A/N: This is written for Mystii's Freeverse Collection Challenge. Right now I'm thinking that all of these are going to be different pairings.

This particular one is dedicated to Kay (MaraudersLiveOnAsAnimagus). I hope you like it!

Prompt: Fallen
Pairing: Lily/Sirius

Standing, Falling What's The Difference Anymore?

You are standing on the edge
(metaphorically speaking, of course).
You don't want to (fall) jump
but there is a force, something i n v i s i b l e
shoving, pushing, beating
on your back
and your feet are sliding

Your eyes fall shut,
trying to b l o c k out the world.
But it's there,
and whether your eyes are closed or open
you see her.

Scarlet hair.
It shimmershimmershimmers
in the sunlight.
Green, green eyes.
She's rubies and emeralds
but she is so much more precious than any gem.

But jump or fall
she is never going to be there
to c a t c h you;
her arms (heart)
are fullfullfull.
Because James got to her first;
he captured (stole) her away,
he swept her off her feet.

And so you open your eyes.
You turn to walk away.
But it doesn't matter; it's point l e s s
Because you've already fallen.

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