Here I come….

By: YukkiKaname

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Summary: Bella is a very special girl she's a Uley she is coming back from a pirvate school she was a very beautiful girl with her long pale legs and her wavy brown hair she knock any guy off their chair. She also had a bad temper Embry meets her for the very first time when she walks in with her suitcase in hand and thats when the fun begins.

It was a very hot day in La Push, Washington as Sam and the others were enjoying a nice jumping down into the ocean to cool off hey even werewolves had to cool off. They went back to Sam's house were Emily cooked food for them all when they arrived. "This weather I swear it needs to cool off I don't know if I can handle another heat wave," Emily said. "I know what you mean Emily," Embry said.

Soon the back door open they all turned their heads to see a girl who looked to be 5'6" with long creamy white legs that seemed to go for miles her long wavy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She was wearing blue jean shorts that fit snuggly around her body and a green t-shirt. "Brother!" She called. Sam smiled wildly and so did Jacob. As she dropped her suitcase off inside she ran and jumped into her brother's arms. "Bells! I missed you!" Sam said.

"I missed you," Bella said. Embry was speechless at the site of her he didn't know what to say or do really. "How about me Bells?" Jacob asked. Bella looked at Jacob and she jumped into Jacob's arms "JAKEY!" She yelled. Jacob laughed and hugged Bella. "So what brings you here sis don't you have two weeks left of school?" Sam asked. Bella laughed sheepishly "Well….," She started. "You got kicked out of school again didn't you?" Jacob asked.

Bella laughed sheepishly at Jacob. "Isabella," Sam growled. "Hey it's not my fault brother I got a temper and the weird part was I had a really warm sensation run through my body when I got into the fight," Bella said. Sam and Jacob looked at each other and than Bella. "You got into a fight?" Sam asked. Trying to avoid the subject of her warm sensation Embry, Paul, and Quil watching the conversation with the three. "Well the asshole deserved it he touched me where he shouldn't have so I beat the shit out of him," Bella said.

Jacob laughed about it he thought it was really amusing but Sam didn't he just frown about it "So you get suspended or expelled?" Sam asked. Bella grabbed a chair and sat down "Expelled I sent him to the hospital before someone could pull me off him it took five people to pull me off him," Bella said proudly. Sam shook his head. "Bells what am I going to do with you? Anyways I would like you to meet Paul, Quil, and Embry they have joined the pack," Sam said. Bella smiled and patted Embry's shoulder. "Oh so they finally grew hair on their chests welcome to the pack boys," Bella said.

"What wait you know about us? Are you one of us?" Embry asked. Bella, Sam, and Jacob laughed. "Oh hell no. My brother can't keep anything from me neither can Jacob when I had him pinned in a head lock to tell me what was going on," Bella said sweetly. Jacob grumbled remembering that day. Paul laughed "Jake got beaten by a girl?" Paul asked laughing. Jacob growled "I wasn't going to hurt a girl especially when her brother would kick my ass," Jacob grumbled. Bella laughed and than she looked over at Embry who kept staring at her.

Sam growled a bit "Back off Embry," Sam warned him. Bella slapped her brother upside the head. "Leave him alone he didn't imprint on me he's fine," Bella said. Sam growled at Bella and went to grab her she dodged it. "Come on Brother you can do better than that," Bella said. Sam chased Bella out of the house which Jake followed behind and so did the others. "This is going to be entertaining," Jacob said. The others watched as Bella rough housed with her brother.

Bella dodged each move than she leaped at him locking him in a head lock giving him a noogie. Everyone laughed at Sam that was till he cleared his throat and they shut up quickly. "Oh come on brother," Bella said. Sam tackled Bella without her looking and tickled her "GAH UNCLE UNCLE!" Bella yelled. Sam stopped and everyone laughed at them both.

"Well I will have to transfer you to Jacob's school, than so I can keep a better eye on you. I sent you to that school for a reason Bells I don't see why you hate it so much" Sam said. Bella sighed "Bro why don't I just stay home? I don't want to go to school I really don't ," Bella whined. Sam growled at her "Because you are 16 years old and you need to go to school you can start next fall since it is summer vacation now here," Sam said. Bella sighed deeply.

"Fine brother," Bella said. She got up off the ground grabbed her suitcase and went to her bedroom to unpack all her clothes. Embry couldn't help but to watch Bella's every move and it irritated the fuck out of Sam and Jacob because both knew that he would imprint on Bella soon. And both knew Bella wasn't ready for a settle down relationship. As Embry sat on the couch they waited for Bella to come back out of her room.

When Bella came out of the room she joined them the living room to watch TV as she snuggled up to Jacob made Embry envy Jacob a lot knowing the fact that they were so close together he was a afraid that he would loose her to Jacob. As they continued to watch TV for the night before Emily cooked her famous supper.

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