Harry Potter: My Hero

A poem like Beowulf

A boy of magic

whom He, that Wasted Wizard,

marked. That Snake

who gave him a gullet to speak

a lightning footprint for the forehead.

Flying forward, a fwoosh of fire

with the wave of a wand,

the brave boy attacks and awes

ash-covered worriers looking.

Sashaying spells, the strong student

of lions leaps and looks, facing his

opposition, forces Him to offer him His

life. Through a locket,

the struggling warrior kills a Soul

and Another in a snake, ring, cup,

diadem, diary, daring he goes

with his sword and stagger

from death, he awakens,

and sees Voldemort viciously

volunteering his dead, or undead,

as the living baby stays a living man

and kills the Snake man caringly

careful with a cut through the airs corner

and he's expelled through Expelliarmus,

thwarted to a throng of soul thieves.