Pregnant and a wedding

By: YukkiKaname

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Sam lunged towards Embry but Jacob and Jared were there to stop Sam. Embry quickly took off to Bella's side and stayed close by her side. As Leah and Seth were at Bella's side as well. "YOU SON OF BITCH YOU PREGNANTED MY SISTER I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" Sam growled. "Stop Sam STOP!" Bella yelled. "WHEN THE FUCK? AND HOW THE FUCK? WERE YOU TWO DOING IT AND WE DIDN'T KNOW YOU ARE LINKED TO US?" Sam demanded.

"It was three weeks after school started," Embry admitted. "And we blocked it from all of your guys heads it wasn't easy," Bella said. Sam growled getting more pissed he got past Jacob and Jared and he grabbed Embry throwing him at least ten feet from everyone as he slid from Bella's site and she screamed at Sam to stop. Sam attacked Embry giving him punches as Embry fought back. Soon before anyone knew it Bella's world went back and she passed out which snapped Sam and Embry from fighting each other when Leah screamed Bella's name.

Sam and Embry ran to Bella's side as the others surrounded them. "Bells Bells answer me please come on please open your eyes," Sam said. "Call 911 now!" Embry yelled. Bella was in her own little world out cold, it was about four hours before she woke up to the world looking around seeing the white walls and than hearing the heart monitor go beep beep. She sighed softly as she felt both her hands being held she saw Sam holding one and Embry holding another.

"Bells you are awake thank heavens!" Sam said. "How long have I been out?" Bella asked. "Three days," Embry said. Bella freaked "WHAT! How why?" Bella asked. "Well when you announced your pregnancy I kind of went ballistic on Embry you yelled at us to stop than you passed out and the doctor said from the excitement that's what caused you to pass out," Sam said. Bella remembered Sam attacking Embry and she gave him the glare.

"I am sorry," Sam said. "Sorry don't cut it just because me and Embry are in love and mated for life and yeah he got me knocked up don't mean you can go all haywire on us and try to kill him!" Bella scolded. Sam hung his head in defeat. "I am sorry sister," Sam said. Bella opened her arms to hug Sam. "It's okay I love you still brother," Bella said. Sam hugged his sister.

Bella laid back down to relax resting her hand on her stomach. "When can I go home?" Bella asked. Embry looked at her "Once the doctor says you can go," Embry said. Bella sighed as the doctor just walked in "Well glad to see you are awake finally you had everyone scared," He said. "So can I go home please?" Bella asked. "Yes you can," The doctor said. After examining her and than yelling at Sam and Embry not to fight.

Soon before anyone knew it Bella was three months long. She was relaxing on the couch she didn't go back to school she wasn't feeling up to it she got sick everyday and she just wanted to scream at anyone who came near her the only one who got to be near her was Emily, Leah, and Embry. She didn't want anyone else around her.

"So Bells I was starting to think maybe we should get married before the little one is born so than we could be a happily married couple," Embry suggested. Bella nodded "I like the idea we can do the wedding in two months I don't want to get any bigger than I am now and we can have a small wedding and than after the baby is born a big reception,' Bella said.

Embry liked the idea as they started to prepare for the wedding making plans and who was going to be in it and they only wanted family and friends there as they got everything ready to go. Leah and Emily took Bella dress shopping for her wedding gown as they got her a pregnancy one that she fell in love with.

In no time it was Embry and Bella's wedding day Bella was nervous and she was having pains in the stomach but she wouldn't tell anyone she didn't want to ruin her special moment as Emily and Leah helped her get ready for the wedding. It took a couple hours of getting Bella ready. Soon before she knew it Sam was at the door.

"You look so beautiful sister are you ready?" Sam asked. Bella nodded blushing a bit. As Sam walked her near the door. They waited as Leah, and Emily walked down the aisle with Jacob and Quil who Embry had picked to be the best man and Bella had Leah and Emily as Maid of honors. Embry stood at the altar he was nervous as she was.

Sam walked her down the aisle finally when it was her turn as the preacher asked who gives Bella away Sam spoke up "I Samuel Uley give my sister away to this man," Sam said. Bella kissed her brother on the cheek after he kissed his forehead and she took Embry's hands as they stood at the altar and listened to the preacher talk soon it was time to say I do's.

"I do," Bella said. Embry smiled wildly "I do," Embry said. They kissed and the preacher smiled "I would like to pronounce to you Mr. and Mrs. Embry Call!" He said. Bella and Embry walked down the aisle as everyone clapped. Soon Bella and Embry went back home Bella walked to the bathroom wincing as Embry caught it. "Maybe we should take you to the hospital," Embry said.

"NO I AM FINE!" Bella snapped. She screamed out in pain as Embry grabbed her "SAM GET THE TRUCK IT'S BELLA!" Embry yelled. Sam helped Embry take Bella to the hospital as she was getting test done "How long you been having pains?" The doctor asked. "Two days," Bella said. That got a shot glare from the boys. Bella rolled her eyes and after a few hours of needle poking and than was sent home.

"Shut up not a word from both of you," Bella said. Embry growled and she growled right back. As they got home she went to the bedroom and locked the door and Embry sighed as he was locked out of their room. "She'll come out welcome to the family," Sam said. Embry went and sat down with Sam. Embry sighed and chuckled.

Soon before they knew it Bella was screaming at them that her water broke she was now only seven months and Embry and her been only married for two months. Sam, Embry, and Emily quickly got Bella to the hospital as she was screaming at Embry for getting her knocked up and saying it was too soon. They got her into delivery room as they sat there for five hours before she started pushing.

She soon delivered a healthy baby girl "She's beautiful honey she looks just like you I am proud," Embry said. Bella smiled and kissed Embry "Look our little girl," Bella said. As Embry got to hold her he kissed his daughters forehead and smiled finally he got his family it was a start of a whole new life and he for one was looking forward to it.

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