So, y'know, I was, like, totally just sitting there in, like, my cave, y'know, just doin' stuff, y'know, and I sorta like heard something, like, totally outside the cave and I kinda just went over to, like, look, and there was totally, like, a boat, y'know, with like a bunch of people in them, and there was, like, totally one guy at like the front of the boat, y'know, and he was like totally hot, so I kinda gonna eat him, but he, was, like, totally hot and I kinda wanted to save him for last, but the boat, it was like, totally moving away, and I was, like, totally hungry, so I like grabbed six dudes from the boat, and like, totally ate them, and they were totally like "Odie, see us!" and I like, totally didn't know what that meant, I guess they were having fun being eaten, and, like, wanted some guy called Odie to, like, y'know, see them, like little kids do on like carnival rides, and y'know, the six guys I ate, were, like, totally crunchy, and like juicy, but the juice kinda like totally tasted bad, it like tasted like iron or something, and I like totally like know that, 'cause, like, I've totally, like, eaten iron before, but like, I totally didn't, like, mean to, y'know, I kind of thought it was like a guy, and I, like, like eating guys, y'know, like totally, so I like totally ate it, and like, that's how I like totally know, like, how iron tastes, and I really really need to get water 'cause these guys are like giving me the hiccups so yeah.