In response to Darren's photo shoot and him wearing suspenders.

*first smut fic*


There were two things that drove Kurt completely crazy.

And by crazy, he meant completely turned him on.

Those two things were: when guys wore vests and suspenders.

Not at the same time, dear Lord no, but when a guy could successfully pull off one of these fashion trends off, they looked absolutely sexy and Kurt just wanted to jump their bones right then and there.

The first time Blaine wore a vest, this really close fitting silver one that made him just look delicious, Kurt almost had an orgasm right there. Holy Hell, that boy could pull off the vest look with flying colors.

The most unfair part of it all was that they weren't dating yet. This meant only looking, no touching for Kurt.

It drove him crazy.

When the thought of Blaine in that vest had mostly faded from Kurt's memory was when they finally started dating. Kurt almost wanted to suggest to Blaine that he wear a vest on one of their dates, but there wasn't much point. Blaine owned very little regular clothes. He mostly just wore the Dalton uniform or jeans and a white tee.

And of course he pulled that off in a sexy way.

Kurt and Blaine had been dating for almost two months now. They were at the Hummel's home for Spring Break, because Blaine had insisted that he met Kurt's family.

The first impressions we quite well. His dad was of course protective of Kurt, but he and Blaine did get along very well. Blaine was so unstereotypically gay in so many ways, so we he was able to talk do Burt about sports and cars. It was actually cute to watch them talk about that sort of stuff.

"Blaine hurry up!" said Kurt. He was finishing up on his hair in front of his vanity mirror. He and Blaine were going to meet Mercedes and her boyfriend, that cute football player that Kurt had originally wanted to set her up with, for a movie.

"Ok, I'm ready."

Kurt turned around and stopped short. His breath had literally left his body. No real thoughts were going through his mind, which had been reduced to goo. The only thing running through his mind was, "Holy Hell, Jesus, Mary and Joseph."

"What is it?" asked Blaine. "Do I have something on my face or something?"

"Good Lord," whispered Kurt.

Blaine was wearing a simple white v-neck shirt with his bright pink sunglasses tucked on the inside of the 'V', black skinny jeans and his hair was how Kurt preferred it: unstyled and curly.

That wasn't what had Kurt turning red and thinking the most dirty thoughts.

Blaine was wearing pink suspenders that matched his sunglasses.


Pink suspenders.

And he was just standing in front of Kurt. He was sorta pulling on the suspenders unconsciously, sorta resting his thumbs inside them and leaning back. He looked completely at ease and completely sexy.

"Kurt, what's the matter?" Blaine actually looked a little concerned.

Kurt couldn't even think straight. He just crossed the room and pulled Blaine toward his body by his suspenders with force that he didn't even know he had.

Kurt and Blaine's lips collided with almost a violent force. Kurt snagged Blaine's bottom lip with his teeth as he worked his hands up and down Blaine's chest.

"Oh." Kurt had taken his lips off of Blaine for just a moment. "What is this sudden enthusiasm?"

Kurt didn't answer. His lips were back on Blaine's within a second. He started to push Blaine backwards until the back of Blaine's legs hit Kurt's bed and he felt backwards, Kurt tumbling after him. He had a firm grip on the suspenders.

"Fuck, Kurt," breathed Blaine. Kurt had dislodged his lips from Blaine's and was working on his neck. "What the hell has gotten into you?"

Kurt had never actually been this aggressive before. Sure, he and Blaine had made out pretty intensely that had sent them both to cold showers, but Kurt was very tentative when it came to their physical relationship. He had never had one as intense. He wanted to do this right.

And yet here Kurt was, freaking straddling Blaine on his bed.

It was those damn suspenders.

Kurt had always been a sucker for a guy with good clothes. Especially when those clothes showed off everything good and holy about the body underneath.

"Ok, seriously, Kurt," Blaine breathed heavily. "I really want to know what the heck I did to make you jump my bones like this. I need to take note and make sure I do it more often."

Kurt broke for air. "Suspenders," he said in a rough voice that he didn't even recognize.

Blaine blinded up at him. "Suspenders?" he repeated.

Kurt nodded and pulled one of the straps up and let it go, making it fly back and snap against Blaine's body. He jumped in surprise.

"You like my…suspenders?" Blaine asked.

"Blaine," said Kurt in a heavy voice has he started to nibble on Blaine's earlobe. "There are two things that turn me on when it comes to clothing. Vests and suspenders. You, Blaine, make both look absolutely delicious."

Blaine seemed to left speechless by this declaration. Then Kurt did something particularly skillful with his tongue. "Holy crap, Kurt!" He breathed. Kurt couldn't help but giggle into his ear, his hot breath making Blaine get chills freaking everywhere.

Kurt had never reduced Blaine to such language. Ever. It was actually nice to know that he could.

Blaine finally got control of himself to hear this throaty giggle. He figured it was time to start contributing to this particularly hot make out session.

With that, Blaine hooked his left leg around Kurt's torso and pushed off the bed with his right, tumbling over so he was now on top of Kurt. Kurt made this insanely adorable squeak as he did so. Blaine chuckled and then attacked Kurt's lips with his own.

Kurt actually didn't mind having the tables turned on him. Mostly because - oh dear lord, how could Blaine even do that with his tongue?

Kurt pulled at Blaine's suspenders. God, he looked good in them, but Kurt just wanted them off right now. Kurt was able to push both straps over Blaine's shoulder and he untangled his arms from them so the hung loosely from his pants.

Not good enough, thought Kurt hazily. Kurt pulled on the white shirt until he had successfully untucked it from the black jeans. Blaine helped him with the next part. He broke lip contact for almost a second and pulled the shirt over his head, throwing it away from them and onto the floor.

Blaine started on Kurt's shirt next. He unfastened the bowtie Kurt had decided on today, then started unbuttoning the shirt with surprising speed. Blaine pulled it open and Kurt arched his back enough to pull his arms out of the shirt that was also tossed to the side.

"Oh god Kurt, why?" Blaine kissed at his neck and started down his chest, but was stopped by the white tank top that Kurt had on. Blaine muttered something illegible about too many clothes.

"Just hurry," pleaded Kurt. "Oh - oh!"

Kurt didn't have any intelligent thought left in him as Blaine started to grind up against his obvious bulge.

"Oh my god," breathed Kurt. He clutched at Blaine's back for dear life. He couldn't stop himself. He was done. Over. Completely spent and it felt like he had just started. He had turned to complete goo under Blaine's touch in an embarrassing short time.

"That's okay," whispered Blaine, also surrendering to his needs. "Oh god, better than ok."

Blaine's muscles went out and falling on Kurt completely. God, Kurt loved the feeling of his weight on him. Even the sweat that clung to his chest was welcomed. Kurt could feel it soaking through his thin undershirt.

After a few moments of heavy breathing, Blaine rolled off Kurt and rested beside him. Kurt attached himself to his side, casting an arm over Blaine's bare chest. Blaine slid an arm under Kurt's neck and he rested his head in the crook of his elbow.

"Kurt," said Blaine. "Remind me to wear either a vest or suspenders everyday."