After Daisuke entered the RTTD COLLISIUM and played the GAME in the FROZEN WATER FOREST STAGE, he got his WEAPON SEAL that called him from the reality world, Kyourinmaru Doragon (Kyou) and battled a monster called Tiger Long. Even he never battle with monster before but thanks to the kendo lessons that he learned, he managed to defeated the monster by using Kyou's Command Techniques: Souten Ni Zase (reign of frozen heaven). After that, he catch up with Raven and his friends that been surrounded by Tiger Longs and he make a surprise attack that makes those monster retreated. And suddenly, he fainted and luckily Raven catches him and ordered to his friends to get out from the Stage. Finally, when Enju entered to the RTTD REST ROOM he saw Raven is with unconscious Daisuke on the bed. Raven just smiled and asked Enju to say to Daisuke to learn his WEAPON SEAL name and as for Daisuke, he didn't understand what Raven talking about….

DAY: MONDAY (26/March/2025)

TIME: 7.26 am


Miss Agira was on the first period of the lesson on Monday. The Physic class on the first period and she is now taking the students attendants. The class was noisy as always but it only temporary of time because after she finishes taking attendants, the class need to shows their presentation about their experiments to her and at the in front of other classmates.

"Very well, it seem that everyone is presents except…..Daisuke Toushirou." said Miss Agira.

"What? He absent? I thought that he's skipping the class today." said Chopper.

"Indeed. I was thought same way too.., Chopper. Ray, Himura. Did you know why he is absent today?" ask Miss Agira.

Ray and Himura remain silent but their minds are tries to make an excuse to her. Suddenly, Ray got an idea. He tells to her that Daisuke is maybe sick and they want to see him after school today. Miss Agira looks surprised but she thought maybe he was right.

"Fine then. Please say hi to him, okay? And, also please give him this file to him too. That is the homework for next fall season holiday." said Miss Agira.

"Yes, ma'am. We will deliver this file today." said Ray that tries to convinces her.

Miss Agira nods her head and she starts her lesson by teaching a new chapter first then they will have to presents their project in front the classmates. Luckily for Ray, Himura, Miu and Erika they don't need to presents because Daisuke was absents on that day. Meanwhile, at Daisuke house; it seems that Daisuke is still not wake up for his sleep and he looks very tired and very sleepy too. That's the reason why he doesn't go to school because he still not wakes up from his sleep.

"Wake up, Toushirou…Hey, Toushirou!" shouted Kyou that tries to wake him up.

"….Wha? What is it?" ask Daisuke.

"Fuh…Glad to hear your voice again. I thought you already dead…You have been sleep for a day!" said Kyou.

"….What just happened? I can't remember anything…Last thing that I remember is…Oww…my head is hurt…" cried Daisuke.

"Hold still, Toushirou…You still not recovered yet." said Kyou.

"…..How long I been sleep?" ask Daisuke.

"A day, I suppose. Your brother is very worry about you also your sister is more worry." said Kyou.

"Daisuke just lie down his body on the bed and couldn't get up due his headache but suddenly his door room was open by her sister that brings some food for him.

"How you feel, sleeping beauty?" ask Aimi that tries to cheer him up.

"Hey, sis…Stop making jokes, will ya? I'm not in the mood…" said Daisuke coldly.

"I didn't not! Here, I brought you slices of bread and a glass of milk. You been sleeping for a long day and haven't eating anything." said Aimi.

"Yeah….Oww…my head is still hurt…I hope it will be over!" said Daisuke.

"It's a Shock Mind. It will be happened when the first time you using the RTTD SITTER SLEEP. Don't worry, it only take two days to recover back." said Aimi.

Daisuke not saying any words but he just keep holding his head because the headache is so strong like his head wants to explode. Aimi went down to the kitchen to continue her work while Daisuke have his meal in the room with Kyou.

"Two days, huh? I guess I can't take it anymore…" said Daisuke.

"I also cannot do anything too because I in your locket!" said Kyou.

"Eh?" said Daisuke.

"Don't say 'Eh' with me, young boy. Have you forgotten what just happened?" ask Kyou.

"….Like said, I don't remember anything…But, still…I feel very cold…" said Daisuke.

"Well, that is my energy pressure. It is very cold yet at the same time it also very serene too. It supposes do not bother yours physically, you know. Hey, how about you cleaned yourself and get some fresh air at outside?" suggested Kyou.

"Hmm…I guess you are right. Let's go see the town and you probably want to see the Pride Town even you in the locket, right?" said Daisuke.

"Of course I want it too. Hurry up and get yourself clean and get ready. I will be waiting here." said Kyou.

"All right, all right already. Not need to rush, okay?" said Daisuke.

Daisuke gets up from his bed and went to the bathroom to get clean him self; while Kyou is waiting patiently on the table. After few minutes later, Daisuke just finished wearing a white shirt with a black vast also with a tie and a black trousers then he take the locket and wearing it and went out his room.

He went down to the living room where his sister is enjoying watching the TV and he say to his sister that he wants to go out to get some fresh air at the town and Aimi just nod her head and she focused back to the TV.

Daisuke leave the house and he walk to the street that leads him to the street markets. The street markets are very popular among the people that live at the Pride Town because its goods are very best and its price is very reasonable. Daisuke knows that his sister is always brought some fishes and meats at the Kazurin`s stall because Kazurin is a former friend of Daisuke`s father. He started to sells fishes and meats after the lab accident that make him lose his left eye. And now he's wearing an eye patch to hide his left eye. Daisuke arrives at the street markets after 10 minutes walking from his house and he is walking through the market to go the Pride Square. Many people is knows Daisuke because his sister always goes there at the morning to buy something to cook for lunch and he also went to Kazurin`s stall too and said hi to him. Kazurin is very surprised that Daisuke is taking a walk at the street market at that time because that times supposedly he still at the school.

"Hey, it is rarely seeing you at the street markets at this time, Daisuke. Are you not going to school?" ask Kazurin.

"Nah…Today I'm taking a day off because I not feel very well. Say, Mr. Kazurin. Did my sister buy something at your stall?" ask Daisuke.

"Yep, indeed she does. As always, she brought some fishes and some meats too. Your sister is very good at cooking, you know. She also has cooked a French dish about few years ago and you should ask her to cooks something special for you too." said Kazurin.

"Oh well, she is very good at cooking but she is not very good about cleaning the kitchen after she used!" said Daisuke.

"Ha, ha, ha…Indeed, she is. But, I haven't seen Enju this few months. Is he fine?" ask Kazurin.

"Yeah. His fine just busy with his works as always. Oh my….I guesses that I should leave now. It is very fun to chats with you, Mr. Kazurin." said Daisuke.

"Very well, then. Please say hi for me to your brother, Daisuke. Oh yeah, you should go visit Ginger Fruits stall. She really misses you very much." said Kazurin.

Daisuke nods his head and continue his walks to go to the Ginger's stall. Ginger is also a former friend to his mother and she is her mother former assistant at the lab also she lost her ability to walk forever because her legs has been paralyzed due to the serious injury in the bones. Although she has lost the ability to walk, she still can do the work as fruits seller at the market with her husband and her daughter, Okari.

"Hiya, Okari. Is your mother here?" ask Daisuke.

"Err…yes…she is here. Please wait for a while, okay?" said Okari.

Okari went back to the behind the stall to called her mother that busy checking the apple fruits. A few later, Ginger saw Daisuke that is waiting for her and she quickly went to the Daisuke.

"Oh! It's been quite a while, Daisuke. Oh, look at you. You have grown a lot!" said Ginger with happy voice.

"Mrs. Ginger…How are you doing? Feel any better?" ask Daisuke.

"Yes. Feel a little bit better but still, the pain is there too. Oh, please just wait for minute, Daisuke. Okari, please help me at here!" called Ginger.

"What is it, mother?" ask Okari.

"Please give this young boy an apple for him." said Ginger.

"Huh….It is okay, Mrs. Ginger. I'm not hungry at all." said Daisuke.

"Never mind, Daisuke. I just want to give you an apple because it is very rare to see you again at here. Please accept this apple, Daisuke." said Ginger that holds an apple.

"…All right. If you insist about it, I will accept the apple. Mrs. Ginger." said Daisuke that taken the apple.

Ginger looked very happy and she smile at Daisuke without having any problems. Daisuke thanked to the Ginger and he tells her that she needs to take care about her health also he also said to her that he need to go another place. Ginger just remain silent and she nod her head although she wants Daisuke to stay with her and chat with him as long she wants but she also known that time is always jealous with her to having a chat with Daisuke.

After a few hours walks at the street markets, Daisuke finally arrived at the Pride Square and he rest himself under the big tree. He's lean himself at the tree while the wind blows gently at his face.

"My, I never thought the human world is very fun. Thank you for showing me the wonderful places, Daisuke. I really enjoyed." said Kyou.

"Glad to know that you are enjoyed, Kyou. You know where we are now?" ask Daisuke.

"No…I didn't know. Please tell me." said Kyou.

"This is the Pride Square. It always been use to celebrate festivals also it been used as a place for hanging out to rest your mind under this big tree." said Daisuke.

"Hmm…What an interesting place to come. Are you always come here often?" ask Kyou.

"Not really. I just come here when I feel lonely or stressed after doing school homework." said Daisuke.

Suddenly, the breeze blows very gently at that morning but the sky is looks very dark like it almost wants to rains. It is very rarely to see the rains are going to fall during the spring on that month. Daisuke rises up his head and he also saw the dark sky while Kyou is still enjoying its break time with him. A few later, the rains is falling down vaguely and it doesn't bother Daisuke that still lean himself at under the big tree but Kyou seems realizes that the rains is falling and it asking Daisuke to search a dry place to wait the rains stop but Daisuke disagree with it and he told Kyou that he like to be under the rainy day.

Kyou is not very understood about his behavior yet he also knows that they also have same feature such as they dislike summer and warm climate. Kyou is also very pleased when he meets Daisuke at the first place although it thinks that it maybe is very hard to understand the human being also the world too but it seems that he got all mistakenly. Kyou knows that the human is not very hard to understand it because he can understand Daisuke very well even though they only been together for one-two days.

"Say, Toushirou. You are very unique person yet you are a kind of person that rarely been seen by other." said Kyou.

"Really? I guess many people say the same things to me. I'm not very special person or whatever it is. I'm just a normal person like others yet I just a child that doesn't have parents like everyone else." said Daisuke in monotone.

"Ohh…? I'm sorry if I make you to remember your past." said Kyou that feel sorry.

"That's okay, Kyou. Let the times of yore go like the wind…it been five years after the accident yet I can't say my true feeling when I saw their dead bodies in front of me when interred ceremony. I didn't cry also there is no tear rolling too. I just…frozen like ice…" said Daisuke in leisurely voice.

Kyou feel sorry in deep in his heart when it hear Daisuke`s past story. It just remain silent while the rains is finally stopped and the sun shines once again which mean that another hot and wet day need to get through. Daisuke gets up from his seat and Kyou asking him where he wants to go. Daisuke just smiles and respond Kyou's question with unpredicted answer. He tells Kyou that he wants go to the Pride Main Library at the south from the Pride Square and Kyou is seems perplexed with that answer and it keeping thinks what he going to do. They went to the place and they stay there until late evening.

TIME: 6.30 pm

PLACE: At outside the school gate

The school was already over on that day. The sky was oranges color because the sunset and most all the students already head home except for Ray, Himura and Miu is heading to Daisuke`s house to visits him at house. They walking slowly while Miu is seem enjoying herself by looking at the sunset while she was walking but suddenly they heard a familiar voice calling them for behind. They stop walking and they turn at the back and they saw Enju is heading towards them.

"School is over? Should you guys heading home now?" ask Enju.

"Oh well….Actually, we are heading home but we want to go your house to look for Daisuke and asking him why he doesn't come to school today." answered Miu.

"Yeah. In the mean time, we also want to give him this homework file so that he can do his holiday homework during the fall holiday that just around the corner." said Himura.

"Hmm…Is that so? I guess I should tell you that Daisuke is not feeling very well because he just sleeps for a day without waking up. But, don't you guys worry about him so much because the doctor said that he his exceedingly exhausted due to his school activities." explained Enju.

"Come to think about it, Daisuke are really busy on this spring season with the kendo club and also with the preparation for this spring exam that will be on at another 2 weeks." said Ray.

"So, that's makes him so tired and he also often to come back home at night." said Enju.

"…Could you give him this file? Also, can you ask him to come at school tomorrow?" ask Ray that holding the file to give to Enju.

"Sure. I'll tell him that. By the way, you guys should head home now, it's almost dark already." said Enju that already takes the file from Ray's hand.

They threes nods their heads and they walks with Enju towards the corner that leads their homes. Ray takes the left corner while Himura is taking the right corner and Miu is walking with Enju and takes the middle corner to head their home. Miu arrived at her house and she thanked to Enju for accompany her to home and Enju was very pleased and he say that she doesn't have to say thank you to him. Enju continues his walk and arrived at his house. He opens the door and closed back, take off his shoes and head to the living room. He sits on the sofa and Aimi comes out from the kitchen with a ladle at his hand.

"Back already? My, you sure are look tired." said Aimi.

"Yeah, guess you were right. Hey, Daisuke is still sleeping again?" ask Enju about Daisuke.

"Nope, he already woke up and he went out from the morning until now he still not comes back home yet." said Aimi.

"What? Ohh, that little brat sure give me a lot of temper! You know where he went?" ask Enju that seems look likes a volcano that going to exploded.

"No…but please calm yourself down, Enju. He needs time to be alone for a while yet he also need to spend his time to know his Weapon Seal too." said Aimi that tries to cool down Enju`s temper.

"Oh, all right. I will go easy on him today. By the way, did you already finishing with cooking? I'm starving…" said Enju.

"Why do you always want to eat after finishing the office works?" ask Aimi that seems lost her temper.

"What? I'm hungry and you are very good with cooking. I do not know how to cook like you!" said Enju that tries to pissed her.

"What did you just say? Did you see this ladle at my hand? Do you want me to knock your head with this or do you want me to throwing the knives at you?" ask Aimi that really lost his temper with Enju`s words.

"All right! You win…I'm sorry…" said Enju that scared with Aimi`s temper.

"Hmph, serve your right!" said Aimi to Enju.

Aimi went back to the kitchen to continue her cooking experiments. At the same time, she almost wants to laugh when she sees Enju's frighten face.

"Yikes…She more scary than a ghost, I suppose…But, I wonder where that little brat go?" said Enju to himself.

"He, he, he…Serve your right, Enju!" said Hana.

"Shut up, will ya!" said Enju rudely to Hana.

"Don't wanna!" said Hana.