House Sitters

Chapter 1


"Eustace! Get a move on or we're gonna miss the cruise," Muriel said, standing beside a pile of suitcases, while her grouchy husband sat in his chair, reading the paper like always. Courage came down the stairs wearing a blue and yellow Hawaiian shirt, and a yellow ducky floaty. "See Courage is ready to go."

"Nope, I ain't a gettin' out of this chair," he said, as he flipped the page.

"But there will be shuffle board-"


"Swimmin pools-"


"And, an all you can eat buffet," Eustace lowered the paper and a thoughtful look came over his face.

"Free eats, works for me," he said, standing up, as Muriel handed him the flyer for Kat's Cruises. "It says here no dogs allowed."

What? Where?" Muriel asked, as Eustace turned around Courage saw him pull out a pencil and write on the flyer. He turned back and handed it to her.


"Well Courage it looks like you can't go," Muriel said, petting him softly on the head, seconds before his floaty popped, taking the shirt apart. "Don't worry, I'll call Eustace's nephews to come and watch you."

"Lazy good fir nothins always askin for a nickel for sodee pop or a dime to go to the movies," he grumbled, crossing his arms. "Just the way my lazy good fir nothin brother Horst taught em."

Muriel smiled and waved him off.

"Eustace, that was when they were five," Muriel said, picking up the phone and dialing number. "Hello Bren, this is your aunt Muriel. Your uncle Eustace and I are going away on vacation and we need you and your brother to come and take care of Courage for us. Alright, see you soon dear. Their on their way Eustace."

Several minutes later a knock at the door caught their attention.

"Oh that's them now, go and let them in Courage," Muriel said. Courage walked over and opened the door, and immediately turned white. Before him stood the Frankenstein monster, a scar across his forehead and bolts sticking out of his neck, beside him was the Wolfman wearing a shredded blue and yellow letterman jacket.

Slamming the door shut Courage calmly walked back over the Eustace and Muriel.

"Well? Was it them you stupid dog?" Eustace asked, before Courage let out a loud, shrill scream. As the dog began yammering and pointing to the door, changing briefly into each monster, Eustace turned around and turned back with his mask on. "Ooga booga booga!"

Courage screamed again, causing Eustace to lift the mask and laugh, causing Muriel to smack him with the rolling pin.

"Ow! What did I do?" he asked, rubbing hid head. Muriel walked to the door, while Courage held the back of her dress in a vain attempt to stop her. She opened the door and smiled when she saw the monsters.

"Oh, come in boys, and take your costumes off," she said, as the two came in.

"Huh?" Courage said, as the costumes hit the floor. The Wolfman was really a tall boy with shaggy brown hair, and a goatee, and dressed in a blue tshirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. Frankenstein was really a boy with long black hair tied in a ponytail, with thick Buddy Holley glasses, a black shirt with a yin yang symbol on it, blue jeans, and black sneakers.

"Hi aunt Muriel, hi uncle Eustace," they said together.

"Hello boys," Muriel said, hugging them both. "Now, the numbers you need to call in case of emergencies are on the fridge, their enough food to feed you until we get back. Have fun boys, come on Eustace."

"Lousy freeloadin' no good nephews," he grumbled, carrying the bags out the door. When it shut the two looked at Courage, who smiled nervously.

"I bet your hungry," Bren said, petting Courage. "I'll go see if I can fix you some lunch."

"Well, I'm gonna try and find something on TV," Russell said, as he flopped down in Eustace's chair and picked up the remote. Bren and Courage went into the kitchen. The teen began rummaging through the cabinets while Courage hopped up onto a chair and waited.

"I think I'll make you some of Aunt Muriel's special blue ribbon dog food Courage," Bren said, getting out all the necessary ingredients. "Something is missing, oh yeah! Like aunt Muriel always says, vinegar is natures secret ingredient."

Soon Bren laid a big sandwich of Muriel's dog food before Courage, who took a bite, and burned his tongue.

"Better wait until it cools down. Wanna help me with the dishes?" Bren asked, Courage nodded and hopped down to go help.


Russell's stomach began to grumble, so, he made his way into the kitchen and saw the sandwich sitting on the table. Grabbing a can of soda from the fridge he sat down and began to eat.

"Ok Courage, I think your sandwich should have cooled down enough to eat now," Bren said, as the two turned around to see the sandwich was gone. Across the table Russell was sucking his fingers.

"Boy that sandwich was good Bren," he said, patting his belly. "What was it?"

"Dog food," Bren said.

"Huh?" Russell asked.

"Aunt Muriel's special blue ribbon dog food," Bren said, seconds before Russell turned green, and ran out the door to throw up. "I guess he didn't like it."

Courage only looked at the readers and laughed.


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