weak despite his strong choice of words.

This made Akefia hold him tighter. "I don't care. I've searched endlessly for you. I'm not going to lose you again."

Ryou felt stuck. The spirit had always been stubborn, and he was sure this guy shared that same quality. He didn't have a resolve, but he knew that something like this would never work. "I'm sorry, but…we can't, I can't." He tried to worm his way out of the man's hold, but he was trapped.

Then the man captured his lips, and Ryou panicked that this would somehow restore him to Akefia's lover, with the whole package of memories and feelings. But they parted and Ryou didn't feel any different, but the man looked angry and disappointed.

"I'm sorry," Ryou tried, but he was at a loss of what to do. He felt very detached to this man despite the memory he was shown, and his nature wanted to comfort the other, but he knew he couldn't do that. He was freed from the man's arms and Akefia proceeded to shout at him, but Ryou couldn't understand this time.

He merely stood there as the man raged, gesturing with his hands some things that Ryou could only guess at. His face turned red and Ryou could've sworn he saw tears starting to well up in those tortured eyes.

Then, as suddenly as he had come, he vanished.

With regret, guilt and helplessness eager to eat him up, Ryou did as he promised and called his sister back up.

A/N: I was afraid that this wasn't going the way I wanted it to, but I'm happy with what it turned out to be. Thanks for reading!