A/N: No, this is NOT a replacement of Ribbon of Royalty. It still has Hikari crossdressing along with Shinji and Reiji being a royalty.

Note: Shinou/Sinnoh, Hikari/Dawn, Ayako/Joanna, Shinji/Paul, Reiji/Reggie, Jun/Barry, Satoshi/Ash, Takeshi/Brock, Kasumi/Misty, Haruka/May, Nozomi/Zoey, Leaf/Leaf

Tobari Shinobi: Shinou Scandal
1: Hikari Cresselia's Mission


Shinou – one of the largest regions ever – is the only region that has a ninja school. This isn't your average Pokémon regions, though. This is a world where Pokémon are spirits and they can become one with a human they choose. However, it is only the male villagers who can become so.

This region has the largest ninja academy of all the other villages and towns. It is located in Tobari Village, the second largest village in Shinou.

In this world, there are only shinobi. Every year, there are young boys from each village or town that becomes one with a Pokémon. Be it female or male, legendary or average Pokémon, they do not matter. However, female ninjas are prohibited. If a Pokémon ever does choose them, the spirit solidifies and becomes as real as a person. The female who is with it is chosen to attend Tobari Shinobi Academy as a medic.

Reiji is the kind and bright eighteen-year-old who takes care of Shinou with a legendary Pokémon named Arceus. Yes, it's quite early for someone like him to be in a throne, but he's not the king. He is a prince. A king does not exist in Shinou, for a king would only bring chaos if the power is taken improperly.

Reiji's little brother is Shinji, who also lives with a legendary Pokémon named Darkrai. Shinji is the indifferent and composed thirteen-year-old who is a ninja-in-training. Shinji attends Tobari Shinobi Academy and he is the Top 1 student there.

Arceus, the actual Pokémon, forbids the Pokémon to become one with female villagers. He is not being stereotypical. It is simply for their safety, for they cannot take the burdens of becoming one with a Pokémon. The female villagers that attend Tobari Shinobi Academy are only medics, simply medics. They must be approved by Arceus first.

But what happens when a certain legendary Pokémon decides to make a change in this rule? What will happen when the legendary Pokémon becomes one with a girl?


"Where am I…?" A dark blue-haired girl looked around where sky blue, pink, and light violet colors glowed. She looked forward to see a Pokémon. It had a blue, swan-like body with a yellow underside. There were two magenta tufts forming an arc around the chest with glowing pink wings at the sides. Her eyes widened. It was none other than the legendary… "Cresselia!"

"Hikari, I have chosen you to become one." Cresselia's voice sounded like wonderful chimes.

"W-whoa, whoa, wait!" She held out a hand. "Wait, why me? Arceus forbids Pokémon to become one with a female!"

Cresselia glided forward, concern in her eyes. "Please… I want to make a change in this rule. I want to show that even a female can survive like a male with a female Pokémon like me."

Hikari hesitated. "But… won't I get captured and be sent into prison if they find out?"

"Please do not worry. I have heard of you before. You are known as Hikaru – a boy – no?" she smiled. "You can definitely pass. I have been watching you for quite a while."

"O-oh, is that so?" She scratched the back of her head in embarrassment.

After a moment of silence, the Pokémon spoke up again. "Will you please help me?"

In a few seconds of thought, the girl looked up with determination. "Yes, I will help you." She smiled, nodding.

"Thank you. I will always be one with you and forever promise to be your companion and protection." Her pink eyes gleamed. "It is nice to meet you."

"I will also forever be your friend and protection." The girl's blue eyes grasped Cresselia's paws. "I'll be in your care."

As they became one, a light enveloped them.

Hikari woke up. She panted. "W-was that a dream?"

"H-Hikari…" She looked up to see her mother, Ayako, staring at her with wide eyes. "W… What happened to you?"

"M-mom? What are you talking about?"

Her mother rushed to the corner of Hikari's room, where a life-sized mirror was placed. She angled it to Hikari, letting her see what has happened to her body.

Hikari wore a blue ninja overall with a yellow sash. Three small pink wings grew out of her back. Her hair tie's clip became a golden crescent shape. Her eyes were a glowing pink. Her neck had a blue ribbon collar with an overlapping gold crescent and pink rings hanging on the front.

"I…" She gulped, taking a deep breath. "It wasn't a dream after all…" Hikari fell on her bed, shocked by her own sudden appearance. "Mom, I became one with Cresselia."

"C… Cresselia…?" Ayako tried to keep calm. "Hikari, you have to attend Tobari Shinobi Academy."

"I know that." Hikari got up, now realizing her duty from now on. "Mom, I want to attend. It's Cresselia and my only chance of changing this… this… blasted, sexist school admission rules!" When she saw her mother hesitating, she clasped her hands together. "Mom, please! You know I've always wanted to go there, no matter what!"

Ayako first led her downstairs to have some breakfast. As she poured some coffee, she replied, "I know, dear, but how are you going to survive?"

Hikari sipped her cup of coffee. "Mom, I've been surviving as a boy since I started to walk!" She nearly slammed her cup down. "I know what to do, mom. I know how to act like one, I know how to fight like one, and, heck, I can even lower my voice enough to talk like a guy!"

"Hikari, that's not exactly what I was talking about…" Ayako sat down at the opposite end of the table. "It's your breasts. You are a girl after all." She sighed, resting her cheek on her hand. "When you grow older, you know they're going to grow."

"O-oh…" Hikari blushed and ate the rest of her breakfast. "But you're right, mom…" She looked at her chest underneath the ninja uniform. It wasn't that revealing, but it wasn't exactly flat either. "What should I do?"

"Well, you can wrap your chest with bandages…"

"Huh…" She waved a finger in the air. "Yeah, that could work."


"Shinji, today's the day!" Reiji chimed. He walked next to his little brother, who was preparing for Tobari Shinobi Academy. "New students are coming!" Reiji wore a white robe and had plum-colored hair with a streak of yellow striking it. He also had red eyes and green sharp, cross-like marks under his eyes. He wore yellow, fingerless gloves and a golden sash with a cross-like wheel at the back.

"Tch, this is so troublesome. Why do we get more students when they can't even train or fight right?" Shinji also had the same color hair as Reiji, except there were highlights of white in his hair. His ninja uniform was completely black. Of course, this was only his human form.

Reiji groaned, shaking his head. "We've talked about this before. It's to let the students use their full potential and creativity with their Pokémon. Have you not gotten the message?"

Shinji rolled his onyx eyes. "Whatever."

The older brother sighed. "I hope your new roommates will energize you up a bit more…"

"So I'm getting new roommates, huh?" Shinji finished packing his bag and slung it over his shoulder. "Who are they?"

Reiji shrugged. "I don't know yet. Arceus is still analyzing the region to see the Pokémon that joined with a villager." He looked up in thought. "He's almost done, so it shouldn't be long."

"How many new students are there so far?"

"Just about 70." The prince suddenly froze. "Oh, it's done. The sorting is done too." He crossed his arms. "Arceus, that's not being fair!" A hand-sized Arceus leapt out from his chest. "You said that I could do the sorting!"

"Oh, Reiji," Arceus chuckled. "You should know that I already know what your heart desires." Reiji and Arceus laughed together. Shinji had sighed, looking at Darkrai, who were perched on his shoulder. "Ah, Darkrai. I see you're awake."

"Tch, how can I be sleeping with Reiji blabbering about the new students…?"

Darkrai and Shinji had grown quite fond of each other, due to their similar personalities. The two glared at Reiji, who laughed nervously.

Arceus smugly shook his head. "Well, we must get going." When he placed himself on Reiji's shoulder, he took a glance at Shinji. "Shinji-Kun, your new roommates will be Hikaru Cresselia and Jun Rayquaza from Futaba Town."

"Rayquaza and Cresselia, huh?" Shinji murmured. "Hn."

Meanwhile, Darkrai was tense… Really, really tense.


"Well, I'm off, mom." Hikari hugged her mother good bye and went on her way. Her shoulder bag contained 5 pairs of clothes and a pair of sandals. Three rolls of bandages were also packed. "I'll make sure to visit you when I have the time." Currently, she was in her human form. She only had the three wings on her back along with the crescent hair tie.

Her hair was slightly cut in layers and her longer hair was tied into a small ponytail at the bottom. She actually looked like a boy.

"Good luck. I'll write to you once in a while, okay?"

Hikari nodded. She ran outside and leapt up into the air. Her wings grew bigger in an instant and she flew over to Tobari Village.

"Hikari." Cresselia's voice was heard from Hikari's right shoulder.

"Hey, Cresselia!"

"Arceus has just given me a message about your roommates." Cresselia was silent for a moment to jog her memory. "Jun Rayquaza from your town and Shinji… Darkrai… from Tobari Village."

Hikari cocked a brow. Did Cresselia just hesitate? She shrugged it off. "Is that so? I hope I can get along with them."

"Yes… I hope so too."

When they arrived, they haven't seen much students enter the school yet.

"We sure came early…" Hikari checked her watch and it read 7:43 AM. "Maybe I can check out my dorm…" When she landed, her wings shrunk. As she entered, she saw a boy ahead of her. "Who is that?"

"It's… Darkrai." / "It's… Cresselia…"

On cue, Shinji turned around to see Hikari. Their eyes met.

"So you're Hikaru Cresselia?" Shinji crossed his arms.

"O-oh, yes. I'm Hikaru Cresselia from Futaba Town and 13-years-old." Hikari walked over to him, extending out a hand. "I'm your new roommate. I'll be in your care." Shinji rolled his eyes. She took her hand back. "Sheesh…"

"Shinji Darkrai. 15-years-old. Tobari Village."

Cresselia and Darkrai came forward, silent.



Before Hikari and Shinji knew it, the two legendary Pokémon were having a fight. Unfortunately, their powers can't activate when their companions are in human form. They were only able to tackle or scratch each other.

The two humans watched their hand-sized Pokémon battle.

"Um… Do you know why they're fighting?" Hikari whispered to Shinji.

"Darkrai and Cresselia are said to be huge rivals and tend to get in fights," Shinji replied.

Hikari hated to admit it, but they looked cute when they were trying to scratch each other to death. It was like watching little kids trying to have a little fight.

"Oh, forget it!" Cresselia returned to Hikari's shoulder. "We'll settle this later, Darkrai!"

"Same here, Cresselia." Darkrai crossed his arms and sat on Shinji's crossed arms. "Let's go." Shinji walked towards the dorm rooms and Hikari followed him.

Shinji opened the door to the dorm room he'd always get. "Here's the room." He entered it and sat in front of the drawers. He put his bag in the one by the sliding doors. "Yours is the middle, got it?"

"Fine, fine." Hikari opened the middle drawer and transferred all her clothes in it. As for her bag, she put it in the lower drawer. She lied on the floor on her stomach, over exhausted from the flying. "Ugh… I don't think I'm ready to fly just yet…" She looked around to see what was where.

"Of course not, idiot."

"Hey, there's no need to call me an idiot, you plum!"

Plum? he thought to himself. "Blue moss."

Her eye twitched. "Darky."


"Insensitive jerk."

"Troublesome amateur."

The chain of insults continued until Hikari groaned in frustration. "Okay, you know what? I never thought you'd be this annoying!"

"I should be the one saying that to you," Shinji retorted.

Then, they started to have a glaring contest. To any bystander, they would look like they're simply glaring at each other. But to them, it was an intense battle of shooting daggers at each other. It was until Cresselia and Darkrai decided to snap them out of it.

For once, the two Pokémon rivals agreed on something without fighting.

"Oh that reminds me. Hikaru-Kun, have you gotten your class schedule yet?"

Hikari looked up and shook her head. "No. This is my first day he-!"

"They give you your schedule using telepathy," Shinji answered. "It'll probably be implanted in your head until the end of school." He rolled his eyes. "I already got mine."

"Duh. You are the little brother of Prince Reiji Arceus," Hikari remarked. Suddenly, a strange feeling overwhelmed her and she received a message in her mind. "Oh, I got my schedule."

"What did you get?"

"Let's see…" Hikari went back to the schedule. "Health, PokéFood, Poké Moves, Weapon Skills, Pokémon Battles, Fighting Strategy, and then Interacting with Pokémon."

"As I thought…" Shinji murmured.


"It's nothing." Shinji lied on the floor on his side, resting his cheek on his hand. He faced the wall, his back facing Hikari. You did this on purpose… Reiji Arceus. He sighed, glaring at the wall. He knew about Cresselia's ability. Its feathers had the power to dispel the nightmares Darkrai can create. But it's for the best. He looked back at Hikari, who was fiddling with mini Cresselia.

"At least school won't start until next week. I'll have plenty of time to get used to it here."

"Of course, Hikaru-Kun." Cresselia smiled. "Why don't we take a little tour around Tobari Village tomorrow?"

"Great idea, Cresselia! Maybe I can go visit Tobari Palace…"

"No," Shinji sharply answered.

"It's just a joke, bastard." Hikari rolled her eyes. Although she seemed confident and like a boy, she was trembling inside. She never thought it would be this difficult around Shinji. She hadn't expected him to make her retort with insults. She was always a polite person, but apparently, he brought out the personality she never thought she had.

Shinji took a glance at Hikari, who was messing with the yellow sash on her waist. Of course, in his case, he knew Hikari as Hikaru. He looked back at the wall again, thinking to himself. This guy… He's different from all the other students I've ever seen…

Darkrai looked up at his companion, who was deep in thought. He blinked his aquamarine eyes, wondering what Shinji was thinking about. Of course since they were one, he somehow knew what Shinji was feeling. "Shinji, are you that disturbed over having a roommate?"

He looked back and saw that Hikari disappeared. "It's not like I'm disturbed, Darkrai." Shinji quietly sighed. "I just don't know what might happen if I give even Cresselia a nightmare."

"I won't mind if you say that you regret being my companion."

The boy smirked. "Now why would I say that?" He sat up, placing Darkrai on his shoulder. "You're my one and only companion after all." Shinji stood up and walked outside, only to bump into a blonde boy. "Watch it…"

"Shinji Darkrai!" the blonde exclaimed. He raised a hand as a greeting. "What's up? I'm Jun Rayquaza from Futaba Town! By the way, I turned 12 lately." Jun had blonde hair that was brushed back at his right and brushed up at the left. He had orange eyes and a yellow ring on his forehead. There were small pairs of green, red-tipped wings near his shoulders, his yellow wristbands, and his feet (more like his shoes). His ninja uniform was a green color with yellow rings running down the back.

Shinji and Darkrai merely blinked, surprised at how hyperactive their roommate was. "Shinji Darkrai. 15 years old. Tobari Village."

"I know you already!" Jun responded. "You're like the flippin' hot topic in Futaba!"

"Hn." Before Shinji was able to reply, he noticed Hikari.

"AH! Jun!"

The blonde wheeled around to see his childhood friend! "Hikaru!" The two pounded fists. "I heard we're gonna be roommates!"

Hikari nodded, enthusiastic. "I hope you'll make it lively…" she paused to glare at Shinji, "… because that idiot over there will definitely depress me."

Jun glanced at Shinji, who was rolling his eyes at her. He burst out in laughter. "Him? No way!"

Shinji simply sighed and walked away.

"Where you going, Shinji?"

"Away from here." With that, he disappeared within the shadows… literally.

Hikari's eye twitched and she ran over to the spot he disappeared from. "Stupid, insensitive, idiotic jerk!" She started stomping on the spot, as if Shinji would get hurt that way. "Even if he is my senpai*, I cannot believe the way he treats his kouhai*!" She sat down, crossing her arms, and puffed her cheeks. "…"

"Hikaru, you're just overreacting…" Jun murmured. "So where does my stuff go?"

"Oh!" Hikari led Jun to their dorm. "Yours go into the last one over there." She pointed to the drawers and bookshelves at the opposite corner of Shinji's corner. "Your futon mattress is in the basket on top of your drawers." She looked around to check if she missed anything. "Um… I think that's it."

Jun stored all his stuff in a drawer and sat by the window. "So how are your mom and Hikari doing? They're running a maid café after all."

Hikari shrugged. "Oh, they're fine. My mom was until she saw that Cresselia and I became one. As for Hikari, she was kinda overjoyed." She lowered her head. "They might have a hard time running it without me, but I'm sure the others will help."

The two chuckled to each other. But their conversation was interrupted by someone calling out Shinji's name.

"Shinji!" A boy skidded to their room. He had black hair that was quite spiky and brown eyes. He had a white overall with a blue sash. There were five, dark blue flaps running down the back along with small white wings on his shoulders. "O-oh! Sorry! Hey, have you seen Shinji by any chance?"

"Um… Who…"

"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself!" the boy laughed. "My name's Satoshi Lugia, Shinji's best friend. Same age as him." He grinned. "So you're his new roommates, huh? Nice to meet ya!"

"Yo, Satoshi!" Jun waved. "I'm Jun Rayquaza from Futaba town. 12 years old."

"Hi, Satoshi-Senpai!" Hikari greeted. "I'm Hikaru Cresselia from Futaba. 13 years old."

Satoshi's enthusiastic grin suddenly faded into a surprised line. "You're… Cresselia?"

Hikari's eyes darted back and forth uncertainly. "Um… yes…"

"Yes! A Cresselia!" Satoshi slid in, closing the door. "Hikaru, you have no idea how much I've waited for a Cresselia to come!" He bowed his head low. "It can finally end…"

"W-what do you mean?"


"Don't say unnecessary things, you dense idiot." The plum-haired boy appeared out of nowhere from Satoshi's shadow, his black eyes now glowing an ominous aquamarine. "Never tell them."

Satoshi flinched, nearly jumping into the ceiling. "O-okay, okay, sheesh…" He moved to give some space for Shinji to sit in. "So where'd you go, Shinji?"

Shinji only shrugged. "I just went wherever the shadows took me."

That sounds so dark and gloomy… Hikari thought. She suddenly remembered what Satoshi was trying to say before Shinji appeared. "Um… I know it's not my business to know, but what were you trying to say before, Satoshi-Senpai?"

Now Jun became curious. He also wanted to know what Satoshi was going to say.

Unfortunately, Shinji wouldn't allow that. "Look, it's none of your business! Stay out of it!" he snarled. He thought he saw hurt flash across Hikari's eyes, but instead of concern, it was anger.

"I will not, Shinji-Senpai!" Hikari protested. "It didn't seem like it was none of my business from the way Satoshi-Senpai was talking to me!"

"Would you like to know why…?" Shinji muttered.

"What…?" Hikari replied.

Shinji looked up, his hands clenching into fists. "Would you like to know why you should stay out of this?" His body began to change. His ninja uniform, which was originally knee-length, grew to his ankles and wrists. Black fingerless gloves appeared on his hands as his nails grew longer and sharper. "Then I'll show you…" A loose red scarf appeared on his neck, covering his mouth. "… the ability I have…" A ripped cloak also appeared with long black tatters on the shoulders. "… yet cannot fully control."

Satoshi didn't flinch but merely watched his best friend transform in concern. He prepared himself for Shinji's ultimate move.

The now transformed Shinji put his hands together and a dark ball of energy formed. He pointed it to Hikari. "Dark Void." He shot it, but instead of hitting Hikari, it had hit Satoshi. The boy did not show a sign of fear as a crimson bubble surrounded him. Shinji did not budge.

"Satoshi-Senpai!" Hikari ran over, kneeling on her knees. "What…" Satoshi's brown eyes were open and glazed and his body started to shake once in a while. She wheeled around. "What did you do to him?" Shinji didn't reply, but she saw multiple black balls being shot.

"Gah!" Jun emitted a loud scream as he became surrounded by a crimson bubble. He collapsed to the ground in the same condition as Satoshi. But in a few seconds, he started clawing the air and screaming in fear.

Shinji's hand started to shake violently, another Dark Void forming in his hand. "Damn it! I can't stop!"

"Shinji, no!" Darkrai's shout was heard.

Hikari turned around to see a black ball aimed towards her. She tried to guard herself. As if by impulse, she screamed, "Safeguard!" A soothing sky blue barrier surrounded Satoshi, Jun, and Hikari, protecting them against the Dark Void energies. "Huh…?" The move slowly faded and Shinji fell to the ground, panting.

Jun and Satoshi woke up. The blonde was beyond shocked, while the raven-haired seemed concerned.

Satoshi sat near Shinji. "You okay, dude?"


"Are you okay?" Shinji directed his question to Jun.

"Hell yeah!" he replied. "It was awesome, Shinji! It's such a powerful move!" Satoshi and Shinji were taken aback. They did not expect that reaction.

Satoshi raised a brow. "Um… Didn't you see a nightmare?"

Jun nodded. "Of course!" He crossed his arms, smirking. "It was scary enough to make me excited!" He laughed whole-heartedly. "Wow, I never thought you had that kind of power, Shinji!"

Shinji blinked in a bit of surprise, but he felt somewhat relieved inside. "You're not scared?" When he saw Jun shake his head, he smirked. He looked at Hikari. "Get some rest." Hikari looked at him with confusion. "That was your first time using a move, wasn't it? Adding your trip from Futaba to Tobari and your Safeguard, you're probably on the verge of fainting."

On cue, she collapsed.

"Hikaru!" Jun quickly moved to his childhood friend. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Jun…" Hikari managed to mutter. "I just feel really exhausted…"

Satoshi moved over to Hikari. "I really thank my years of training here…" He became silent and held out both his hands. Then, a blue aura surrounded him. "Natural Gift." He placed his hands over Hikari's forehead and chest. The same color aura enveloped Hikari's body and her exhaustion vanished. "He should get some rest now." He took his hand away, smiling gratefully.

Shinji, meanwhile, was leaning against the wall. He was looking at the hands that couldn't control the Dark Void. Damn it… I still can't control it! He thought as he gritted his teeth. He gave out a frustrated sigh and ran his claw-like hand through his hair. Satoshi laid a hand on his shoulder. "What do you want?"

"You know what I'm going to talk about…"

"…" Shinji's eye twitched. "You're not going to bring that topic up again, are you?" After seeing Satoshi's smirk, he knew it. "Ugh… I already know what you're going to say, but just – for once – spare me that topic. I already have enough to deal with right now."

"Don't you mean that you already have enough to worry about?" Satoshi laughed. Sadly, he received a hard punch to the head. "Ow!" He now laughed nervously. "Okay, okay… No need to get that worked up." His enthusiastic demeanor changed into a concerned one. "Shinji, if you think you're going to go out of control, don't worry."

"There's more to it than you think, Satoshi."



The rest of the morning went on watching over Hikari.


Satoshi and Jun went out to get lunch and Shinji was stuck with watching over Hikari. He sighed, figuring that it was time to wake her up. After all, she must've been hungry after using all that energy.

"Oi." Shinji shook her awake. "It's already lunch time."

"Mmph…" Hikari brushed his hand away. "No…" she drawled.

His eyes narrowed. "What, are you a girl or something?"

From that, she burst awake. "I am not a girl, Shinji-Senpai!" Then, another rant session was given to Shinji. "And, of all people and Pokémon, why would you think I'm a girl?"

Shinji was silent and raised a brow. "Because you act like one."

"Fine." She crossed her arms. "I vow to act more like a guy from now on. And if I ever act like a girl, you can…"


Hikari growled. "What did you say?"

Shinji smirked. "I didn't say anything. I'm just saying that you are acting like a girl." Hikari was fuming.

"I am not a girl. I am a male student that transferred to Tobari Shinobi Academy," she insisted as calmly as possible. "If you think I am a girl, then I don't care what the hell you say about me. I'm a guy and that's final!"

"It was just a joke, amateur," Shinji muttered. He quietly chuckled, smirking to himself. "To think you'd be worked up over such a thing…" He rolled his eyes. "Do you have a sister or something?"

Before she could even stop herself, it was already too late. "Yes, I have a twin sister named Hikari." Shinji already must've had that registered in his head. Damn it… WHY did I say that? Only Jun "knows" I have a twin sister!


"U-uh, yeah! She works in a maid café with my mom." She laughed, while feeling very awkward inside. "Haha… Don't judge me."

Shinji smugly rolled his eyes. "I'm not judging."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I am not."

"Yes, you are," she hissed. "Your tone is completely covered with sarcasm!"


"See? See? There we have it! There we have the sarcasm right now!" She pointed at Shinji with a menacing finger.


Satoshi and Jun came back, carrying a sack of boxed lunches for their group. When they entered the dorm room, they found Hikari and Shinji at opposite sides of the room… having a glaring contest.

Jun was the first to break it. "Now, now, it's lunch time."

Unfortunately for Hikari, she wasted her energy from using Safeguard before. Her stomach growled very loudly, causing everyone to burst out in laughter. Shinji would be an exception because he only chuckled.

"Sh-shut up!"


It was night and the orientation began. Reiji first discussed about how the school works.

"Tobari Shinobi Academy is a bit different than the regular schools," he began. "You start in the morning – around nine AM – and you take a break from twelve to eight PM, where your night classes will start. Night classes end at midnight." Reiji gave the new students a determined smile. "It's quite strange and a big change to your schedule, I know. But we are going to become shinobi after all, so I would like you to get used to our schedules."

Shinji was sitting far behind the group of new students, watching Reiji talk. He wanted smack himself when his older brother humiliated himself in front of the students. "Ugh…"

"I'll introduce you to our medical unit," Reiji stepped aside and revealed a doctor. "Takeshi-Kun, please take it from here."

Takeshi had brown hair and his eyes were naturally closed. He had a white coat along with a green uniform underneath. On the shirt of the uniform, there was a large pouch with an egg in it. "Hello, everyone!" the doctor greeted. "My name is Takeshi Chansey and I am not only Tobari's doctor, but I am also the chef here!" He bowed.

Behind him, a line of female medics followed.

"My name's Kasumi and this is Togekiss!" Kasumi was an orange-haired girl with a small ponytail tied to the side of her head. Her eyes were green and she was leaning on her said Pokémon.

"What's up? The name's Haruka and this is Blaziken!" The next medic was a brunette with blue eyes. She had side bangs and her hair stuck out of her red bandanna.

"Nozomi is my name. This is Glameow." The next girl had very short red hair along with dark red eyes. A pair of sunglasses adorned her head.

"The name's Leaf! This is my Wartortle!" The last medic also had brunette hair and green eyes.

After the introduction of the other staff, it was on to the teacher of Tobari Village.

Reiji appeared again, dragging a pink-haired girl alongside him. "C'mon, Sumomo, you promised!"

"Fine!" The girl yanked her wrist off of him and stood up. "I'm Sumomo Lucario, Tobari Village's teacher. I am one with Lucario." When she saw the look of shock in the students' faces, she laughed. "Oh man, this year's students are so adorable!" She coughed. "Anyways, half the teachers in Shinou are female, so I'm telling you for future reference." Sumomo punched Reiji's arm. "Reiji-San, if you ever make me come here without my consent, prepare to get your face bashed in."

"Y-yes, ma'am…"

Sumomo took her leave.

Reiji clasped his hands. "We're almost done, so just bear with me a little longer, okay?" He paused to get a good look at the students. "We travel around Shinou. Every month, we move to one of the eight villages where the rest of your teachers are. As for the rest of the year, we visit the towns." He chuckled. "The towns are like a paradise, so it's more like your vacation."

Soon, the orientation was over and everyone returned to their dorms. Shinji, Jun, and Hikari set up their futon.

"It's not like school starts tomorrow," Shinji reminded. "We start next week."

"We know, Shinji-Senpai," Hikari replied. "We were paying attention to the orientation."

"Good." Shinji lied on his futon, leaning his face on his hand. "Are you still going to tour around Tobari Village?"

Hikari nodded. "Of course!" She smiled to herself, looking at the night sky. "What kind of moons do you like?"

Jun sat next to Hikari, gazing at the half moon. "Hmmm… I prefer half moons…" He smirked. "It's like those give me good luck!" He pumped up a fist. "And it totally worked! I not only got a dorm room with Shinji Darkrai, I also got Hikaru as a roommate!" Hikari and Jun pounded fists.

"I like full moons." Hikari gazed at the stars. "They're beautiful. It also seems so romantic." When she realized that Jun and Shinji were staring at her, she stammered. "T-that's from my twin sis."

"You told him about Hikari?"

"It's not that bad, Jun. She won't mind… unless more than ten people know…" Hikari muttered. She turned to Shinji. "What kinds of moons do you like, Shinji-Senpai?"

"New moons," he replied. "It's when I can use my power at full blast." He slightly tilted his head. "Full moons can give you, Hikaru Cresselia, full power too."

"Is that so?" Hikari blinked in surprise. "Wow."

Knowing that Hikari would love to hear about her powers, he added, "… which means you have more chances of kicking my ass…"

He was right. A smug expression appeared on her face as she glanced at Shinji. "Oh really…?" An evil chuckle came out. "I will enjoy kicking your ass, Shinji-Senpai!"

"And in revenge, I will enjoy kicking your ass during the New Moon."

When it was curfew, everyone fell asleep, hoping that it will be a great day tomorrow.

But little did they know that the first phase of their dangerous adventure had already begun…


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