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Naruto did not verbally consent Sasuke. No he never said "Gosh I love you Sasuke please make love to me." Why? It is because their relationship is not functional. This is not some lovey-dovey pair that shares their affections for each other before having sex. In both the manga/anime Naruto and Sasuke's characters are not compatible enough to have that sort of relationship. Sasuke is a bastard. But this is still not rape. Naruto psychically consented it. If you noticed he did contribute not more than Sasuke, because how I also stated Naruto has not done 'it' in a while. Sasuke is an injured man that Naruto (if you've followed the anime/manga you should be aware of this) could easily stop if he made any advances he didn't approve of, as he did do in some scenes. He allowed Sasuke to continue. There are also subtle hints scattered throughout the story about Naruto's growing affections and psychical attraction to Sasuke.

He is also too proud of a man to admit he belongs with Sasuke. Their pride contributes to a lot to their dysfunctional relationship. Naruto is too strong of a man to be saying "Sasuke! I love you so much please make love to me!" No. As I said before this is not some couple that uses their words before their bodies. For two men such like them, before words get involved there is going to be sex.

If you do not believe me, please by all means, re-read. You will notice that Naruto did allow their relationship to happen, and if he didn't want it he could have kicked Sasuke's wounded ass.

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"Nngh Sasuke, move." Naruto tried to wiggle away from Sasuke iron steel grasp. His strong pale arms had clutched onto Naruto's waist at some point and prevented all hopes of escape.

He looked at the clock on the bedside stand. The glowing electric blue numbers read 12:45 P.M. It was already that late? He had to go; this had all gone too far. He was sure that his phone had been ringing incessantly as soon as he had been dragged away from the party.

Shit the party! It wasn't too late; he could still return and clear whatever misunderstandings had arisen. He freed himself, but took half of the sheets that had wound around his foot with him. He fell hard against the cold wooden penthouse floor. Sasuke wasn't that deep of a sleeper.

Sure enough, before Naruto could even scramble out of the room, the (most likely unhappy) other man was up, and on his way.

Naruto was caught. The fleeting voice that spoke up right before this started saying that there was 'no turning back now' was back laughing at the predicament.

A growl came from behind him as Naruto reached for the door handle.

_ _Ten Hours Earlier_

"What the hell Sasuke?" Naruto yelled, and pushed the other man off of him with an enormous amount of force. Sasuke had gotten as far as removing the blonde's loose shirt. As soon as the cold air hit his bare chest; Naruto had snapped out of his trance.

The heat from their bodies being pressed against each other evaporated as Sasuke fell to the ground. Naruto snatched his shirt back and threw it on sloppily accidently leaving a small fraction of his stomach exposed. Naruto wiped the last few strangling tears from his face, before looking incredulously down at Sasuke.

It was an awkward moment. Both of their obvious erections had become noticeable during their actions. Neither of them was directing their gazes at the lower anatomy, instead their eyes were locked in an intimate stare. Naruto was the first to look away, and turned around the other way.

His voice possessed an almost animalistic snarl, "You are such a bastard! Besides going through my stuff you decide to do things to me without a reason!" Kicking him out of the apartment was on the tip of his tongue, but the nagging reminder of his promise held it back.

"Hn. I was comforting you." Sasuke had moved shakily up from the ground. His stance was wobbly, and took away from his smug expression. Naruto didn't notice his step falter when he tried to move closer.

He continued ranting, unaware at the momentary pained expression on Sasuke face from the sudden movement. Even without seeing the expression, Naruto still wouldn't hit a man in Sasuke's state. Still though, he did have half a mind to it was too bad he knew it wouldn't be right.

His face was the picture of confusion as he asked, "Why would you do something like that! I barely know you!"

When Sasuke tried to loop an arm around Naruto's waist; he squirmed free, and shouted, "No! No! I can't do this! It's too soon! Asshole get off of me!"

Naruto snapped awake with the sound of his cell phone alarm buzzing. He heard the soft footsteps of his guest moving towards the kitchen. Two days ago, he had been given a key to Sasuke's apartment in order to pick up a few essential items for his extended stay at Naruto's.

He was expecting it to be extravagant, seeing how Sasuke was well-off with his position as vice president of the largest and most successful hospital chain in the northern part of the country. But it was amazing. The front room was already bigger than Naruto's bedroom and kitchen combined. It contained a leather couch and a platinum screen television hanging on the opposing wall. There were other little items, indoor plants, a shining coffee table, and a large sound system.

Naruto was only sent for clothing and his laptop.

His clothes fit him so much better than mine did. The black pajama pants hung off him nicely and did not strain the waist band like Naruto's had, and the blue shirt draped over him just enough to hint at a broad back and a developed abdomen.

Four days Sasuke had been living here. Four days. Naruto vaguely wondered if his injuries really did still hurt. Sure, Naruto thought about kicking him out calling him a freeloader and forcing him to leave. But that little nagging voice in the back of his mind reminded him of that promise he had made the first day.

Also a small, minuscule, microscopic part of him didn't want Sasuke to leave.

It was idiotic, even for Naruto, he knew it was stupid.

The situation had become confusing, annoying, and all together just a pain in the ass. Sasuke was fickle, one moment he would be rude and sarcastic, and then in another he'd be saying things like he had during that incident!

"No! No! I can't do this! Asshole get off of me!"

Sasuke gripped his chin so hard, it was almost painful. It caused Naruto to fling his head upwards, creating the connection that was there just a couple minutes ago.

Blood rushed downwards at the action and the red flush that appeared on Naruto's face only heightened Sasuke's arousal as well. They were only centimeters apart and the body heat between them increased second by second.

"Listen idiot. I don't fucking care what happened before. I don't care about who this bastard is." He held up the photo to gesture at it. "I care about right now, and you."

He ran his thumb over Naruto's fresh tears and traced the scars on his cheeks, "So stop crying stupid"

Sasuke cursed as the stove hissed at him again.

He wasn't any chef. He didn't even cook for himself, mostly ordered room service or take-out. But if he had to swallow one more bite of ramen he swore to God he was going to die right then and there from high cholesterol. He was shocked Naruto could still be in such good shape, seeing as how he pretty much ate nothing else than the noodles.

He pinched the area between the bridge of his nose and corner of eyes. Sighing deeply he took a moment to recall on the previous events.

Sasuke had always been good at wooing girls. Wait, take that back, he was excellent at wooing girls. Just an arch of an eyebrow or a quick suggestive look would send them into a tizzy. There had to be barely any conversation, and they would agree to pretty much anything without knowing his name.

Maybe that's why he had lost interest. During his senior year in high school he was confessed to by a lower class man. Sasuke never objected, and in fact he became the more aggressive one in the relationship. They continued in secret, and their break-up did not have anything to do with their sexual tendencies.

After that, he continued to be able to keep his relationships with other men away from the public, throughout college and into the beginning of his business career. He came off aloof to girls, but they never doubted his orientation.

Until one day at an important press conference. His ex-lover in a jealous rage had fought through the limited security at the booths and planted a deep kiss that went on long enough for the cameras to get pictures to cause a stir on the headlines. It just sped downhill from there.

The onslaught of cruel words and now attacks on the company and his well-being were rapidly accumulating. They built up until Sasuke became overwhelmed. That was one of the reasons why he wanted to continue staying with Naruto.

It was an oasis; no press was swarming around him, and no investors questioning him constantly.

Then there was another part. Naruto was a puzzle, and one that Sasuke was eager to unlock. There were so many hidden things that hadn't been uncovered yet. After yesterday he couldn't just leave. Not when there was something more that had been created. They were no longer only strangers.

They were strangers who had kissed, moaned, and touched each other in a way that strangers shouldn't. Sasuke had had a lot of one night stands, and he wasn't proud of it. But this one, this time, he wasn't going to walk away.

In short, Naruto was intriguing. He never backed down from any of Sasuke's crude remarks. Nobody had spoken in such a manner to Sasuke before, and it provoked a challenge. Not only was it that, but the fact that Naruto had helped someone that he had not known was interesting.

"Shit! Shit shit shit!" He heard a cry from the bedroom, and the slamming of a dresser. He didn't panic, over these days he acknowledged that Naruto tended to slip, bang, and cause a ruckus. He calmly shut off the stove, and wobbled into the bedroom.

Naruto was inside the closet, seemingly trying to get as far back as possible. The action caused his back to arch in such a wanton matter that his ass ended up high in the air. His knees caught on the material of his pants and dragged them down slightly revealing the hem of his vibrant orange boxers.

Sasuke tried not to ogle too much.

It didn't work.

Naruto sensed his stare and while backing out banged his head yet again on the bottom of the dresser.

"Sasuke! Did you see two bags and one box?" He slid to his knees relaxing a little but his eyes continued to dart around the room searching.

"No." He spoke plopping down on the bed, amused by a frazzled Naruto.

It was like he didn't even hear him, and continued to talk (to himself), "Damn it! Where are they? Don't tell me…" He stood up and pulled a pair of jean pants and a long sleeved shirt out onto the ground. Too lost in his own thoughts; Sasuke assumed Naruto forgot he was there entirely. He began to lift his shirt over his head. Sasuke caught a glimpse of the tan skin before Naruto noticed his lewd observation.

He embarrassingly shoved it back downwards. Sasuke came forwards the familiar glint of trouble shone in his eyes.

"What?" Sasuke fingered the hem line of the shirt, before sliding his hands under caressing the warm skin. It was still a new experience still and he wasn't used to being touched by Sasuke in such a way. He pushed his hands aside; his entire face red.

"I have to go!" He threw on the pants over his pajamas, avoiding changing them with Sasuke in the room, and zipped up his coat at the door.

"Where?" Sasuke asked curiously leaning against the wall juxtaposed to the front door. For such an 'injured' man, that was sure a speedy reaction. Naruto's hair was still mussed up from the early morning wake up. He chewed on his bottom lip, and pulled on the other black high top shoe.

"I left the presents I bought for the party today in that alley…or at least I'm pretty sure. I'm going to go look at that store nearby." He reached for the door knob, but Sasuke grabbed his hand before it could open. His mouth formed into a thin serious line, and it caught Naruto's attention.

"I'm going." It was neither a request nor a question. It did leave room for arguing, but Naruto was too distracted and determined to.

Both Sasuke and Naruto realized right before they had to leave that Sasuke going out undisguised wasn't the best idea. The power had still been irregular, and almost immediately as the found a channel that was airing the current news on Sasuke's publicity level it would shut off. They had given up after about twelve tries.

They had found a cap that hid most of Sasuke's hair except for a few strands that stuck out of the space between the Velcro strap and the top. With a pair of gaudy sunglasses they were able to hide his unmistakable eyes and lastly a burnt orange scarf covered his neck and part of his chin. He put up a fight about wearing it, but in the end he gave in to Naruto's pleading pout.

They weren't given any peculiar looks on the street. Since Naruto's car had been out of commission for nearly two years now, they had to shove passed last minute shoppers. Nobody gave them a second glance when they were focusing on their destinations. Sasuke even though he had been nearly unconscious when Naruto found him; he was able to recall where the alley was before he had been attacked.

There was a restaurant next to it, where Naruto vaguely remembered a shy young waitress there. Much to Sasuke's distasted Naruto said 'The cute girl who found you in the first place'.

Sasuke just now remembered that he never quite asked Naruto what gender he was interested in. Oh well. Too late now.

It was a family owned place. It was one of the many restaurants that were open on Christmas Eve, but as the others they were closing early. Naruto was sweating the time; it was becoming too late to go shopping if he couldn't find what he needed.

The place was fairly busy. A small sushi restaurant though not large or extravagant; it seemed to be doing satisfactory and was well-known.

A girl came up to them smiling and before she could ask for their seating arrangements; she recognized Naruto. As suspected it was the familiar face.

Upon seeing the two, a blush spread across her face, "Ah! Your-r the man from the alley!" She paid no mind to Sasuke as she could not distinguish who he was. She tucked a piece of her long violet hair behind one ear.

Naruto grinned and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, "Yeah that's me. You can just call me Naruto though."

Her blush deepened and she fiddled with the edge of her apron bashfully. Sasuke rolled his sunglass covered eyes. Wow aren't you the charmer Naruto?

"I-I'm Hinata." The crowd of people started to build up behind them, and Sasuke knew this chat couldn't continue for long. She asked a boy with long hair to help the customers while she finished speaking to Naruto.

"So Hinata, I think that night I left a couple of bags in the alley. Did you see them?"

Her eyes widened as she remembered, and quickly she buzzed to the back of the shop, beckoning Naruto to follow them as she did. Sasuke looked out the window as he was pulled behind. The snow was piling up, and the amount of people on the street was thinning out as they sensed a storm approaching.

It would probably be really cold outside tonight.

He didn't pay attention to their idle chatter as she handed him the two bags. Instead Sasuke decided to glare at every person at the restaurant as a disturbing feeling began to boil in his stomach. He peeked over and watched the two. They stood next to the sushi counter. Naruto laughed casually making the girl look downwards with a sheepish smile. He's never laughed in front of me like that, and I've been with him for more than she has.

Whatever. She would have to get back to work soon, and then they'd never see each other again. She was just some trivial person. Sasuke grasped his sleeve and began to tug him away.

Sasuke almost had him. Almost. He liked getting his way. That's how it had always been. Sure, sometimes he had to work for it, but in the end he always got it. The obstacles in his path were quickly annihilated. But with Naruto…the obstacles seemed to be multiplying.

Maybe it was this God forsaken restaurant, because that's where it technically all began to get complicated. Inside the apartment it was their world. Or at least that's how it felt to Sasuke. There were no outsiders invading into their newly created land. But now outside it was like almost immediately Naruto had been surrounded.

It made Sasuke aware that it wasn't just his world that Naruto belonged to. Yes, he was now aware, but accepting? Not so much.

So when a bright girl with shortly trimmed bubble-gum pink hair came bounding over; Sasuke was less than thrilled. She waved cheerily at Naruto who smiled widely and returned the gesture. The only thought running through Sasuke's mind was God damn how many girls does he know?

But as he eavesdropped on the conversation; he soon learned that she wasn't here for Naruto. She shoved a thin envelope into the waitress's hand.

"Naruto, you're coming tonight too right?"

He nervously looked down to the ground and shrugged his shoulders. Sasuke figured that this was a good time to rejoin. Mark his territory you know?

He wrapped his arm around Naruto's waist and pulled him tight against his chest. He got back his sense of pride with the astonished looks on both of their faces. Naruto didn't squirm either, whether because he was okay with it or he was dying from shock and embarrassment. Sasuke liked to think it was the prior.

"Oh uh your uhm friend can come too." She mumbled Sasuke's remarkable actions throwing her off guard. He was also pretty sure that Hinata had inwardly fainted because she was totally unresponsive.

Naruto elbowed him off, but Sasuke's grip was steel. Sasuke concluded that this disguise was a good thing after all. Normally, he wouldn't be able to do such a blatant thing in such a public place.

"Yeah we'll be there." He announced before purring into Naruto's ear, "Let's go home." Before Naruto could even begin to explain himself, Sasuke's was helping them make a fast exit.

"NO NO NO! Sasuke you are not going! I'm not even going!" Naruto yelled waving his arms wildly trying to get the point across. Sasuke narrowed his eyes. A mess of wrapping paper, bows, and tape was sprawled across the front room floor. The heat had clicked off about a half an hour ago, and with the frigid atmosphere Naruto was beginning to lose his will to argue.

But still, this was ridiculous! This bastard thought he could worm his way into Naruto's life! Naruto's currently screwed up, messy life! This was not going to happen. He had just convinced Sakura that he was doing better, that he was ready to see Sai and not end up getting into a brawl with him like last time. Now Sasuke had to go and mess that up. What would she think? Would she be happy that he appeared to be 'moving on' or concerned seeing how two weeks ago he was going to either start strangle him or sob when he saw his ex.

But she had no reason to think they had that relationship. After all, they hadn't done the deed yet. They had come close though, that one time.

Their pants echoed through the apartment. They kissed each other madly; tongues thrusting into each other's mouths. The air was sparse and they had yet to pull away.

They grinded their lower halves together, the thin fabric was too constricting and the friction was painful. Moans erupted from Naruto as Sasuke's hand lowered down, underneath his boxers. He began to pump Naruto's arousal at an uneven pace eliciting different intensities of sounds. Sasuke guided Naruto's own hand downwards also until it found Sasuke's erection. His touches were unsure and the little experience with another male was apparent.

His attempts to mimic Sasuke's were still very…exciting.

They were both edging closer and closer. The kisses became sloppier as the attention was transferred elsewhere. Loose saliva dribbled down Naruto's chin.

Sasuke rubbed his thumb over Naruto's head which pushed him over the edge and he squeezed Sasuke's in his bliss which brought him to his peak as well. Their orgasms were almost together, Naruto a little before. If it wasn't for them supporting each other as they stood; they both would have collapsed.

He taped the last package up, avoiding Sasuke's peering gaze. He knew Sasuke was going to pop the question. It was only a matter of time. They had been beating around the bush about the matter ever since the walk back from the restaurant.

"Will he be there?"

Naruto cringed and refrained himself from blurting out any sort of moronic response. The only way to get by that was to say nothing, just a nod of the head. He could feel Sasuke's eyes boring into his skull making it nearly impossible to organize the packages correctly so Naruto could deliver them tomorrow.

"Then take me with you," he said the suggestion nonchalantly as if it were a basic answer.

Was Sasuke saying that he should show him off? Or rather to just bring him to look like he had moved on? Had he even moved on?

There was a hint of a resemblance between the two. But Sai was always smiling. Mostly it was a phony devious one, but sometimes it was true. They both hid their emotions in different ways, but all the same they did have things in common.

Naruto had never thought about comparing Sasuke to Sai. Even while they were touching each other like he had before with Sai, Sasuke was the person he was focusing on.

"What? I can't do that! People will ask questions! What about you? Aren't you still trying to clear everything up?" He wailed back at him.

The devilish look on Sasuke's face was discouraging. Naruto's next argument point was bitten back as Sasuke moved closer. He always approached him in the same way. A predatory look in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth would curl up ever so slightly.

It gave off this 'I've got you now' kind of feeling, and honestly it scared the shit out of him. There was nowhere to back up. A large window was behind him, that Naruto wasn't too keen to lean against seeing how everything else in this building was sooo well made.

"I don't think anyone is going to know that I went to one little homely party with another man." His breath was hot on Naruto's cheek as he stopped at a teasingly close range.

Naruto was no girl, mind you. He was a strong and independent young man. He didn't like chick flicks, and he never had becoming all soft and gushy at handsome men.

But for a split second there, Naruto could hear only the sound of his heart beating against his chest. He knew that if in fact Sasuke had caught that one small swoon, no argument would win.

So instead he just muttered a defeated, "Ok".

That little voice in the back of his mind; the one that reminded him about his promise earlier had something new to say. If he brought Sasuke to that party, showed up with him on his arm like eye-candy, people would get an impression. And once they had it, there was no turning back.

Almost the minute they came in the door, Sakura came rushing over to them.

Her apartment was for sure nicer than Naruto's. There was plush carpet that covered most of the flooring, and the ceiling was high enough to allow a good sized tree to fit. There was a mess of decorations all over, and the smell of excessive baking was nauseating. People had yet to notice Sasuke. They were all in separate crowds each with a glass of liquid from the plastic table in the back of the room. It had a collection of wines and nicely arranged hors d'oeuvres on it which told Sasuke that this had been planned for quite a while now.

When she saw him with his posture just a little too close to Naruto's for the friend atmosphere, her smile showed a little confusion. She looked him up and down with what he couldn't tell was a contemplating look or disapproving frown.

She stuck out her thin hand for him to shake, "I'm Sakura. Say, have we met before?"

He returned the handshake and could almost feel Naruto's panic. "I was in the restaurant with Naruto." He had yet to give his name, because he was curious how Naruto was going to handle that matter. Was he going to allow people to be aware that the famous Sasuke Uchiha was on his arm presenting himself as a significant other?

Her pale pink eyebrows knitted together still unable to completely comprehend the conversation. "No, but in general you remind me of someone…"

Naruto interjected before Sasuke could speak up again, "H-He gets that all the time! Yup! Just one of those faces." He nervously pulled Sasuke away from the still, not entirely convinced Sakura. When he turned his head to make sure that she was no longer looking at them, he let out a sigh of relief.

"That was close! I knew she'd catch on…let's just hope Shika doesn't see you. He'd figure it out real quick." He muttered but suddenly he stopped tugging Sasuke through the crowds. His shorter stance stiffened, and Sasuke glanced down to see him staring ahead towards someone approaching him.

Sasuke traced his gaze and he felt the feeling from before return in full force. A young man came closer towards them. Sasuke knew instantly who it was; not because of the similarities to the photo, but by the way Naruto trembled next to him.

He walked with an aura of coy arrogance. When his eyes caught Sasuke's, he smiled in almost a demonic way. It was definitely an unkind look, despite for its outwards appearance.

"Naruto…good to see you again." He directed his attention to Sasuke refusing any sort of handshake; he held his hand up in a mock wave.

"I'm Sai." He didn't ask for Sasuke's name. Oddly, Sasuke was willing to give it. Though he wanted no part in being associated with this man, he still wanted Sai to know not just the face of Naruto's new lover, but the name as well. Burn it into his memory that he no longer possessed this man; Naruto was Sasuke's now.

While he was off thinking of this, Sai had scooted himself closer.

"Naruto when are you going to come back?" He pushed between Sasuke and him, and nuzzled Naruto's neck. "Hmm?"

The blonde shoved his head away in refusal. "No. Sai you cheated. It's over." The way Naruto puffed his chest out and raised his chin slowed Sasuke from interrupting. Though the feeling pooling inside of his stomach was insisting he do something, he understood what Naruto was doing.

Right now he was getting closure.

"We agreed that there was no going back. It was a mutual decision." There wasn't an ounce of doubt in his voice. But Sai was persistent, and grabbed Naruto's arm by the elbow.

Ok closure time over. Sasuke's fist connected with the sided of Sai's face seconds after he touched Naruto. His entire body tensed at the stinging pain from the abrupt movement. There would be no fight. By the time Sai had crashed against the floor. Sasuke was already on his way to the door holding Naruto by the hand.

They had traveled on the bus to Sakura's. Naruto was unhappy about it, and was sent into frenzy whenever someone looked at them for a little too long. Then while on the taxi, Naruto had assaulted the driver with interrogating questions to confirm he wasn't a reporter undercover.

It was admirable, in a sense.

He didn't stop for their coats, and the both shivered at the sudden chill. It was still snowing, and the temperature was dropping quickly. Fortunately, Sasuke managed to get a taxi instantly.

They warmth inside was enough to ease Naruto's chattering teeth. With that, he could speak again.

"Sasuke what? Where are we going?"

It wasn't a short drive, and Naruto surprisingly didn't question Sasuke too much after that. He tipped the driver an excessive amount and hustled Naruto out of the car.

It was hard to tell in the dark, but by the aristocratic shadow of the buildings, he was guessing this was Sasuke's place. The main lobby of the building was lit up and the bell-hop kindly greeted Sasuke, only to be rudely dismissed.

He shoved Naruto into the elevator, and slammed the button for the fourth floor. Then he pinned Naruto against the side opposite to the metal sliding doors. He devoured Naruto's mouth in a passionate kiss.

It was another one of those moments.

Sasuke's tongue plunged into Naruto's mouth slipping through his teeth easily. Naruto's own muscle came out to play lapping against the other's, as their chapped lips from the winter dry air rubbed together.

They forgot about a lot of things. Forgot about the security camera in the right corner, the music blaring through the speakers with a Christmas jingle, their sopping wet clothes soaking the carpeted ground below, and the fact that at any moment someone else could enter through those doors. They did hear the chiming signal that they had reached their floor.

Once inside the apartment, Sasuke didn't even bother turning on any lights. He had Naruto against the door before either of them could step into the house any farther.

He trailed kisses down Naruto's neck. The jerky motion of Sasuke rubbing his thigh up and down between his parted legs caused Naruto to be pushed vertically in an unstable way.

When Sasuke reached to fold his shirt over his head, Naruto tried to move away.

His words came out in short pants, "I really can't stay."

Sasuke flung the shirt onto the ground, and started to give succulent sucks on Naruto's perked nipples. He left bite marks around his collar bone before returning to his lips. Removing his thigh, he rubbed both of their clothed erections together. Naruto returned the movement, seeking the pleasurable feeling as before.

Naruto was still trying to form some sort of refusal, "Sakura will start to worry."

Sasuke rolled his eyes and pulled Naruto's own hands under his shirt. Leading them upwards until they pushed his shirt off as well, afterwards settling on cold shoulders. Another grind and moans started to ignite from the smaller man.

Sasuke mumbled into his ear, "So? What's your hurry?"

As Sasuke placed his kisses lower and lower until he was unbuttoning Naruto's jeans, and then began to place them on the outside of his boxer shorts. Naruto threw his head against the door while looking upwards towards the dark ceiling gasping for air.

"The neighbors might think…" His protests were getting less and less convincing as he tried to cover his mouth from the lustful moans erupting from him.

Naruto wasn't sure what exactly Sasuke had said between the combination of kisses and grinding it was hard to decipher anything, but he thought it was close to, "It's bad out there."

"People will get suspicious…"

Maybe they were still strangers. Maybe they didn't know enough about each other to be doing this. But they didn't care. Sasuke was glad the pain-killers had kicked in, because he wanted to enjoy this. He pressed Naruto against the door a little rougher in order to provide enough leverage for what he was going to do after he whispered, "Idiot, I said it's cold outside."

He scooped up Naruto by the knees before he could continue speaking. Amazingly he made it to the bedroom without crashing into anything. He threw him down on the silk sheets, regretting that he hadn't turned a light on, but the sensual noises gave enough for Sasuke to picture how Naruto was reacting.

Sasuke slid the rest of Naruto's clothing as well as his off onto somewhere on the floor. He laid over Naruto before ghosting his fingers down his body.

"There's bound to be talk tomorrow…"

Sasuke slowly entered a digit into Naruto's entrance. He cried out, before wiggling around trying to adjust to it. Waiting achingly patiently Sasuke put another one in. He pushed deeper feeling around trying to find his prostate. He caressed Naruto's cheek, as he clenched and unclenched in the struggle to adjust to the sensation of stretching.

"Think of all their sorrow…"
"What? Ah!" Naruto wiggled as Sasuke pulled the fingers out. "Well, there's going to be plenty implied."

Sasuke eased the tip of cock inside carefully, judging by how tight he was around his finger; Naruto hadn't done this in a while.

"If you got Namonia and died." He entered Naruto fully, and began with slow more gentle thrusts before speeding up and then just slamming in and out. The sweet hot passage sucking him inside was heaven, and Sasuke also let out a pleasurable noise at the feeling.

Only Sasuke Uchiha would talk about death while making love. Only Naruto Uzamaki would still be trying to still put up a fight.


At full-throttle Sasuke found Naruto's prostate and sent him into ecstasy. The pleasure became too intense to talk anymore, and he gripped the covers and screaming Sasuke's name as he released. Sasuke immediately came after and groaned Naruto's name as he rode out his high.

They both fell limply onto the bed and drifted to a dreamless sleep with Sasuke pulling Naruto into a tight embrace.

Naruto woke up two hours later started from sleep as the pellets of snow hit against the outside window.

"Nngh Sasuke, move." Naruto tried to wiggle away from Sasuke iron steel grasp. His strong pale arms had clutched onto Naruto's waist at some point and prevented all hopes of escape.

He looked at the clock on the bedside stand. The glowing electric blue numbers read 12:45 P.M. It was already that late? He had to go; this had all gone too far. He was sure that his phone had been ringing incessantly as soon as he had been dragged away from the party.

Shit the party! It wasn't too late; he could still return and clear whatever misunderstandings had arisen. He freed himself, but took half of the sheets that had wound around his foot with him. He fell hard against the cold wooden penthouse floor. Sasuke wasn't that deep of a sleeper.

Sure enough, before Naruto could even scramble out of the room, the (most likely unhappy) other man was up, and on his way.

Naruto was caught. The fleeting voice that spoke up right before this started saying that there was 'no turning back now' was back laughing at the predicament.

A growl came from behind him as Naruto reached for the door handle.

"Moron. Didn't we discuss this already? I said it's cold outside."

Aaaaahhh and that's the end. I hope you enjoyed Baby It's Cold Outside. My first true SasuNaru fic. I apologize for the lemon, I never quite grasped how to properly write them.

I think Sasuke could be sweet if he wanted to. I actually quite dislike Sasuke in both the anime/manga because he truly is a bastard. That's why he's always a bit of OC.

I may write another holiday sequel…sometime…depends if readers like this enough. And you know how I can tell? By receiving the best Christmas of all, your lovely reviews.

Merry whatever-holiday-you-celebrate! :D

Fin :3