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Tobari Shinobi: Shinou Scandal
CH 10: Team Shinji vs. Team Kengo

Rays of light pierced the dawn sky. The nocturnal creatures had gone to sleep and daylight creatures began to wander about, still half-asleep. That was for the Pokémon anyway. Tobari Shinobi Academy was overfilled with anxiety.

It was as if time turned back. The feeling of reminiscence lingered among the three shinobi as they remembered their childhood. They faced each other and smiled. Their match was sending them to the past, where they always played and messed with each other. It was a warm feeling.

But the fact that they were to go all out with their powers slightly made them uncomfortable.

Hikari breathed nervously. "I'm starting to feel these matches are set up." She tightened her grip on the hilt of her sword, the tied strips of fabric feeling rougher against her skin.

Jun scratched his cheek. "Yeah… It can't be helped though, can it?" He sighed deeply as the two teams approached each other on the battlefield. "I heard they were going to change the battlefield's surroundings. I wonder what they mean by that. Are we going to a different location or something?" Jun was chattering away as Hikari walked in silence.

Shinji was averting his eyes away from the two, knowing how Kengo was their best friend and now going against him. "I'm not sure how to console you two, but think of it like this." He paused to steal a glance of them, seeing that they focused their full attention on him. "You're only showing that guy how much you've grown since then. It's like showing him your strength, not battling him."

He felt that Hikari and Jun relaxed a little more at his words of wisdom.

These kids are so easy, Shinji amusingly thought. He stifled the laughter that was beginning to bubble up in his chest. "Ahem," he cleared his throat, "I trust you guys. We can win this, right?"


Shinji looked at Hikari, who was staring at him with happiness and hope. He felt overwhelmed by her overjoyed and bright aura that he leaned away from her. "D-don't get me wrong. We have to battle against Kouhei after all."

Jun placed a shoulder on Hikari. "C'mon, Hikaru. Let's not get tensed up and pump ourselves up!"

"You're right, we can do this!" She breathed slowly to calm down. "We've got to show off our power!"

That's what she wished to say out loud anyways. There was no way to pierce that impenetrable barrier of worry and anxiety. Not even Shinji's usual words were able to get through to her. He slapped his forehead and sighed deeply.

The two teams were finally a step away from each other.

Kengo Palkia, Ichiro Rentorar, and Akira Tekkanin. These three combined seemed like the worst team to go against. Palkia was the legendary Pokémon of space (no need for an explanation, honestly). Rentorar was the last evolution stage of a Kolink (Shinx), which took the appearance of a fierce lion with x-ray vision and sharp hearing. Tekkanin, a very unique opponent, was the fastest Pokémon anyone could ever encounter – for its speed was similar to that of light.

Hikari gulped, feeling so small that she could be trampled by them. Her lip quivered as if she was trying hard to hold back something. As for Jun, he was feeling more reminiscent than worried.

"Yo, Kengo."

Kengo looked at Jun with a smile. "It feels like we're back in preschool, huh?" He glanced at Hikari. "I'm not gonna go easy on you, Hikaru, even if you are my childhood friend." He gave a thumbs-up. "But hey, no hard feelings."

Shinji rolled his eyes. "Sorry, but we're winning this battle." He smirked condescendingly towards Kengo, who seemed to harden his stare at Shinji. "This guy here won't allow it either. He may appear cowardly…"

"HEY!" Hikari retorted.

"… but his power and intelligence is a different story." A sound of fingers snapping echoed in Shinji's ears. "It looks like we're going to start." On cue, the ground rumbled and trembled as the surroundings changed. The audience area ascended to the sky while props began to appear on the battlefield. Rocks, boulders, and even the small rocks emerged from the ground.

Jaws dropped at the drastic changes. Ichiro and Shinji didn't seem fazed by it, although the others looked like they were already defeated.

"This is nothing compared to the finals," Ichiro murmured. "If you guys truly make it through all the rounds to the finals – and no doubt that Team Kouhei will be there – you'll see what it's like."

"Have you ever fought in the finals, Ichiro-Senpai?" Hikari asked.

Ichiro's face grew dark. "Oh yeah. It was before Kengo and Akira came." He fought back the urge to burst into rage. "My team was crushed by that damn Kouhei." He fell into silence as Akira placed a hand on his shoulder.

"One of senpai's teammates is in the hospital because of Kouhei-Senpai. The other is immobilized in his legs." Akira turned his head towards Kouhei and glared hard. "Ichiro-Senpai is the only survivor."

Hikari gasped and clasped her mouth. "Oh no… Kouhei-Senpai did that to your teammates?"

"Yeah," Ichiro replied. "But I'm not one to hold grudges." He cleared his mind and returned to his normal self. "This isn't gonna help me at all. Let's just have a good battle, guys."

Takeshi blew his whistle. "Team Shinji vs. Team Kengo! The rules will the same as before. The archers' results will decide the first move of each team."

Ichiro and Jun nodded at each other and jumped on the boulders that served as the platform. They pulled their bows back, took a deep breath, focused on the target, and released. The arrow shot through the wind with power, as if nothing can stop it. The arrows pierced the fabric of their targets.

"Ichiro Rentorar, 9! Jun Dialga, 7!" Takeshi blew his whistle. "You have two more shots left!"

Hikari's jaw dropped. "A… A 9?" Drops of sweat rolled down her cheek as she took in the event before her eyes. She wasn't daydreaming. Ichiro had shot his arrow one ring away from the center. As for Jun, he was three of them away! He had practiced so much before and he got a 7! "N-no way… Why can't Jun-?"

"He's nervous," Shinji answered. "One thing that can steer an archer away from his aim is his mind." He hadn't winced at the difference in score however. "It's not the right time to start wavering now." His eyes were beginning to spark a flame, a flame that wouldn't die so easily unless something completely crushed it.

"Jun…" Hikari whispered under her breath. "Let's have faith in him. But even if he doesn't win this round, he can always go all out on the next one."

"Ichiro Rentorar, 8! Jun Dialga, 9!"

C'mon, Jun. You can do this! Satoshi thought.

Jun didn't feel satisfied with his score. He had to get a 10, at least. If he didn't, he would've felt like he lost his teammate's respect and faith.

"Jun, that's a little exaggerating, don't you think?" Dialga asked. He sensed what Jun was feeling and thinking. "They believe in you, Jun. Whether you didn't get them the first move or not, they'll never blame you." He nudged the blonde and nodded. "You got that?"

"I know, I know," Jun sighed. He smirked at his partner. "Geez, you're just like a mom."

Dialga cocked a brow at him. "A… mom…? A lot of people may label me as genderless, but I don't really think I'd fit as a female."

Ichiro suddenly burst into a chuckle. "To think you'd have this kind of a conversation during a match." He grinned at Jun. "You're the most interesting guy I've ever met. I think Rentorar agrees with me too." Rentorar appeared on top of his head and smiled at them. "Rentorar's a Pokémon of few words, but he does agree."

"Wow, an actual Rentorar!" Jun exclaimed as he examined it close up. "Huh, your Rentorar's actually a female! Nice to meet you, ma'am!"

Rentorar bowed her head to show her regards. "Same here."

Ichiro placed a hand on Jun's head. "Look, Jun, I saw that second shot there. That was amazing." At that, Jun looked slightly upset. "You have potential, blondie. It doesn't matter whether you get the first move or not. This is nothing. Shift your emotions into the second match, alright?"

"Um… sure."

It was the last shot. Ichiro was two points ahead of Jun. The senpai felt quite confident in his skills.

"Don't be giving up now, Jun-Kun," Ichiro encouraged. "Everything's going to begin once one of us wins." He retrieved the last arrow and placed it on the string of the bow. "Face the target like the shinobi you really are."

Jun felt moved by Ichiro's words. The blonde felt like he's gotten his confidence and self-esteem back. "Yeah, I know that. Why wouldn't I?" He grinned as he grabbed his last arrow.

The two of them pulled back the string. The feathered end of the arrow brushed against their cheeks as they held the arrow close to their lips. Jun's blood was pumping rapidly. A drop of sweat rolled down his cheeks. He breathed slowly as he focused on the center of the target. Dialga watched silently.

Everything happened in a split second. Both released their arrow. They pierced the air with great force and speed. The heads of the arrows were just inches away from the target. There was no telling what the scores were yet. The arrows struck the targets.

Everyone leaned in to see the score.

"Ichiro Rentorar, 8! Jun Dialga, 10!" Takeshi blew his whistle. "Jun Dialga wins the first move!"

Hikari jumped into the air in joy. "Jun won! Jun won!"

Shinji nodded in approval. "Now that's what I call a comeback." He looked at Kengo and Akira. "Looks like Ichiro's kouhai beat him in his own game."

"How interesting," Akira hummed. "I never thought I'd see Ichiro-Senpai lose."

"I heard that!" Ichiro shouted from the platform. "I'm just as normal as anyone else, Akira-Kun!"

Akira stuck out a tongue playfully.

"Well played, Team Shinji, well played." Kengo gave them applause. "It seems like we have a rocky battlefield, so this might take a while." He noticed Takeshi approaching them. "Let's start this." Kengo and Akira prepared to fight. "We can't underestimate you, though."

Hikari smiled devilishly. "You shouldn't. If you do for even a second, watch me pound my victory into you."

Shinji sighed as he rolled his eyes. "Less talk, more battle." He waited for Takeshi to blow the whistle. "But you might want to watch your back."

Takeshi stepped into the battlefield and raised his arm. "Team Shinji vs. Team Kengo, commence battle!" The moment he signaled the start, the opponents moved in a flash.

Hikari jumped high into the sky, in an attempt to blind them, while Shinji disappeared into the shadows. Kengo and Akira didn't fall for it. They expected Shinji to ambush them from the shadows while Hikari distracted them. However, they didn't take just that into account. It also could've been the opposite. The two separated from each other right before Hikari or Shinji could attack them.

Jun prepared to shoot an arrow at any of his opponents. He had the arrow in his fingers, ready to attack at anything. Of course, Ichiro wasn't going to allow that. Ichiro kept an eye on the blonde while focusing on the battlefield.

Kengo and Akira hid behind large rocks to cover themselves from attack. However, they couldn't let their guards down. The two had a Dialga, Cresselia, and Darkrai that could attack from anywhere. The one they had to mainly watch out for was Shinji Darkrai, the one being that can move through and as shadows.

Kengo gripped the hilt of his katana tighter. Geez, it's only been a minute, and I already feel nervous! He took a quick glance at Akira and met his eyes. They nodded to each other. The two ran out of their hiding spots and found Hikari all alone.

She was startled. She hadn't expected them to come out so quickly. Where's Shinji-Senpai? Nevertheless, it was up to her to throw them off. She bit her lip and prepared to go into combat with two opponents.

Seeing how Shinji hadn't appeared for a while, Kengo and Akira decided to try defeating Hikari first. They brought their blades down at the same time.

Adrenaline was running through Hikari's blood, giving her the ability to move without giving thought. In her vision, the world became slow. It was as if it was placed in the palm of her hands. Without another second to waste, she ducked and deflected the blades with her own. Kengo and Akira jumped back, surprised.

"What?" Akira exclaimed. "How is that possible?"

"He's strong, alright," Kengo admitted. "But he can't keep that up too long! Let's go!" Now they split and went around her. Hikari didn't flinch or look the least bit panicked. Her expression became impassive, as if nothing was interesting her at all. Her eyes did seem to glance behind her. Unfortunately, Kengo caught that.

So he'll be coming out from her shadow, huh? Clever, but not cunning enough, Akira smugly thought. He suddenly pivoted in front of Hikari and jumped into the sky. "Not this time, Darkrai!" As for Kengo, he charged at Hikari from behind. "Agility!" Akira and Kengo were surrounded by a green light and increased their speed. They were faster than before!

While Kengo was planning to trip Hikari, Akira was going to catch hold of her when she jumps. However, they underestimated the her. A second before their attacks met Hikari, she twisted in mid-air! As she did so, Shinji suddenly materialized from the shadows and grabbed Kengo by the collar.

Shinji hurled Kengo to the opposite side of the field, and Hikari kicked Akira down to the ground. Jun shot an arrow at Kengo's sleeve to hold him when he hit a rock. Ichiro was definitely not going to let that happen. He shot an arrow at Jun's to deviate it from its original path.

"Wha-?" Jun looked at Ichiro, only to find him shaking his head smugly at the blonde. "… Damn."

Kengo bounced off another rock and flew at Shinji. An orb formed at the palm of his hands and flung it at Shinji. "Aura Sphere!" Then, he moved his hands to his mouth, like a funnel. "Hydro Pump!" He spewed a powerful burst of water to join forces with the Aura Sphere.

"Pfft," Shinji sighed, "Pathetic." He grabbed his sword with only one hand, pointing the tip at the oncoming attack. He drew a circle around it, a dark ring following his movements. "Dark Pulse." With a small push of his sword, it became a beam of dark rings. They destroyed the aura sphere, causing an explosion.

And what explosion didn't include smoke?

The smoke hovered over the whole battlefield, disabling sight. It was too bad that Ichiro had the ability of x-ray vision. He rolled his eyes at how startled and idiotic they looked when they couldn't see. It was an amusing scene to see. "Geez…" He heard a much familiar sound and ducked. An arrow shot past above his head. "Whoa there, Jun-Kun. You could've decapitated me."

"Oh please," Jun laughed, "With your keen sense of sight and hearing, there's no way you can be." He looked closely at the arrow. "Besides, these things are rigged so that they won't harm anyone too seriously."

"You already figured all that in just a few minutes?" Ichiro asked in surprise.

"Yeah, I've always had this kind of skill," Jun smugly declared. "My knowledge is especially helpful in these kinds of battles." Something caught his senses. It was coming from Hikari's direction. "Hikaru! Akira's going to use Screech!" On cue, an ear-piercing sound echoed throughout the battlefield. Hikari's shrieked at how painful it pounded against her ears. "HIKARU!"

But suddenly, the screech stopped and Akira let out a grunt of pain. "Ugh!"

"Thanks, Jun!" Hikari shouted. She then looked around her. The smoke wasn't clearing up, and there was no way to attack without using ears. This has become extremely annoying… No choice, then. Multiple copies of her appeared and split up. It was better to try her luck than doing nothing until the smoke cleared.

Meanwhile, Shinji and Kengo were going all-out. They didn't need vision. Shinji was already an elite-skilled student, and Kengo had the power of a legendary Pokémon. There was no way a little thing like this was going to stop them.

Collisions of their blades were heard.

"Ancient Power!" Kengo lifted his arms with his strength as large pieces of rock began to float. "Hah!" He threw them at Shinji.

"Gotta do better than that." Shinji disappeared into the shadows and traveled across the ground. In the world of shadows, all he could see were shadows. Despite the smoke creating a shadow, he was keen enough to sense what was human or an object. He grabbed Kengo by the ankle and pulled him. "Faint Attack."

Kengo met ground with a lot of pain in his nose, but that didn't stop him. "Spacial Rend!" He then slammed the ground with his tail and hit Shinji. The ground was engulfed in a dark violet circle.

"Guaaaaah!" Shinji cried. There was pain striking at every nerve of his body. His wound was pounding with desperation to make it stop. Damn it all! He had to get Kengo off of him somehow. "No choice, huh…?" He trembled as he lifted his palm at Kengo. A small ball of black formed. "Sorry about this, but there's no choice right now. Dark Void." The small orb collided with Kengo, surrounding him in a world of darkness.

He lost consciousness and lost strength. Shinji sighed in relief and moved Kengo's tail aside. The smoke was beginning to disappear. "Tch, it decides to disappear now?" He averted his attention to Kengo, whose face twisted in fear. "… I can't do anything to wake you up, so I'll just be draining some of your energy."

Shinji then turned into a shadow-like figure and proceeded to pass through Kengo. No one could hurt him if he was in this state. He passed through Kengo and recovered some of his injuries. Unfortunately, when Kengo comes to, he's going to feel quite weak. Even the prince felt slightly bad for the brown-haired fellow. "Better luck next time."

Ichiro felt Kengo's aura fade into a small flame. "Tch, looks like Kengo's down." He found Shinji simply walking away from the boy. "Hm? Why isn't he eliminating Kengo from the battle?"

"That's probably because of what Hikaru requested him," Jun answered, "Hikaru apparently wanted to battle Kengo on his own, so he requested that Shinji doesn't out him if he ever battles Kengo."

"Boo." Ichiro chuckled.

Jun shrugged. "Hey, what can I tell ya? Hikaru is the one person who can get that guy to do something." He then looked at Ichiro. "You know, I kind feel bad that you can't use your powers. You're an electric type, so if you miss, it'll only hit the ground. Not gonna really help with the attacks, huh?"

"Ah, I hoped you wouldn't notice…" Ichiro murmured in dismay. "I can't do anything about it. But maybe I can do something like this." He aimed his arrow at Kengo. "Discharge." A ray of electricity sparked from the wood of the arrow. Within half a second, the arrow was shooting towards Kengo's chest. When it hit, it shocked him to the point he woke up. "There we go."

The blonde's jaw dropped. "Wha…? Dammit, I should've seen that coming!" Everything happened in a flash before him… in a second! "Damn, Shinji's effort went to waste! But you do know you just took away more of Kengo's health, right?"

Ichiro smirked at Jun's comment. "I know. But he's not that weak. He's got a legendary Pokémon as his partner. He's gonna be hard to take down." He took a second to think. "At the most, his health is probably at half by now."

"Thanks, Ichiro-Senpai!" Kengo shouted. He then rushed back into the battlefield. Shinji dodged his oncoming kick. "Worst trick ever, dude."

Shinji cocked a brow with the most deadpanned eyes. "What trick?" The word 'Evil' was written all over his face. A vein popped in Kengo's forehead, irritated from the prince's jokes. "By the way, thanks for the energy. It was a good meal." Another session of sword-fighting commenced.

Hikari was hiding behind a rock, covered in cuts. Akira had used Fury Cutter on her while she was distracted by Shinji's cry of pain. Agh, I hate it when cuts actually hurt more than wounds, she grimly thought. Most of her duplicates were defeated, and there was only a few left around.

It was a little game of hide-and-seek, Akira's favorite game during a battle.

"Mind Reader," Akira whispered under his breath. He focused his thoughts on the blue-haired shinobi, trying to hear his thoughts.

This isn't going to work, he heard, What can I do to throw him off for just a few seconds?

Akira rolled his eyes smugly at how naïve she was. "You know, if you think like that, you'll never win this," he plainly stated. He heard the panic cycling around Hikari's thoughts. "Pfft, really? You must be nearby if you heard me."

OH SHOOT, what if mom's watching this?

"…" Akira felt dumbfounded for a moment. "Wait, what?" He gave up and hopped on every rock with extreme speed. Forget this. I'm going to find you and get you out once and for all. "I'm done playing games, bluey." Akira stopped, looking down on a familiar face.

A dark, ominous shadow loomed over Hikari. Her eyes widened as she turned her head to see a devil's grin slapped on Akira's face. "… Oh Arceus, help me."

"Too late!" With a blink of an eye, Akira was an inch away from Hikari. He brought his sword up to her neck as if planning to slice it.

"Oh no, you're not!" Hikari countered Akira and struggled to hold him back. She had to be aware of his lightning speed and strength. They may have been the same age, but that didn't mean he was weak as her. Screw this damn…!

"Language, Hikaru-San," Akira warned, "I still have Mind Reader for a few more minutes. I can read whatever you're thinking right now."

Would you believe me if I said my clone is right behind you? Hikari jumped back as her clone attacked Akira.

Akira countered her attack and wounded her with Fury Cutter. He then turned back to the real Hikari to attack her. However, she was gone! "Alright then, where are you?" Suddenly, he felt warm drops on his cheek. The Hikari that he had attacked was the real one! "Shit!"

Hikari's finger was surrounded by a pink glow when she pointed to the sky. Gray clouds quickly gathered and formed a spiral, centering on her one finger. "It finally seems like it's time for you to go, Akira-Kun." Hikari smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry!" The instant she brought her finger down, a large beam of light was brought down upon Akira. As soon as the light disappeared, Hikari gently pressed her blade on Akira's neck.

Takeshi blew a whistle. "Akira Tekkanin has been eliminated from the match! Continue battle!" Akira was taken out from the battlefield by a stream of light and transferred to the audience.

Kengo's eyes widened. What? Akira was defeated? By him? He powerfully deflected Shinji's sword and escaped. That's impossible. Akira's one of the fastest people I know!

Shinji smugly chuckled. "I never thought he would've used such a strong move." He glanced ahead of him, where he was certain Hikari and Kengo were about engage in combat. "Well, I'd better go and help that idiot." However, he was stopped by Ichiro's arrow. "Tch, are you really going to make this hard for me?"

Ichiro grinned, giving Shinji a little wave. Jun rolled his eyes and shot an arrow at Ichiro. Of course, he ducked. "You still can't get me, you know."

Jun blew a few strands of hair away. "I don't care… as long as Shinji can get to Hikaru, I'm willing to attempt at getting you anytime." He pulled his arrow toward Ichiro. A white glowing orb was forming at the tip of it. "If I shoot this, you'll be blinded and hurt too."

"Ah, ah, ah, you can't take down archers, remember?"

"… Hm." Jun lowered his bow. "I figured, but that wasn't meant for you." Ichiro felt a wave of panic when he realized what Jun was talking about. He tried to stop Jun, but… "Too late, Ichiro-Senpai." The blonde shot the arrow, which was flying toward Kengo. It was too late for Ichiro to swerve it away from its path.

The arrow struck the ground between Kengo and Hikari.

"Uh-oh," Hikari squeaked. She ran away from the arrow to a nearby boulder to hide. Unfortunately, Kengo couldn't escape fast enough. The arrow exploded into a blinding light and wiped out some of the rocks. It even blew Kengo away in the midst of the attack.

When the light faded away, Hikari peered into their original battle spot. He wasn't there! "W-where…?"

"Hikaru! Run!" Jun shouted. "He's in a different space dimension!"

Hikari flew up in the sky… before Kengo appeared from a dimensional hole to attack her. She sighed in relief. Her heart was beating so quickly from the suspense. She spotted Shinji coming over to her. A whooshing sound caught her ear, and she managed to dodge an arrow shot by Ichiro. "Whew, that was close."

Shinji finally arrived to the area and looked up to find Hikari dodging arrows from Ichiro. Jun was doing his best to get most of the arrows though. "Get down here, you idiot! Just because you're in the sky doesn't mean he can't attack you there!"

"WHAT?" The warning came late. A dimensional hole suddenly appeared in front of her and a pump of water was shot at her. She took the hit and plunged towards the ground.

"Watch out!" Shinji slid towards her to break the fall. He managed to catch her in his arm and slung Hikari over his shoulder. "Don't just stand there and watch! You have to react when I say something!" Something suddenly caught him off-guard. "Do you eat?" he murmured. "You're… much lighter than I thought."

Hikari blushed heavily. "S-Stop running! Let me down!" Shinji did so. "T-that doesn't matter! We've got to defeat Kengo!"

"Not if I can help it!" Ichiro replied from the platform." He shot a single arrow and called, "Double Team!" The arrow multiplied into hundreds of them!

Shinji gripped Hikari's shoulder. "There are only three real ones. Ichiro added in two more arrows just now."

"Aqua Tail!" Kengo slammed his tail against Hikari and Shinji, making them fly back. "Good job Ichiro-Senpai!" He caught the three arrows that Ichiro had shot. The two crashed against a large rock, which then cracked into little pieces.

Shinji stifled the cry of pain that was trying to burst out of his throat. "Ngh…!" He swore he felt something warm ooze down his arm. Goddammit! He fell on the ground, trying his best to hold himself up and awake. It wasn't sleep that was threatening to make him unconsciousness, but the desire to escape from the pain for a while. "Grah!" He fell on his uninjured arm.

"Shinji-Senpai? Senpai!" Hikari gasped. "Pull yourself together!" She paused… "Wait…" She looked at her palm, which was completely covered in blood! "Someone – MMPH!" Her mouth was gagged by Shinji's hand.

"Don't you dare tell anyone about this!" he hissed. "I'm fine, so let me fight."

She gulped in worry. But she had no choice. If Shinji was this insistent on fighting, she was going to oblige. "Yes, sir." She helped him up and looked at Kengo, who was waiting for them to make their move. "That guy's mocking us."

"You're not going to let him do that, are you?" Shinji smirked. "Look, I'm really fine. This is nothing." He then looked at Hikari's injuries. "What happened to you?" He noticed that she was covered in scratches, a few gashes, and blood oozing out of them.

"Akira decided to go all-out." Hikari nervously laughed. "Anyways, let's go beat that guy!"

The two ran over to Kengo. "Geez, where were you? I was getting bored waiting for you guys." He smiled smugly at them. "What are you waiting for?" He gestured to them to attack him. "Attack me already, will ya?"

Shinji sighed roughly. "I should teach you not to talk so condescendingly toward your senpai." He prepared his Dark Pulse in his hand.

"Double Team!" Clones of Hikari appeared around Kengo. They all pointed their katana at him, an orb of Aurora Beam threatening to attack him. "You sure you don't want to forfeit?"

Kengo smirked. "Are you sure you don't want to?" He jumped, his fist drawn back. "Spacial Rend!" He punched the ground and a dark circle engulfed all the clones. Every clone of Hikari disappeared, but the real one was nowhere to be found. "Where are you…?"

"Aren't you just glad that the sun's in the right position right now?" Shinji's sarcastic voice echoed throughout the battlefield. Kengo looked behind him to see if Shinji was behind him.

But he looked the wrong way. Since he turned around, his shadow was now in front of him. Shinji had materialized out of Kengo's shadow before Kengo can even realize. Shinji punched Kengo square in the face. Kengo was sent flying towards Hikari, who was ready to shoot Aurora Beam at Kengo. Shinji also prepared to shoot Dark Pulse at him also.

When he was the middle of both of them, they shot their attacks at him. Shinji and Hikari then shot themselves through their own rings to get a boost of speed. When they both arrived to the center, they high-fived each other and kicked Kengo to the ground.

"Ugh…" Kengo grunted painfully. He found Shinji and Hikari towering over him with their blades pressing on his neck. "Alright, alright." Kengo laughed. "You guys got me real good."

Takeshi blew his whistle that signaled the end of the battle. "Kengo Palkia has been defeated! Team Shinji wins the match!" The audience burst into enthusiastic cheer. It was one of the best battles they've ever watched!

"Congratulations to Team Shinji!" Reiji stood up and applauded. "Team Kengo, you did your very best! You will surely be rewarded for your efforts!"

Hikari slapped her hanging mouth shut from surprise. "We… we won…?" she slowly breathed out. Jun rushed over to them in excitement. "Jun, we won! We totally won, dude!"

"You two were amazing!" Jun remarked. "The way you overwhelmed Kengo? That was genius!" He rubbed Hikari's head with his knuckle. "You little dream boy, you!"

"Ow, Jun! Ow, that hurts!" Even so, Hikari laughed from the joy of victory.

Shinji patted Hikari and Jun's heads. "You two did great," he quietly said. When he received surprised reactions in response, he sighed hesitantly. "I mean it. But don't expect me to compliment you everyday, got it?"

Hikari laughed, her cheeks turning a tint of pink. "Roger that, Shinji-Senpai."


"… What do you think, sir?"

"It obviously can't be that blonde or the prince. It could be that blue-haired shinobi."

"But we do not have enough proof yet, sir."

"Did you do a background check on that boy?"

"Yes, sir. His name is Aikawa Hikaru and 10-years old. His family is (mother) Aikawa Ayako, (the deceased father) Aikawa Katsumi Celebi, and (twin sister) Aikawa Hikari. Their mother runs a café in Futaba Town, but she is quite sickly so his twin sister is helping out."

"Did you just say that his father is the Celebi?"

"Yes, sir."

"Ah, that man… He was a rebel of society. He foiled my plans back then. I can't believe he just died without giving me an opportunity to torture him."

"Akagi-Sama, you shouldn't jump into conclusions so quickly." A purple-haired woman shook her head. "Give me that." She read over a scroll that contained Hikaru's background information. "Apparently, the father didn't reveal what he was doing to his family… except that he was just part of the war. He didn't disclose any information about him involved with the Murasaki Legacy."

Akagi groaned. "Then the Dream Messenger can't be that boy!" He slammed his hand on the arm of his chair. "Then who's the Dream Messenger?"

"Unfortunately, you won't be able to find that out immediately," a different voice sounded from behind Akagi and his commanders. They all turned around in shock. A mysterious man dressed in all black was standing behind them. "It's going to be hard to get information from here, considering how no one 'royal' other than Prince Reiji and Prince Shinji can enter Tobari Shinobi Academy."


The mysterious man smiled through his mask. "What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost."


The man's eyes turned grave. "If you ever lay a finger on any of the students here, you will deal with me… Akagi." He crossed his arms and shook his head. "You know, I still remember everything you did."


"C'mon, Akagi. I'm sure you remember me, right?"


"Anyways…" The man cracked his sore joints. "The Dream messenger is not that boy. Try it again… but I wouldn't recommend it." He then disappeared in a green portal.

Akagi gritted his teeth and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Damn it."

"Who was that, Akagi-Sama?"

"I have a headache. Leave."

His commanders left the room to give him time to think.

Who was that mysterious man that appeared out of nowhere? Why did the man shock Akagi to the point he turned pale? No one knew who he was, except Akagi.

The man took off his mask and sighed. "I can't believe he suspected her."

"But it can't be helped! Shinji-Kun is injured, so there's no one else AT THE MOMENT who has skills as good as him!"

"I cannot believe this. I thought Akagi would've given up."

"But he now knows that it still exists."

"I don't blame Shinji-Kun. He's doing this for the sake of the people. Besides, it doesn't matter. He can't find it." The man turned to his partner. "I am so frustrated. I can't even protect my own little girl! Akagi's already suspected her! I've barely managed to make him drop his suspicion of her."

"I'm sure he won't suspect her anymore."

"I'm afraid that I'm going to lose my own daughter someday." The man took out a pair of glasses from his uniform. "What am I going to do, Celebi?"


"Who's there?" Satoshi's voice was heard yards away behind him. "Hello?"

Katsumi quickly put on his glasses and changed his form. "Thanks for the help, Celebi," he whispered, "Tropius can take it from here." He threw his mask into a nearby bush. His clothes changed instantly into his Tropius form. Large leaf wings grew from his back, along with delicious-looking yellow fruits. He breathed deeply.

Satoshi appeared from the trees. "Ah! Katsu-Sensei, what are you doing here?" He looked around. "I thought you would've been watching Team Shinji's match!"

"Oh, I've watched their battle," Katsumi replied. "I am quite proud of them, especially that boy Hikaru. He's grown strong in a short period of time." He nudged his glasses up and smiled pleasantly. "What about you, Satoshi-Kun? What are you doing here?"

"I was just doing a little patrolling." Satoshi looked around again before whispering, "I ran into the royal military earlier, and they were saying something about the Dream Messenger."

"The Dream Messenger, you say?" Katsumi questioned. "Well, what do you think about it?"

"I dunno. But I did manage to get them scrambling away. Plus, they had Shinji."


Satoshi shrugged indifferently. "Yeah. They were comparing his face to their stupid drawing of the Dream Messenger." His eyes once again turned cold. "Now why would the military come to this academy, hm?" He leaned against a tree, thinking hard about it. "Perhaps they think that if they catch the Dream Messenger, they'll find the Murasaki Legacy."

"Well, he did mention that the Murasaki Legacy still exists."

"Does it, though?" Satoshi then averted his attention to Katsumi. "Does it really exist… Legendary Time Traveler Katsumi-San?"

Katsumi swallowed a lump of uneasiness down his throat. Satoshi was right.

Midorikawa Katsu-Sensei was Aikawa Katsumi Celebi, the Legendary Time Traveler Katsumi…

Also known as… Aikawa Hikari's father.


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