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Naruto didn't hate a lot of things. Those few things usually didn't get in the way of his day to day life. Except for this time of year. The evil white layer that covered every corner of the city was the most despicable thing Naruto had ever seen. December 20, 5 days till Christmas, maybe this was his punishment for not doing shopping sooner.

He pulled his orange coat closer around himself, and rubbed his bare hands together.

There was nothing appealing about snow. When it first fell in thin sheets it would mix with the dirt and grime on the ground creating this yucky light brown substance everywhere. After that it just got worse. It piled on top of the previous night until people had to shovel their way out of their own homes.

The temperature dropped significantly too, and that was perhaps the worst thing. Living in a heater-less apartment made Naruto's life near miserable.

He strolled down the plowed sidewalks, searching for warmth by sticking his hands in the pants' pockets.

It got dark early on, and the streetlamps had already flickered on, even though most of the shops had not closed yet. The area was near vacant beside from the occasional worker leaning outside of their shop smoking a cigarette. Most people were at home with their loved one at a time/weather like tonight. Naruto felt a pang in his chest at that thought.

No, No, it was a mutual decision…just friends is fine. He looked up at the dark gray sky, a pellet of snow landed on his nose. He groaned and wiped his sleeves across his face.

This wasn't a bad part of the city. Naruto knew the bad parts of the city, and this certainly wasn't one of them. So he was more than surprised to hear a shrill voice filled with desperation, crying from a near-by alleyway.

"S-Somebody! Somebody help!"

Naruto was no super-hero. There were no events in his life that required heroic action. But still, on a foreign instinct he sprinted towards the alley. Naruto was a man of impulse, and thinking this through would've been an exceptional idea, oh well.

A young woman, dressed in a warm hooded sweatshirt and purple pants with a short black apron tied around her waist stared at Naruto through blue-violet bangs with frantic eyes.

"I-I heard sh-shouting from the alley!" She pointed. Naruto spotted a figure slumped against the outside dumpster. He approached the figure. He appeared to be near Naruto's age. His eye was swollen and bruised as well as his jaw. His navy shirt was ripped open and the slash wound on his abdomen was bleeding freely, dripping down his legs and turning the snow around him into a pool of bright red.

"H-He asked me n-not to take him to the hospital."

He put down his shopping bag, and waved his hand in front of the barely conscious man's face.

"Hey! Mister, we got to take you to the hospital!" Naruto enunciated every word, making sure he heard him.

The man's eyes flickered open, and his voice cracked as he murmured, "No, no hospital…"

Naruto sighed, and did probably the most idiotic thing that had in a long (next to running into the alley) long time. He bent down and attempted to lift the man up. He whined at the weight, but managed to heave him onto of his back. He was a bit larger than Naruto, and he had to use one hand to keep him prop upped.

Somehow he managed to waddle back to his apartment.

Sasuke woke up in the freezing cold. He jolted upwards when he took notice of the unfamiliar surroundings. That, and a blonde stranger seated on his lap, touching his nude stomach with his icy hands. The enigma resolved itself when Sasuke noticed the gauze being wrapped around him.

He coughed, and his obscure onyx eyes met ones the color depicting a violent storm on an island clearing away to reveal blue sky signaling that all the troubles had ended.

He cringed at the stinging pain everywhere, especially on his right eye. The soothing cream that had been spread over the wound on his stomach was helping. Thin fingers trying to finish their job reached behind Sasuke's back to no avail.

Sasuke was rational. He was not a man of impulse, and handled situations with careful planning, and calm concentration. So he should be a little more disturbed by the situation? But when every muscle in his body ached, and there was someone already tending his wounds for him…Sasuke didn't think he needed to react in an opposing way.

When the blonde boy removed his hands from his back, Sasuke sat up, and let the light-weight other fall backwards onto Sasuke's legs.

He winced, "Where am I?"

The boy slid off the bed, so he was standing on the floor.

"You are in the Uzamaki household. Well, currently in the bed of the Uzamaki household." He gestured to the covers that folded over half of Sasuke's body.

He left the room; this gave Sasuke the opportunity to freak out over the situation. What the fuck is going on? How the fuck did I get here? He attempted to move a little more, only to be greeted by objecting pain.

With one leg dangling off the bed from his failed escape, he took the opportunity to look around while gently shifting himself back onto the bed. He was in the bedroom, he assumed. The floors were made of cheap wood, and a rumpled rug lay in front of the bed. Hanging on the walls were pictures of miscellaneous things. A large ivory poster of an ink outline of a leaf-life shape hung on the far wall. There were photographs, one of him sitting with a man that had a large scar across his face. The next was of a large group people, including him and a strangely hair-colored girl teasingly pulling him into a head lock.

Looks like he is quite the guy. On cue, the boy came trotting back in carrying a bowl of noodles with steam radiating off of the top.

It was the first good look Sasuke got of his host. He was wearing orange low-riding pants that showed a fraction of skin. His black long sleeved shirt was skin tight, and showed off his toned muscles. He had to admit, he was not exactly an unattractive. The blonde spiked hair and the tan skin helped out too.

"Here," He shoved the bowl into Sasuke's hands, and placed the chopsticks next to him. He sat down crossed legged against the far wall, before he said, "So, who are you, and why were you bleeding?"

"Now look who it is…" Sasuke heard a mocking voice behind him. He scowled at the sight. Two men dressed in patched clothing, and brim hats that covered most of their faces from view.

Sasuke stopped in his tracks when they approached him, "Got a problem?"

Maybe he should've called the police, or bolted out of there as soon as he had a chance. But he was an Uchiha, and an Uchiha never backs down.

The passerbys of the alley way had ceased so no one would witness the scene. They had good timing if anything. The first punch was dodged by Sasuke, and the second delivered by him to one of the man's stomach. While he was hunched over, the other nailed Sasuke on the right side of his face. They had strength for sure, and Sasuke could feel himself losing his vision from the instantaneous swelling on that side. He slid his leg under one and they fell to the snow, the other he kneed.

The blows were even and he was holding his ground. That was until one pulled out a switch blade, and snagged it across Sasuke's stomach. He clutched the wound and when he pulled away his hands they were soaked with red liquid.

One of them pushed Sasuke back. He felt so suddenly dizzy that he collapsed on the dumpster against the wall.

They snickered while they left, "Burn in hell faggot."

Sasuke snapped out of his memory when a finger gently poked him. Sasuke looked up, and brushed the hand aside.

"What's it to you?" Despite his skepticism, his stomach was knotting itself together with hunger, so he twirled the noodles and took a bite. It's not like they'd go that far to poison me, they'd rather beat the hell out of me. He chocked as soon as the substance touched his tongue. He spurted and nearly coughed it up all together.

He grimaced, "What is this?"

The boy looked offended, and scoffed at his comment. "It's ramen! It cures any wounds! Even the soul!" He cried indignantly.

No he had not been poisoned, but he had just ingested a substance with more calories than he usually had in a day. He looked down on it with disgust, and scooted it aside.

When a silence reigned over the conversation and the blonde boy got the hint that Sasuke was not going to respond, he said. "Hey, I heaved you up here from downtown, then spent some serious money on medical supplies, then wrapped you up, and let your bloody bruised self lay in my bed. I think I deserve to know who the hell you are."

Sasuke wasn't some pretentious pretty (well not at the moment) boy, but he had never been spoken to in such a tone. It was an unafraid voice that didn't seem to care who it was talking to, just expressing his opinions. Sasuke snorted, and almost didn't mind telling who he was, interested to see his reaction.

"I'm Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha."

The expression remained the same on the boy's face as it was before. A mixture of anger and impatience, but now a flicker of confusion added to it.

"I'm Naruto Uzamaki." The honest confusion was there again, "That name…sounds really familiar."

Sasuke didn't know whether he felt relived or insulted that someone didn't recognize his name. Maybe the whole ordeal was finally dying down, and his name had left the papers. Or this guy lived under a rock, considering the temperature it may be more than a metaphor.

"Ah yeah they were talking about you on the news the other day…" He said almost to himself.

It had all been building up. It truly wasn't Naruto's fault, he was just the last little straw. To know they've been talking about him on the news too? Was his name just every where? The looks people gave him on the streets, the whispers when he walked by. The humiliation of it all! Not to mention getting attacked in alleys, and having to beg homophobic clients to continue to invest. He didn't care about things, but now he had to look like he didn't care. Now he had to act! It was fucking ridiculous!

"Oh so you know then?" His chuckle held no amusement, only exasperation. "Are you going kick me out of your house? Call me a fucking fag, and let me rot outside? I'll leave now, and keep my dignity." He motioned to move, trying to overcome the pain, but when he glanced at Naruto he stopped.

He looked blankly at Sasuke, and without quivering spoke, "No."

Sasuke must have let the look of surprise slip onto his face, because Naruto shrugged and continued.

"I don't care about your sexuality." He grabbed the bowl, and looked at it distastefully, "I think you've been a bastard for not eating my ramen, but I'm not going to kick an injured person out of my house just because he's a bastard or gay." He smiled. It was cheesy, and overdramatic, "I don't think it's really anyone's fucking business but yours."

He left him yet again for the kitchen. When Sasuke heard the water running, he wobbled out of bed. The rest of the apartment seemed no different than the bedroom. It was the same sheik style, with cheap furniture. A microwave, a sink, a small fridge, and a one person folding table with a single chair, filled the kitchen. Then there was a blue sofa and a small boxy television on a stand. The room looked barren.

Sasuke's footsteps were heavy with his limping. Naruto's head spun around and Sasuke leaned against a side of the door's threshold.

He looked incredulously, "Stay! After all that work of getting you here, I'm not going to let you die!"

Sasuke didn't know whether to say something rude and insulting in retort of being ordered like a dog, or just let it slide. He ended up doing the latter. Though obnoxious, the tone in his voice was almost comforting. What a moron.

Naruto turned back on the water and washed the excess dishes paying little attention to Sasuke as he focused on his task. Sasuke made it over to the chair and propped himself against it.

"So, you did all this," He gestured to his wrapped wounds, "for a total stranger."

Naruto didn't turn away from his job, "Yes."

Sasuke had to admit, he was a little…stunned by this person. His attitude was unique, and what he did, the way he acted, was different than anything Sasuke had seen before. From the defiance in his eyes to the caring hands helping an unknown person, it was hypocritical, controversial, bizarre, and…something Sasuke wasn't sure if he wanted to let go of yet.


Naruto turned away from the sink at the word. In the action, water had splashed onto his shirt, and soap covered his hands. Those magnificent eyes narrowed at Sasuke.

"Excuse me?" He shut off the water, focusing his full glare onto the other man.

For the first time in a long time, Sasuke felt unmistakably…lighter. It was as if an ounce of stress and pressure had been lifted from him. All of his pygmy worries that had been piling up, along with the colossal ones that had increased in number recently, seemed to disappear. He was distracted by the moment, as he planned to tease the stupid blonde. Usually he had to lie, but for some reason the truth had just slipped out.

He shrugged and pushed off of the chair; though he was standing lop-sided Sasuke was still only an inch or two taller.

"Well, you said that you wouldn't kick me out if I was a bastard, so I think I can speak honestly." He stumbled a little closer.

Naruto had the most priceless look on his face. His mouth was agape, his eyes wide, and his cheeks flushed. Wait…his cheeks…what's that..? Sasuke had been preoccupied with the pain, and looking at the
Naruto's body to really notice the finer details. He was not only about a foot away and from this distance he could see the marks clearly. Hn. I wonder how he got them.

There were three thin scars on each cheek. The way they were etched across his face resembled a fox or cat, feline of some sort. Sasuke wasn't aware that he had been ogling until the peeved voice rose in volume.

"Jerk! What are you staring at?" Naruto moved closer trying to capture more of Sasuke attention.

Sasuke smirked, "Nothing, moron. You said you'd never kick me out, even if I was a bastard right?" Standing up for this long began to cause a dull ache in his side, and he winced as his injuries screamed at him to sit down. He placed his hand over it in attempt to smother the pain. He would not be the first to back down from this heat.

"Tch. Whatever, but as soon as you can walk properly I better never see your ass again." Considering all the things that Naruto had said before, the statement shouldn't have affected Sasuke so much.

Before Sasuke could think of any reply, he noticed the window or rather what was not outside. It was pitch-black; there wasn't even a sign of dawning light. What time is it? Shit, what day is it?

Then, right on time everything became dark. The lights that illuminated the apartment flicked off. Naruto started cussing immediately.

"Shit! I knew it was too good, to have both heat and light! I knew it couldn't last!" He mumbled, and then let out an irritated sigh, "I better go find the fucking flash lights…"

Naruto probably forgot where Sasuke was standing. He was flustered and frazzled from the current turn of events, so he most likely didn't plan it. Later on, Sasuke pretended to think he did it on purpose so he could get a moment to touch Sasuke's body.

That was probably just fiction, but hell, one could imagine.

Naruto crashed into Sasuke. Due to his condition Sasuke was unstable and slipped backwards onto the floor. Any other person would be crying with the sudden pain, but he had a high tolerance…and the situation diverted his attention.

Naruto was on top of him. The thin fabric of his shirt brushing against Sasuke's chest, their breath mingled with each others. It was a clumsy fall; they both had landed strangely sideways. Naruto's knee had wedged itself between Sasuke's legs. While Naruto was trying to recover what exactly what happened, Sasuke was trying to escape. He didn't realize that the up and down motions of his shifting away would cause his thigh to rub against a certain area of Naruto's anatomy. He didn't know what it was until it began to increase in size. Just as he figured it out, Naruto sprang up off of him. He frantically apologized, and awkwardly stalked away without giving Sasuke a hand up.

Twenty minutes later, Naruto had successfully lit the house with all of the candles he owned. He had found one flashlight with one dead battery so it had to be hit several times for the light to return. He had sent Sasuke into his room to search for a suitable shirt to wear, now that the heater had clicked off as well.

That was his first mistake.

See Naruto thought he was safe. The pain medication he had given Sasuke earlier (he wasn't exactly sure if it was the appropriate assigned amount for his injury, but maybe it'd cheer him up) should be kicking in, so he wouldn't be in such an awful mood. Plus by the lack of sunlight he should be getting tired by now. So there was next to no chance that Sasuke would poke around through his stuff while looking for clothing. Naruto didn't think he was that kind of person either.

Apparently, he was wrong. He just didn't know how wrong until about ten minutes after he sent him in.

Sasuke appeared out of the room wearing one of his shirts. The sleeves were too short and it was a little tight around his shoulders. His build was broader, and Naruto was surprised he had managed to squeeze it on. Naruto came over to comment on it, but before he could get that close he noticed the picture in Sasuke's hand.

It was of a few weeks ago, on a rare sunny day of this season. They were at the park with a few other friends. One of them had mentioned what they were going to do for their Christmas card, if they were going to put a picture of them together or anything. The issue came up that they had nothing. So Ino flipped out her camera, and offered.

They were seated on a bench; Sai had his arm wrapped around Naruto's waist, and right before she snapped the picture Sai pulled him in for an unexpected quick kiss.

Naruto looked so carefree. Both of them did, they looked so happy, and so in love.

Naruto hoped that the faulty lights would hide the tears streaming down his face. Then he just had to make these little animal-choking-sobbing noises that he would surely notice. Naruto brought his hands to cover his mouth and his nose spurting snot.

Sasuke wasn't doing anything. He was just standing there, and Naruto was frozen in place crying his tear-ducts out.

In a speed that Naruto thought was impossibly fast for someone in Sasuke's state of being, he had Naruto pressed against him in a tight hug.

Naruto was soaking the clean shirt, and didn't understand what was happening until a cold set of lips pressed against his own.

With the lack of heat in the room both of their bodies were like ice. But as they rubbed against each other…the ice began to melt.


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