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"I'm nervous," said Blaine as soon as Kurt opened the door to his dorm room. Kurt laughed as he shut the door behind him. He tightened his knee length blazer jacket and they started toward the parking lot.

"It will be fine," reassured Kurt.

"But these are your friends. What if they don't like me?"

"You've already met Mercedes and Finn," said Kurt. "They liked you."

"But this is a party full of your Glee club," said Blaine as they got in the car. "All of them."

"Oh Blaine," said Kurt, kissing his boyfriend's cheek before starting up the car. "You'll be just fine. They'll love you, just like I do."

They took turns with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry songs on the way over to Lima. When they were finally in town, Kurt pulled out directions to Santana's house, where the party was actually happening.

"Oh! I think that's it!" said Blaine, pointing to a rather large light blue house. There were already a lot of cars parked in the driveway and street. Kurt could hear booming music when he parked and turned off the car.

The couple made their way to the front door, holding hands. Kurt knocked. Not a moment later was the door pulled open by Mercedes and then Kurt was physically pulled in as well.

"My boy!" she exclaimed, hugging him close.

"Kurt!" squealed Tina, pulling him from Mercedes hands. Kurt could hear Blaine laughing from far away as he was passed from girl to girl, then finally to some of the guys, how did a "bro-hug."

Kurt finally made is way to Blaine's side, laughing. "I'm glad I was missed," he said. Then he cleared his throat. "Everyone, this is Blaine Anderson." Blaine awkwardly waved at the other teens.

"Finally we meet the boyfriend!" said Quinn with a small grin.

"He's cuter than I remembered from Sectionals," said Santana with a flirty wink at Blaine, which made him redden.

"Thank god you're finally getting laid, Hummel," said Puck, a firm hand hitting Kurt on the back.

"Excuse me!" squawked Kurt. Puck just laughed and threw an arm around Blaine.

"Come on buddy, me and the guys want to talk to you," he said, leading Blaine away from Kurt.

"You catch up with the girls, Kurt," said Mike, following after Puck and Blaine. "We have to interrogate your boyfriend. Make sure he's good enough."

Kurt was a little worried for Blaine, but decided to let it go. The frightened look on Blaine's face was pretty hilarious.

He slid out of his jacket and hung it up on a coat rack nearby. Santana, the ever giving hostess, offered him a beer. Kurt thought for a moment and decided that he would drink half a cup. He needed to drive later.

He sat on the couch next to Mercedes and Tina, catching them all up on what had been going on at Dalton. Of course, they wanted to also know every juicy detail with Blaine. Kurt's mind jumped to every "juice details" but decided to spare them. He told them he was a fantastic kisser, but besides that, his lips were sealed.

"Kurt Hummel, you're getting more action than anyone here, aren't you?" asked Mercedes, her eyebrows waggling suggestively. Then she paused. "Well, except for Santana and Puck."

"You go that right, sister," said Santana, completely proud of this fact. Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Maybe, maybe not," said Kurt, taking a dainty sip of his drink. Of course, he kinda had been, ever since Blaine had taken to wearing suspenders every single day.

"You ladies - and Kurt - want to start some karaoke?" asked Mike, peaking his head into the room. "We're making Blaine go first." He giggled madly and ran out of the room.

"Oh, I'm gonna want to see this," said Kurt, pushing up from the couch and hurrying after Mike. The others followed him.

When they got into the living room, Blaine was checking into a mic that was hooked up to the television. He nodded and sat it down for a second before shrugging out of his jacket and throwing it on the back of a chair.

And of course, Kurt's breath stopped.

No, he wasn't wearing suspenders. Kurt had almost gotten control of himself when he saw Blaine in suspenders. It was happen with such frequency, he had to, or risk wanting to jump him at lunch or something.

He wasn't prepared for Blaine wearing a tight, gold vest.

That was the other thing that drove Kurt crazy.

It was probably some sort of cruel joke that Mr. Shue's closet was 50% vests.

But Blaine…Blaine could pull of a vest almost better than he could suspenders.

Kurt wanted to pull off his vest. And shirt. And everything else.

Mercedes pushed him and they sat on the couch. Everyone was talking excitedly. Santana shut of the stereo and handed Blaine a CD case of karaoke songs. Blaine flipped through them for a few minutes and grinned when he found one he liked.

"Ok," he said, slipping the CD into the player. "This is extremely dorky but I adored this movie. Don't judge me." He laughed nervously and put his hand in his hair. He sent a anxious smile in Kurt's direction.

Kurt was sure he was going to explode.

He pushed play on the karaoke machine and the upbeat must began to play. He brought the mic to his mouth and began to sang as the lyrics drifted on the screen. "Hey now, Hey now."

Everyone in the room laughed. Kurt even chuckled pass his sexual frustration. He tried not to pay attention to the form fitting vest. Instead, he focused on the blast from the past song.

"Have you ever seen such a beautiful night? I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright. When I see you smiling, I go, oh oh oh." Blaine winked in Kurt's direction, making Kurt flush. Even in a friendly performance of karaoke, Blaine's voice was flaless. "I would never want to miss this 'cause in my heart I know what this is."

"Hey now, This is what dreams are made of." Finished Blaine, his voice fading.

Everyone laughed and whooped. "That was awesome, man."

"Thanks," he said. "Who's next?"

"Me!" exclaimed Rachel. Kurt wasn't surprised. Blaine smiled and took her place, which was leaning up against Kurt's legs, sitting on the floor. When Blaine sat down, Kurt put his hands through his curly hair, playing with it mindlessly.

A lot of others took turns when finally Santana said, "It's Kurt's turn!" Mercedes pushed Kurt off the couch and then Kurt started to think what he should sing… "But I'm picking what he's singing!"

"What?" asked Kurt, turning to Santana. She was already inserting a disc into the machine.

"No arguments. I've been looking forward to this," she said, shoving the mic into his hand, then skipping back to sit on Brittany's lap.

When the song started and the lyrics came up, Kurt shouted, "You've got to be kidding me!"

People laughed so much he missed the first few lyrics. Finally he just jumped in, because Blaine winked at him. "Hey little girl take me off the shelf, 'Cause it's hard having fun playing with yourself. Once you browse through the whole selection shake those hips in my direction." Kurt shook his hips without realizing it, laughing.

"It's the ladies' choice. I'm the ladies' choice," sang Kurt, his voice becoming a little deeper. "The ladies' choice. I'm the ladies' choice, choice, choice. I'm the ladies' choice!" burst out Kurt, his last note powerful.

Everyone was clapping and laughing by the end of the song. "Thank you for that, Kurtie," said Santana sweetly.

"I will get you back," said Kurt, pointing the mic at her, his best "bitch-face" on.

It was around then that the pizza was delivered. All the guys attacked it, except for Blaine and Kurt who hung back. Kurt grabbed Blaine's hand when everyone was distracted and dragged him down the hall and up the stairs.

"I would ask 'what are you doing?' But I already know," said Blaine. Snarky bitch, thought Kurt.

"You whore," said Kurt. "You're wearing a vest." Blaine laughed.

Kurt had opened one of the first doors he came across. It looked like it was probably Santana's room, but he decided he wouldn't give her the satisfaction of not using her bed to make out with his boyfriend on. Besides, this bed probably saw more action then that.

Kurt started kissing Blaine wildly. After a few minutes, he broke away, breathing heavily. "You know, maybe this isn't a good idea…" All his friends were just down stairs. They could walk in at any moment and were bound to notice he and Blaine weren't there soon.

"Oh no you don't," growled Blaine, pulling him closer. "You might be going gaga over my vest, but I'm practically losing my mind because of these jeans." Blaine cupped Kurt's butt through the very tight fabric of his jeans. They were some jeans that Kurt almost had to sew himself into.

"And," said Blaine, bringing on hand up to Kurt's neck and traced down his collar bone. "You're wearing a v-neck. A very deep v-neck." Blaine kissed his way down Kurt's collar bone and Kurt knew he was done for. "Is it weird that I find your neck strangely attractive?"

"Oh," breathed Kurt has Blaine's lips worked their magic. Kurt's mind was starting to get foggy. It was hard to think of words to say. And how to arrange those words in the right order. "In that case…"

Kurt pushed Blaine back onto Santana's bed, falling on top of him. He started unbuttoning Blaine's vest with shaking hands. Blaine was sliding his hands, which were shockingly cold, up Kurt's shirt. Never breaking lip contact, Blaine rolled them over so he was above Kurt. Kurt moaned as Blaine broke away from Kurt's lips and back to his neck again.

"Oh, my god," breathed Kurt. His nails dug into Blaine's back. Blaine was grinding up against him, and in these jeans, oh lord, in these jeans…

"Hmm, I love you," breathed Blaine after working his way up his neck and to his ear.

"I love you," whispered Kurt back, looking up at Blaine with a goofy smile.

It was the first time they had said that to each other.

Blaine was back, kissing Kurt's neck. Kurt could only try to remember to breathe and moan under Blaine. "Don't stop," whimpered Kurt.

"Oh, please stop," said a voice that was not Blaine's. Or Kurt's.

The sound of Santana's voice made Blaine jump and roll off the bed, falling to the ground. Kurt had sat up, pulling down his shirt. Standing in the door way was Santana, a frown on her face, as well as half the Glee club.

Brittany was at Santana's elbow, a small smile on her face. "Looks like you've gotten better at kissing since we made out, Kurt," she said, giggling.

Beside Brittany was Puck and Mercedes. "Get some," said Puck and Mercedes high fived her.

Finn was behind them all, his head floating above them. "If I tell mom and Burt, he's never gonna stay over again!"

"Then don't tell," said Kurt through clenched teeth, trying to fix his hair.

Blaine was getting up off the ground and frantically buttoning his vest over his black shirt. "Uh, dude?" Puck pointed to his jeans. Blaine looked down and blushed, zipping up his jeans and buttoning those, too.

Oh, when had he unzipped that? Thought Kurt.

"And why did you choose my bed to get your gay love on?" asked Santana, arms crossed.

Kurt stood up off the bed and tried his best to not look embarrassed. He held his head high and grabbed Blaine's hand. "I told you I'd get you back, Lopez," sniffed Kurt and smirk on his face. Then he and Blaine made their way through the door and down the stairs as quickly as possible.



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