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This was very slightly inspired by Blaine's little realization in the latest episode of Glee (Original Song).

This one is dedicate to Des (backtothestart).

Prompt: Moment
Pairing: Remus/Sirius

In A Single, Stupid Moment

Sometimes the changes are easy to map,
you can f o l l o w them with your eyes.
The slow development of the shallow feelings of a simple crush
into something more, into love.

Sometimes it's i n s t a n t.
You see that one person
and know, within a single beat of your heart,
that you want them to be yours forever.

And sometimes, well sometimes you never even see it coming.
It's even more of a blindside than love at first sight.
It happens on an ordinary day,
with an everyday moment.
He's sitting across from you,
dark curls fall into swirling gray eyes.
James mutters something about a prank,
and you roll your eyes
(because really, can't they leave Snive—Severus— alone already?).

Your essay demands your attention again
and you're about to comply when he does it,
when he changes e v e r y t h i n g in a single, stupid moment.
He laughs,
and the sound is like nothing you've ever heard
(even though you have heard it – a million times before).
Your eyes snap back up from your parchment.
There he is, sitting before you,
your best friend, the same Sirius Black that you have known for years.

But he's not the same, not even close.

His eyes seem to s h i n e a little brighter.
His laugh – he's still laughing, and it's that damn laugh
that convinces you that something must really be wrong.
Because the sound has always annoyed you before
(it's more of a bark than anything else).
But now, simply the sound of it has your stomach
t w i r l i n g and s w i r l i n g
in something like happiness,
in something a lot like lov—

And it's that word,
that stupid, stupid word that you won't even let yourself think
that really g e t s to you.

But it's there and you can't shake the thought.

And as he lifts his hand and runs it roughly through those untamable curls of his,
a single thread of jealously slithers its way into the pit of your stomach.
You start to wonder if maybe, just maybe,
(but how can it be?)
there is nothing wrong with him, after all;
because he hasn't changed in the course of a single moment:
you have.

And it's only now, as that fact begins to sink in,
phrases like puppy love and soul mate f l i t t e r i n g through your mind,
that you realize everything has been leading up to this moment.
And now that it's here, there is no turning back,
even if you wanted to.

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