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Breaking the Rules

"Okay class! I have your next assignment!"

Maka slowly raised her head from her book, transferring her attention from the tragic tales of Romeo and Juliet to her tech teacher, who was slouched in his desk chair wearing casual shorts and sandals. He was nowhere near as interesting as Shakespeare's angsty romance story contained forbidden love and warring families, but he was still the adult in the room. Although, he didn't like to think so most of the time, asking students to call him "B.J." since it was a cool nickname compared to the formal "Mr. Buttataki." Add the casual clothes he wore and the fact that he refused to wear glasses (which would indicate he was getting old) he was just one of them. The only thing that would give him away was his obsession with coffee. He drank so many cups a day (the proof was in his waste bin) it was a wonder he didn't explode from overdose on caffeine.

As soon as the rest of the class gave the teacher a portion of their attention, the other part focused on whispered conversations with those next to them, B.J. went into details on what they were to do.

With a partner, they were to go around the school with a camcorder and interview teachers and students. They were to ask questions concerning the brand new technology the school had received and record it to bring back to class and edit to turn it in. They had the whole class period to interview and were allowed to edit the next class in case they didn't finish the interviewing before class ended.

By this time, most of the students perked up at the knowledge that they'd be able to roam the halls instead of sitting in their stuffy classroom. Nods and silent agreements to pair up were seen left and right, hardly contained smiles lighting up their faces. Maka sighed and propped her head on her palm, not looking forward to picking her partner.

Maka Albarn wasn't popular. She wasn't exactly a geek or nerd either, but she wasn't one of the "cool kids." She was the teacher's pet, the over-achiever, candidate for valedictorian. In fact, she was already picked to be the one to send off her graduating class and had half her speech written. So she wasn't an outcast, but this was a class where no one paid attention to her.

Well, a couple did, but she not wanted to be either of their partners under any circumstances. She would go off by herself before agreeing to work with her bitter rival or….him.

The buzz of excited chatter erupted as B.J. leaned over to open a drawer. Verbal confirmations of partnerships were heard as Maka squirmed uncomfortably. She ducked her head back into her book, pretending that she didn't notice. But the feeling of his eyes boring into her back was too difficult to ignore. Her hair stood on the end at just the thought of him sauntering down the aisle, bending low to her ear and requesting to work together with that stupid smirk on his face as everyone watched.

Please don't come over here; please don't come over here, please!

The metal drawer shut with a clang and the entire class halted to a stop, looking up at the front where B.J. still sat relaxed. A line of camcorders, shiny from just coming out of their boxes, sat on his desk, stealing all of the light in the room and basking in it greedily. All eyes settled on the new tech, oblivious to the clipboard B.J. was now scanning with squinted eyes.

"Alright. Now, I will be assigning your partners to you, so listen up."

The excitement rushed out of the open classroom door and exiting the room completely, leaving them all with the bitter taste of disappointment and lost hope. Names were called, people were paired, some grumbling about who they were forced with, other celebrating when that got the partner of their choice anyway.

"Ox and Harvar."

Maka felt her body deflate in a sigh of relief. She'd avoided being paired with her academic enemy. Ever since it'd been announced that she was valedictorian, their feud grew stronger and stronger. But their rivalry went way back, seventh grade if she called correctly.

Ox had always been the top student. There wasn't a person in DWMA Middle School who came close to challenging his high IQ in the slightest. He took great pride in this fact, bragging whenever he found the opportunity. However, his reign soon ended when Maka had transferred to Nevada from Japan when she was thirteen. His title was quickly stolen by the shiny foreign exchange student, her brains gaining respect from teachers and her foreign ways attracting most students.

They'd been butting heads ever since.

He got second place in the science fair. She won first.

He was feature in the school newspaper for his history project. She was interviewed on the local news for a community project she was running.

He aced the math exam. She was asked to help tutor college students in a math level below her.

He won the spelling bee. She had a poem published for the world to see.

No matter what he tried, she was always one step ahead. The tension between the two lasted all through high school and teachers all around learned quickly to keep them as separated as possible.

B.J. was a smart man.

More names were read off the list, but never hers. And what worried her was that his remained unspoken as well. You know, it'd be just her luck to actually be –

"Maka and Soul."

Paired with him.

The blood left her face so quickly that it rendered her dizzy and stunned. Her stomach fell off the edge it had been teetering on, plummeting into a bottomless pit, urging her to empty her lunch right then and there. Maka hardly registered the hushed snickering from Soul's gang of friends or the grunts of annoyance from some of the girls who wished to be partnered with the hottest guy in school.

Oh no.

This would prove to be a problem.

Still a little out of her mind, Maka dared to look over her shoulder where she knew he'd be sitting. And there he was, smirking at her and basking in the small triumph he had achieved. If she studied him close enough, she would've seen the way his bottom lip twitched and how his eager tongue occasionally poked out of his teeth. But the only thing that was paying attention to were his crimson eyes.

He had that look in them.

Oh no. This would not be good. Not at all.

She whipped her head around with her pigtails flying behind her, the uneasiness in her stomach doubling as her mind wandered. She knew what this partnership meant and she wanted no part in it. Her hand shot up in the air, silently and desperately asking for acknowledgement.


"Um, Mr. Buttataki, would you reconsider my partnership and make some changes?" she asked feebly. In the background, she heard girls whispering about how she was crazy not to want to be with Soul, but she ignored them. She just sat there and waited for her teacher's answer with Soul's eyes boring into her back.

"I'm sorry, Maka. My decisions are final."

His smirk grew wider. Her stomach dropped further.

Her head hit the desk forcefully and she groaned.

She was in some deep shit now.

"Alright, Ox. I think that's enough footage. Let's get back to the classroom and turn this in." Harvar turned off the camcorder and tucked it into his jacket pocket.

Ox grinned widely and nodded, strutting down the hallway with vigor. "Sweet! I bet that since she's paired with that slacker Soul Eater, Maka isn't even halfway finished! Finally! She won't best me this time!" He laughed wickedly, earning him a concerned look from Harvar.

"Dude, this competitive obsession of yours is probably unhealthy. Give it a rest why don't you?"

"Genius never rests," retorted Ox, shoving his hands into his pants pockets.

Harvar shrugged and remained silent, deciding that his friend was just another lost cause. If the guy wanted to be crazy competitive, then by all means, he was going to be. There wasn't much Harvar could do.

"So how do you want to go about the editing?" Ox asked. "We should start planning now, so we won't have much more work to do when we get back to the classroom."

Harvar shrugged. "I don't even know what the program's called, much less what it does."

Ox grinned and pulled his hands out of his pockets, placing one of them on Harvar's shoulders. "It's okay. I have the same program installed to my computer at home. I know all the tricks to it."

Harvar shook his head sadly. "You have too much time on your hands."

Ox opened his mouth to say something else when a quiet moan sounded in the empty hall. The two froze with wide eyes, looking down the hall where the source of the sound came from. Both boys turned appropriate shades of red once out of their initial stage of shock.

The first to recover was Harvar, fading back into his passive façade and cleared his throat. He suggested the go another way to leave the couple to their privacy. Ox argued that it was a public school; there was no privacy. Plus, the couple was obviously in violation of the rules since they had probably skipped class to have a make-out session in the middle of the halls without fear of being caught. Harvar rolled his eyes at his friend's logic and was about to say that he just didn't want to bother with any of this when another sound came from around the corner. A grunt, another moan, and then the sound of metal being hit.

"Seriously Ox, let's just-"

"Wait! Soul!"


The second star student blanched in horror and tensed, disbelief playing across his face. His buddy's reaction was similar. Soon, the disbelief was replaced by an amused and mischievous smile and an evil gleam shone in his eyes. Without a word, he reached into Harvar's pocket and retrieved the camcorder. It chimed to life after her flicked the power switch and Harvar flinched, hoping they hadn't been heard. Judging by the quiet but heavy breathing from around the corner, they hadn't.

He watched in cold realization of what was about to transpire when Ox tiptoed over to the corner, back pressed against the wall as he peeked at the couple in the hall. Ox's face lit up like a Christmas tree and his finger pressed the record button.


Reluctantly, Harvar followed and peeked too, just out of curiosity, and wished he hadn't.

Of all the people he expected to be making out in the middle of the hallway, Soul and Maka never would've crossed his mind. Not even if he were drunk. Or high. Or both. It was that unbelievable and impossible in his eyes. So what he was seeing in front of him had to be some kind of hoax or illusion.

Yet there they were. In a heated lip lock. His arms wrapped around her waist and her legs wrapped around his. Maka's hair had been pulled out of their usual pigtails. It was an odd sight. She never came to school without her pigtails. Come to think of it, it may have been possible that no one's ever seen her without them.

"This is perfect," whispered Ox, grinning like a maniac. It was starting to scare Harvar a bit. "Once this gets out, her reputation will crash and burn!"


Whatever Harvar had planned to say to his companion was quickly forsaken as he whipped his head back up to the couple before him, only to avert his gaze to the tiled floor with a burning blush present on his face. The sight of her completely unbuttoned oxford shirt and Soul's face buried in her chest burned in his mind and the need for brain bleach was dire.

"So why did you request for a different partner? Hmmm? Maka-chan?"

Harvar glanced back up out of the corner of his eye to see Soul nipping occasionally on Maka's collarbone, leaving a few teeth marks in his trail. Her hands twitched to his hair, clenching silver locks between her fingers.

"Because…I knew you'd pull something like this," she rasped out.

He chuckled into her skin and Harvar could literally see her shuddering from where he was standing. Her eyes closed tightly and she whimpered when his teeth grazed her neck. "And that's so bad?"

"It is….when we're in school," she retaliated, trying her best to glare at the man who was languidly traveling back to her cleavage. Which, despite popular belief and what most of the guys laughed about in the locker rooms, was very nice.

"C'mon, Maka. Live a little."

"Gold! This is gold!" Ox exclaimed in a hushed whisper, drinking in every action, every word with a bit too much enthusiasm.

"Soul….Soul quit it! What if someone sees us?"

"Good. That way they'll know you're mine, Albarn." He nuzzled her cheek and brought his hands up her arched back, stroking her smooth skin. "I don't want to pretend anymore. I want them to know."

"But I-"

Soul cut her off by thrusting his hips forward, causing friction between the two of them. Maka squealed in surprise and shoved her face in his neck, breathing heavily from the single motion. Her blush burned with the power of a thousand suns, radiating and warming Soul's neck aiding her hot breath. Soul chuckled at her reaction and brought his hands back down to Maka's hips.

"So I take that as permission to continue?"

"Soul I never said-"

"Your wish is my command."


At that moment, Harvar had already seen and heard enough to know what was about to happen and what would happen to them if they were caught watching. "Ox, maybe we should just go and leave them alone. This is personal and not something you should be recording. Get your revenge another way."

Ox ignored him, his focus and attention only on the camera capturing all of the action between the two secret lovers before them. Harvar crossed his arms and scowled yet refused to leave his side. Deep down though, things were definitely getting interesting here and Harvar wasn't going to turn down the opportunity presented to him. Bookworm, teacher's pet Maka with school hottie, slacker Soul? He would bet on people actually paying to see this.

Soul at this point has finally managed to coax Maka into relaxing and enjoying and was now in the process of grinding up against her while she tightened her legs around his waist and her already tight grip on his hair. His face had returned to her now bouncing breasts, something that seemed to delight all three males in the hallway. Maka's face could've put a tomato to shame. Desperate whimpers and high-pitched squeals escaped her parted lips, piercing through Harvar each and every time.

Soul Eater Evans was dry humping Maka Albarn into oblivion.

And he and Ox had front row seats.

He takes everything from before about wanting to leave back. This was officially the best class ever.

"Ah! Oh God...Soul!"

A long, drawn-out whine pierced the hallway and both Ox and Harvar tensed up, expecting a teacher to walk out of any of the classrooms to inspect the commotion. When none came, they turned back to the scene before them and noticed that the grinding had increased in speed and urgency.

"Ah! Soul! So…ul~ I'm…I'm….Ohhh!"

Harvar glanced down at his partner to see blood flowing freely from his nose as he watched the screen on the camcorder. Harvar reached up to check his own nose and, sure enough, blood was flowing freely from his nose too.


"Beg for it, Maka."



She didn't say anything, leaving the hall in silence except for the soft sound of cloth rubbing against cloth and small whimpers. Harvar and Ox held their breath, for a reason unknown to them both as they awaited her answer.

"Ohhh. Please! Oh dear fucking Lord, please Soul! Faster!"

They heard Soul chuckle before the shuffling became faster, just as Maka had requested. A strangled series of barely contained whimpers resounded throughout the empty halls.

Harvar could tell that they were both close and decided that if they didn't leave now, they may not live to see tomorrow. He tapped Ox's shoulder and successfully gained his attention. "I think we should leave now." He grabbed the back of Ox's shirt and pulled, anxious to leave quickly and quietly.

"Are you kidding me? This is the best part!"

Harvar tugged on his shirt again but with more force. "Ox, now!"


Unfortunately for them, their little scuffle did not go unheard.

The shuffling had stopped abruptly and the hallway became as silent as a graveyard for the next few seconds. Harvar gulped and let go of Ox's shirt to find his hand trembling. The hallway would become their graveyard in the next two seconds if they didn't take off right that very moment. But his legs locked up underneath him, preventing him from making a heady escape. Instead, he look up to see Maka and Soul still in the same position as before, starting right back at them.

"Oh no! Oh God, oh no, shit!" Maka shouted, removing her hands from Soul's hair to cover her red face.

Snapping back and gaining control of his legs again, Harvar pulled at Ox's shirt one last time. "Ox! Now!" He turned around swiftly and getting ready to run. Before he could even take two steps though, he felt a hand on his shoulder, yanking him back and turning him around to come face-to-face with canine teeth and devil eyes.

"Now," Soul drawled, his voice laced with annoyance at being interrupted, "Where are you two gentlemen off to in such a rush?"

Ox gulped beside him, attempting to discreetly hide the camera, but it was too late. Soul had seen everything. Everything.Harvar recalled both of their nosebleeds.

They were in for it now.

Maka slumped against Soul and felt his arms wrap around her shoulders, warming her from the cold, outside air. She nuzzled his jacket with her frozen nose, attempting to heat it with friction. "And why can't we go inside? It's freezing out here."

"Because I wanna sit out here. And it's easier to get caught skipping class if you're still inside the building."

Maka flinched at the words "skipping class" and shivered. "Well, if you're going to have me skip a class for the first time ever, can't you at least take me someplace warmer?"

Soul smirked and patted the top of her head. "I thought Miss Teacher's Pet didn't want anyone to know that we were an item."

She sighed, her warm breath taking shape into a cloud-like puff before dissipating in the cold air. "Well, with what just happened last period, I don't think that's possible anymore."

Soul rolled his eyes. "I made sure that they'd stay quiet didn't I? Stop worrying. It's not attractive." He reached down to her lap and grabbed her hand, covering his with his much larger and much warmer one. "Why don't you ever wear gloves, Stupid?"

Maka huffed in annoyance and headbutted his chest. "You got my favorite white ones dirty remember? Anyway, I'm not worried. Just….upset, I guess. Also, was it really necessary to break their camera?"

"They were recording us."

"And you couldn't have just deleted it?"

He shrugged and yawned in a bored manner. "Not as cool and intimidating."

Maka rolled her eyes and shook her head, muttering about how her boyfriend was an idiot while he laughed into her hair. They sat in silence for awhile, just enjoying each other's presence (and warmth) as they leaned against the brick wall of the school building, watching cars pass by.

"Hey, Soul?"


"Let's go to a café. I'm way too cold to be sitting out here for much longer."

"And what about people finding out?"

Maka smiled and kissed his chin before climbing out of his lap, leaving him suddenly cold. She turned around and reached out a hand for him to grab and giggled.

"I'm tired of pretending too."

Bonus ending!

"So, care to explain to me how the camcorder broke?"

Harvar sighed and leaned against the classroom wall as he watched his partner tremble before their teacher, looking ready to shit himself. Before he could soil his pants, Harvar stepped in and calmly explained the lie they had set up before entering the classroom. "I was walking and tripped on my shoelace and the camera was in my pocket. I landed on it and it just smashed into little pieces."

B.J. nodded and looked between the two, studying their expressions closely before scooping the sad remains of what used to be a shiny new camcorder into his trash can. "Well, not much I can say here. But you two will have to pay for a new one."

"We understand, sir," Ox said weakly, head hung in deep shame.

B.J. waved his hand, dismissing them silently and the two boys let out a sigh of relief, glad to get off the hook so easily. They were just out the door of the classroom when B.J. called out to them.

"And next time you want to spy on someone making out, don't! I don't want anymore broken school property and I'm sure you don't want any broken bones!"

The pair froze in their tracks and looked back at their teacher who was sifting through papers as if he hadn't said a word. The two shuddered and finally knew exactly why all the seniors before them had called him the "Mole-striking Joe Buttataki."

Author's Comments:

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This chapter was inspired by a project I had to do last year in 8th grade. It was for some tech class and we had just transferred all the gifted kids (from 3rd to 8th) to their own school. Our teacher made us walk around and go to different teachers to interview them and students on what they thought of the transition. But we were okay with this because we all pretty much hated her and the more time we were away from her, the better off we were.

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