Week #41: Fame

The delicate trill of her own laughter seemed to echo in the empty spaces of her dressing room, the notes crumbling as she sagged against the closed door.

"Fame brings its own pains, does it not, my lady?"

Relief tempered the sting of tears as she looked toward the friendly face in her vanity mirror. "Oh, Didymus, I don't know what to do. I feel so alone."

"Can you think of no other shackled by his fame?"

She smiled slightly. "Infamy."

"Perhaps, my lady, but just the same..."

Her eyes drifted to the tattered red book.

Just the same.



Author's Note:

Hi there. Has it really been 6 months? Where does the time go? This was a wee warm-up exercise for what I hope will be actual writing in the near future. The writing situation has felt dire for quite a while, but I've felt a little differently in the last week or so – a little sunshine after a really long winter. Hope you all are doing well. :)

Disclaimer: Labyrinth (c) Henson & Co; Fame (c) David Bowie