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Darren was relaxing. For the first time in a disclosed number of months the young vampire prince had peacefully awoken from his sleep. Normally, the unusual silence would have anyone else feeling surprisingly chipper, and confident about going into an organized, calm day. But not Darren, it had him worried, and today he was feeling a little less than happy. There was something that was lingering in the back of his mind that made him feel kind of depressed, what was it that-

"Darrr-reeeennn-uuuhhh!" Kurda shrieked from down the halls, as Harkat bursted through his door, wheezing.

"Kurda was taking... too long in the bath...room and told Mika... he should spend... a little more time... on himself in the... morning. He is now being choked... with the cord to his straightener."

Darren jumped from his bed, bolting down the halls to witness a normal scene in Vampire Mountain. Mika, holding Kurda in his arms, the hot pink cord wrapped around the blonde's neck in attempt to strangle him with it. Seba, reading the tag to the straightener, mumbling about how not being able to take a straightener in a bathtub was an abomination. Arrow was standing behind his best friend, cheering him on and assisting by grabbing Kurda's various hair products, spraying them into his hand with a smug look on his face, smelling it once or twice before offering them to Mika, who then in turn would make the flamboyant vampire eat it. In the back round, Larten sitting on the couch panning through endless pages on e-bay and Paris deeply interested in an iPad commercial on the flat screen. Darren took in a deep breath, looking down to his side at his Little Person best friend, who seemed to have the same look on his face, watching the situation take place.

"Confidence, control, charisma." Darren whispered to himself before walking into the insanity.

"Mika! Stop strangling Kurda! We've discussed this, and DON'T give me that look! Kurda, learn better word choice. The reason WHY you cannot take a straightener into a bathtub is because you'd get electrocuted and be fried, Seba. And then you wouldn't be around to tell us what's an Abomination and what isn't." Darren said in one swift breath, struggling to pull Mika off of Kurda.

"Arrow, can you please help me?" Darren pleaded, looking over at the bald vampire.

"Why would I do that?"

"Because if you don't I'll give you and Mika's Criminal Minds TV time block to Seba, so he can watch the infomercial channel." Arrow shot him a 'you wouldn't dare' sort of look and Darren just kept his face straight, hands still locked around Mika's shoulder trying to free a whimpering Kurda.

"Fine," Arrow frowned, grumbling curses under his breath as he pulled Mika away from Kurda. Kurda gasped, unwinding the chord from around his neck.

"I am... hungry." Harkat concluded, walking away from the newly controlled situation and waddling to the kitchen, followed by Arrow and Mika.

"Uhm, Darren. Could you like leave so I can finish from where I was rudely interrupted? I didn't even get a chance to try my new scuplting wax." Kurda gushed, shutting the bathroom door slowly on Darren.

"What is it that you are watching?" Larten asked, looking up from his laptop.

"I believe it's called 'polar bear in a snow storm'," Paris answered, "but I can barely see the polar bear."

"That is because you're not even on a channel, that is just static." Larten inquisitively responded. Paris looked over at him, shocked as Kurda bursted out of the bathroom.

"Allllllrigghtt!" he sang holding a bright pink burned CD in his hand, flailing it over his head like it was a hot commodity. Larten winced,

"Kurda, your high pitch tone makes it even more painful to hear you talk."

Darren had started a new tradition, of course. Each one of the inhabitants of the Mountain chose a movie that all the other vampires had to watch. He instantly regretted his decision after watching Paris's choice of The Titanic: Extended Edition because he claimed he'd been on the actual boat. And Seba's choice of some foreign film that no one understood about a dog trying to find his way in a big city, at least that's what the vampires thought. Seba was under the impression it was deeply metaphoric. Darren walked back into the room with Harkat trailing behind him pushing a cart with a laptop and a projector on top of it so that the wall would become a large movie screen. Mika and Arrow followed, dragging their feet, arms filled with an assortment of snacks.

"Hey, Mika." Arrow called, a twizzler hanging out of his mouth "Want to see who can eat the most until they throw up?" Mika grinned widely, but before he could answer, Kurda stepped in.

"Uhm, ewwwwy. The movie I chose requires all of your attention, because it's so awesome that it like, deserves a bunch of respect! So you can save your calorie chow down for later."

"Kurda, do you want me to hurt you again?" Mika growled after dropping all of his snacks on the couch.

"No! No killing!" Darren scolded from his position of setting up the projector. He let out a loud 'Aha!' as Insert Disc appeared on the wall. Harkat applauded and then walked over to his favorite chair, jumping a few times before swinging his leg up and over and sitting down. After twenty minutes of trying to get everyone situated, which included waiting for Larten to go back to his room to grab his personalized electric blanket which had his name sewn into that he ordered off of e-bay, searching for the remote through Paris's endless number of pockets in his Hawaiian shirt and cargo pants, convincing Seba that the popcorn was not a bomb that the vampaneze planted in the microwave and Darren bribing Arrow and Mika to stay and watch Kurda's movie once they got wind of the title, they were ready.

"Okay, so like this took me a lot of time to find, cause it's the super special version with two hours of extra features." Arrow let out an agonizing groan, but Kurda continued, "And then I forgot my password to my computer and it took me forty eight times to remember that it was my name. But here it is!" he clapped his hands as he pressed play. Lindsay Lohan appeared on the screen, and Darren cursed under his breath.

"Hey, isn't she on crack or something?" Arrow snickered.

"She is nowwww," Kurda drawled, "but this is back when she was only an alcoholic and not on drugs!"

"That is just so much better. I am glad that the youth of America are all raging alcoholics and drinking crack." Larten rolled his eyes.

"You do not drink crack, you smoke crack!" Seba mumbled.

"I am not surprised at the fact that YOU know that, Seba." Larten breathed. Kurda shushed them, slapping his hands down in his blanket.

"Regina George must be vampaneze!" Mika scowled. The screen started to lag, and none of the vampires could figure out the sudden small words on the bottom of the screen that read incoming video call. This had Darren horribly confused for a moment, before he realized the TV was hooked up to the computer. Seba screamed, hiding behind the couch as a wide box blocked the view of the movie and two loud booming voices erupted from the speakers.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey boys!"

The two girls on the screen smiled, the one with the platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes was sitting on a stool kind of in the background while the other girl with the alluring pools of dark grey eyes, auburn and blonde mixed hair took up most of the screen.

"Ohmigosh!" Kurda gushed, "It's Ronnie and Kayden! When did they start doing movies? I didn't know they were famous! We need to go to Hollywood and find them!" Kade rolled her eyes on the screen and flipped him off while Ronnie just giggled in the background. Arrow walked back into the room from his snack run, when he got a glimpse of the screen his eyes widened and immediately flushed, dropping his bowl of popcorn on the floor.

"You alright there, bro?" Mika asked, raising an eye-brown a smirk on his lips.

"Yea, I'm fine. I just uh, thought I saw- is that Ronnie and Kadey-um, I MEAN, Kayden?" he babbled, changing the subject.
"Hi Arrow!" Kade gushed from the screen, Arrow raised an arm and looked down at his hands trying to hide his newly pink cheeks.

"Where's Darren!" Ronnie gushed, pushing her bangs out of her face and coming closer to the screen. The vampires heads whipped in Darren's direction, most of them making gestures such as kissy faces and winks. The somewhat gloomy mood he was just in instantly faded away, his palms moistened while his heart beat hard in his chest,

"Ronnie", he grinned. Ronnie opened her mouth to begin to say something, but Kade's hand appeared on the side of her face and gave her a rough shove out of the frame.

"Hey!" Ronnie snapped, but Kade just snickered.

"Anyways, we have a surprise for you!"

"We're coming to the Mountain!" Ronnie jumped at the punchline.

"What!" Darren and Arrow cried. Darren looked at Arrow who shifted his eyes nervously,

"What- I forgot that I left the oven in my room on?"

"You have an oven in your room? Not fair!" Paris crossed his arms. Darren was sent into a panic, there was no way he could get things ready in time, there was so much to do and get ready.

"When will you... get here?" Harkat asked from his spot in the corner.

"Tomorrow!" Darren thought he was going to be sick, and Mika was watching Arrow closely who became strangely moist and began breathing strangely.

"See ya then!"

Connection Terminated.

Darren stood up quickly and looked at his watch, he had less than 12 hours to get everything ready and he decided he better start not. Mean Girls was going to have to be cut short, which the other Vampires were more than happy about. Except for Kurda, but there wasn't time for pouting.

"Alright, we have a lot of work to do!" Darren clapped, earning another group of groans.

"Mr. Crepsley, you're in charge of-"

"-I am always in charge of you, at least Darren."

"Yes, I know," Darren grunted, "all of you start cleaning up, and make sure nothing breaks and everyone stays alive."

Harkat pulled at Darren's shirt,

"Do you think... we should make them... cookies or something?" Darren smiled at his best friend, he was such a little ball of sweetness.

"Good idea! We're going to go into the kitchen, don't break anything!" he pointed, before going into the kitchen, his forgetful feeling having to wait for a while.

"What are we... going to make?" Harkat asked, grabbing a large cookbook and blowing the dust off of it. Darren tied an apron around his waist,

"Ronnie likes triple chocolate cookies, with double dutch chocolate frosting."
"I think you should make some shortbread cookies, with some thick and colorful icing," Arrow peeked into the kitchen, before looking around awkwardly again, "uhm, because they're really good and-"

"They are... Kayden's favorite?" Harkat caught on.

"Did you know that there's been a recall on..." Arrow picked up the nearest object, a water bottle, "water bottles? You're all so lucky, I just saved your lives. BPA kills people." and with that he was out cleaning with the others.

"Uhm, alright. Let's get started Harks." Darren beamed, grabbing all of the ingredients from the various cabinets and tossing them to Harkat who would catch them and place them on the large table. A spark shimmered in Harkat's eyes when he caught a jar of sprinkles.

"Are we going... to put these... on them?"
"NO!" Darren interjected, causing Harkat to jump. "I mean, no. Ronnie doesn't like those."

"What?" Harkat cried, holding the sprinkles close to his chest. "How can you... not like sprinkles?"

"She just doesn't like that kind." Darren comforted Harkat, who seemed truly appalled and a little hurt.

"Oh okay... I was worried."

Finally, after a mixing, stirring, whipping, pouring, measuring, icing, cleaning(which involved cleaning the mixing and frosting bowls with their tongues) Harkat, Arrow, and Darren high-fived over a fresh tray of Kayden and Ronnie approved treats.

By this time, everyone else had long since gotten tired and gone to bed, or been kicked out for excessive use of icing sugar, or eating dough, or violence with cooking utensils. Or being themselves in general.

Eventually, Harkat dropped off to sleep (literally, his face smacked the table with alarming force) and Darren and Arrow were left to contemplate the next day.

They looked at each other with expressions of extreme relief, but stress at the same time. Only they knew how each other was truly feeling at this moment.

"AAHHHHH!" Darren squeaked finally.

"You said it." Arrow replied with finality.



"Wheeen are they goona get heere?" Kurda whined for the 10th time in an hour.

"CHARNA'S FREAKIN CHRISTMAS TREE, KURDA! THEY'LL GET HERE WHEN THEY GET HERE!" Mika yelled, also for the 10th time. Only he'd used a different variation of Charna's (insert noun) every time. This time, he accompanied the rage by snatching the pink candy cane from Kurda's hands and whipping it across the room where it shattered against a wall. Kurda pouted and pulled up the hood of his favourite baby-blue Hollister hoodie.

"Mika! I told you HOW many times? Do NOT mention the C-word with Darren in the room!" Larten hissed into Mika's ear.

"Chill pill, Creps. He's not even in the room." Arrow snorted. "Anyway. How does my hair look?"

"Uhm, Arrow...?"


Mika gestured vaguely at his head.

"Oh right, I don't have any." said Arrow, smacking his scalp in bamboozlement. "Guess it's a bit late for that now. How does my shirt look?"

"Bro. I'm a dude." said Mika with extreme frustration. "What have you been smoking? If you need stupid advice, go ask Kurdina. Heh, don't ya love how his name sounds femimine even without a cliche suffix on the end?"

But Arrow was already gone off to ask Kurda whether it would be innapropriate to put on a tie. However, Darren suddenly came screeching into the room;


"RONNIIIE AND KADEEEY!" Kurda screamed in delight.

"Charna's everything." Larten grumbled under his breath. "Did they mention how long they're staying?"

"Oh Jeezus." Darren gulped. "This is it."

"Time to bring out the A-game, Buddy!" Arrow hissed into his ear as he ran by.

Darren squeaked something indecipherable.

And the 8 creatures of the night crashed through the front door to see a beautiful snowy landscape before them, the wild mountain scenery coated with a recent snowfall, perfectly untouched...except for the tire tracks that had come rolling right up to the Mountain which ended with a gleaming pink Chevrolet Silverado 2500 . The Gang tackled the truck delightedly (Darren and Arrow in the lead) before realizing there was no one in it.

"So then how'd the truck get here?" Kurda gasped in alarm.

"Ronnnnnniiiie?" Darren called hopefully.

Arrow cupped both hands around his mouth and bellowed, "KAAAAAAADE?"

"Let us go back inside, maybe the truck is just a hallucination." said Larten hopefully.

In response, a massive snowball nailed him in the side of his head.

"SUURRRRRPRIZZZEEE!" came a set of shrill girlish vocals.

And none other than Veronica and Kayden simply appeared out of nowhere, charmed and dangerous with stacks of snowballs primed for throwing.

Much to Arrow and Darren's masked dismay, Kurda pulled them both into a group hug before they could get to them.

"Omg Ronnie, you have to tell me where you got your booties! Those little heels are to DIE for! And Kadey darling, WHAT did you spray in your hair? You smell like a million fruits!"

Mika didn't bother to supress a spasm of disgusted laughter.

"Hey sweetie." said Ronnie merrily, kissing Kurda on the cheek. Kade did the same, and quickly slapped a sticker on his back that said HO HO HO! (At this point, Mika fell to the ground laughing)

"I got them at H&M!" Ronnie gushed happily. "We should take you sometime!"

Kurda looked as though that was beyond his wildest dreams.

"And my hair naturally smells like this." Kade added haughtily. "Ha, just kidding. I loaded it up with Aussie Sprunch."

"...A million fruits..." Mika -lying in the snow- choked out. The hilarity was just too much for him. Eventually, Ronnie and Kade moved onwards from Kurda's relentless style comments, and went down the line hugging Paris, Larten, Seba, Harkat (they also picked him up and swung him around) and finally they arrived at...

"Hey Kade-" Arrow gulped. It was obvious he'd narrowly missed calling her Kadey. That was a Girls-Only deal. (Naturally Kurda was included).

"Hiii, Arrow." Kade sighed in a tone of obviously fake casualness. She reached up and locked her arms around his neck, holding hug for a bit longer than the others. He returned the gesture with enthusiasm that made her grin.


"Ronnie.." Darren choked out, looking awestruck.

"Darren!" she gasped, mimicking his tone. Then her face cracked into a flawless smile and she pulled him into the closest hug that Vampire Mountain had ever seen.

She traced the muscles on his back and moved her lips in close to his ear...

"Merry Christmas, Dare-Bear."

Damn, he'd missed her so much.

"Mmmm, merry-"

Wait, what?OH SHIT!

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