Hey guys Scorpionking12 here with good news I am a dad now so yeah I am happy My wife Alexis gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Catherine and we are very happy parents

anyway on with the new story it's a old idea with a new take anyway lets get this party started

Naruto was running through the forest after knocking the Hokage out with his sexy jutsu and stealing the Forbidden scroll of seals for a "Special test" that was given to him by his sensei Mizuki. Naruto was thinking of learning a technique for his so called test or at least he thinks its a test since he is very gullible since he thinks he will pass but what was about to happen

would shake the elemental nations and across the veil as well for Naruto was going to become something not seen in many many millenniums he would unlock something so powerful that he would make Kyubbi look like a Kitten in comparison lets see what he unlocks.

Naruto had sat down near the abandoned shed or what he was told was the abandoned shed he was reading through the scroll trying to find a good jutsu he saw the Shadow clones and went passed them thinking that he could not do regular clones so he most likely could not do these he kept reading going passed Shark summons Bear summons and even Spider summons until he got to something called Saiyan's blood he thought it would be some type of weapon (remember he is extremely stupid right now since he was sabotaged in the academy so don't get

mad it will be fixed soon" Naruto cut his thumb and rubbed it over the seal and out popped spritual figures of five very different people the first person was a somewhat goofy serious looking man with black hair that had spikes going in every direction wearing an orange training Gi the second person was the shortest of them all he had an annoyed look on him his hair was spiky and ended at the top in a point like a trolls hair would he wore a Maroon tank top and black jeans with sneakers and fingerless gloves ( first two are Goku from dbz and Vegeta from DBGT)

the next was the tallest and considered a giant among the others he had long Bluish hair and what looked like a tiara but it was a crown of some sort and a contraption that went on his chest with what looked like a jewel inside he wore white pants with a red sash and genie like shoes. the last two looked somewhat like the first two but different the first had an orange

vest on and white pants he had a hair style like the first two combined but looking more like the first ones and hte second one had something that was blue and had earrings in his ears he also wore white gloves and white boots his hair was also a mix of the first twos and it was leaning towards looking more like the seconds hair style.

These five people suddenly flew into naruto's body and he blacked out and was drawn into his mindscape where these five men were standing in front of a cage with a piece of paper with the kanji for seal on it and a big ass fox behind it who was looking at the men with what looked like fear in its eyes realizing that they were by far more powerful than his father the Juubi no okami.

"What are you five doing back in the living realm or I mean in my jails seal you are supposed to be dead after the battle with Gornack the world destroyer you Gogeta and Vegito used an attack that was a one use only and killed yourselves in a kamikaze attack and Goku you and Vegeta died several years later Killing this monster in front of you Broly you were killed by these two in your final battle that killed everyone on the original earth but then this was created and chakra was born so how are you back"

Kyubbi said scared shitless that men who could tear the earth a new asshole were back in the living well inside the seal with him and Naruto who he had started to see as a little brother even though Naruto and him had never met before Kyuubi was not all evil he was a very nice Bijuu but people hate what they do not understand and they pegged him and the others as monsters when only Shukkaku was a monster since she was bat shit crazy with a side order of Ape shit loco as well.

"Kyubbi do not be scared we are here to turn him into a saiyan and teach him all of our techniques and you know that our fusion selves were given to us by shenron for one battle only to save the earth which they did help in but it also made them their own persons as well as if we wanted we could still fuse to become them understand" said Vegeta in his I am the most awesome person to ever live voice.

"Kakorat I will kill you" guess who said this. "No you won't Broly because you know that training this boy takes more attention than you having your revenge and I still don't know why you want me dead in the first place and also might I point out you and me are already dead so you can't kill me anyways".

"I still will kill you but later right now we need to train the new Saiyan prince since he is from all of our bloodlines some how probably shenrons doing again but still we will take him and train him for a month which if Kami's lookout is still around would be like hundreds of years but would be the same age since they fixed that glitch that happened he would just grow taller and more muscular and stuff."

"we should also teach him our signature attacks as well as some of our friends attacks before they perished to carry on their legacy as well as ours".

They then turned to Naruto and told him that they were Saiyans and that he would become one of them but have their combined traits like Gokus will to win Vegetas smarts Brolys brute strength Gogetas swiftness since he was the fastest throughout their living days and still was if the fastest person they had since then was some guy by the name of Minato Namikaze and finally he would have Vegito's high ki levels. they told Naruto to tell the hokage that he would be leaving for the month to train and be back on the day of the team selections but first he had to deal with the person who was about to throw a giant Shuriken at him.

Outside the seal Mizuki had injured iruka and was now Advancing on killing the "Demon brat" but then a cocoon of what looked like bright gold energy surrounded Naruto and when it died down Naruto was taller more muscular had a Monkey tail? and he also wore a vest that was black in color his hair had turned a light shade of Blue for some reason and gotten longer and more spiky he was wearing white baggy pants and a Green sash and his boots were golden in color but they were steel toed all in all Naruto looked bad ass.

"Well well looks like the demon finally showed his true colors I am going to enjoy killing you and taking your body to the council and being seen as a hero" said the delusional mizuki who did not even see naruto move his hands and what looked like stars come out of his hands until he heard the words "Stardust breaker" after that was said Mizuki was Litterally torn up by the attack Iruka who had just woken up saw the attack and stared Slack jawed with his mouth eating dirt at how powerful that attack was.

"hey Naruto come here I got something for you" Naruto complied and went over to his sensei "Close your eyes" he did and then he felt something on his forehead he opened them and felt up at his head and felt that he had his Senseis head band "welcome to the Ninja forces Naruto". Iruka said before passing out again with Naruto taking him to the hospital.

Well thats the end for now tell me what you think and the girls in this harem are going to be Tenten Fem. haku maybe Hana inuzuka and one last girl that is up to you guys but no Sakura milfs or tsunade since I have plans for her to be with Jiraiya later anyway ja ne for now