Title: Peter Pan Called Them Thimbles

Pairing: Alice/Mirana-the White Queen (Malice)

Author: Mirandyscrow

Rating: Pg-13

Summary: Alice fears that she will never experience a first kiss due to her idiosyncrasies.

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Disclaimer: Was there an Alice/Mirana wedding at the end of the movie? No? Then I don't own this, lol. Alice in Wonderland belongs to Tim Burton and Disney. Any and all other brand names belong to their respective owners. I do not make any money on this story.

Author's Note: This is a looong overdue sequel/prequel to my drabble Ivory Amour that can be found at my profile. I just felt that I couldn't leave these two in the way I left them.

Big thanks to Skeeter451 for being my spectacular beta! All careless mistakes I claim as my own.

Fourteen year old Alice Kingsley sat upon an ivory and pearl encrusted chair in the White Queen's chambers staring deep into her cup of tea as if it held all the answers of the world.

The White Queen finally became uncomfortable with the silence that had descended. "What troubles you dear Alice?"

She turned toward the older woman with a stricken expression. "Am I odd?"

"Of course not. Why would you ask such a thing?"

"There is a snobbish, horrid boy named Virgil that wished to kiss me. Just as he leaned in I began to tell him about the silly toads in my head." Alice babbled out in a rush. She turned her gaze back to the tea in her lap. "Faith and Fiona always rave about how wonderful it is to kiss boys and I…I'm afraid I just don't have an interest in it at all."

The White Queen got up from her chair, kneeling on the floor in front of Alice. "Everyone is different, Alice. It is our differences that make us unique. Maybe you just haven't found the right person to kiss you yet," she responded, caressing Alice's face reassuringly.

Alice leaned into the warmth of the older woman's hand, grasping the pale wrist and lifting her eyes to lock eyes with the older woman. Chestnut orbs looked into warm honey. The White Queen felt herself flush at the heat from the Alice's gaze. The younger woman leaned forward until their lips were barely a breath apart.

"We cannot." Mirana stood suddenly and twirled, walking to her armoire. The mirror reflected the hurt expression on Alice's face. The sight all but broke the White Queen's heart.

Alice stood as well. "But I want to."

"It would not be proper, Alice." The White Queen glanced down, pushing a crystal hair brush back and forth on the dresser while avoiding Alice's eyes. "You will be back." she assured Alice. She turned with a sad smile. "If you remember during your next visit, then you may have your kiss."


The putrid smell of the Jabberwocky's blood brought the White Queen out of her memories. She sighed inwardly and pasted the expected aloof and joyful expression on her face while gliding toward Alice.

"Will this take me home?" Alice asked, the pride and exhaustion clear on her face.

The White Queen felt her heart begin to crack just a bit more as she answered, "If that is what you wish." She could not hold off touching Alice any longer. The White Queen gently brushed her champion's face. Alice leaned into the caress holding the White Queen's hand close to her face. The ivory haired woman saw the recognition pass through her champion's eyes and a spot of hope blossomed in her chest.

"I do remember, Mirana." Alice leaned forward placing a feather light kiss to the older woman's soft lips.


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