Zahilia POV

I leant forward and kissed my pretend mother, Alberta, on the cheek. Saraetta did the same. As twins, we looked nothing alike, me being Moroi and her Dhampir, but our actions were what gave us away. We did exactly the same thing, put us both through the same test and you get the same outcome repeated. We were also kind of telepathic. We talked to each other through our minds. Us twins were a bag of surprises. "Have fun at school," our 'mother' called, knowing full well that school was a place of torture and masks. I nodded for her benefit while Saraetta and I both mentally jinxed ourselves. Gag splutter gag, we had both thought at the same time.

Ugh, Damper training for the morning.

Come on, suck it up, you know you like taking your frustrations out on people. That's why you broke my foot in the lunch line, 'member? I thought cheerily as she blushed deep red and the people walking past were looking at us strangely.

I'm gonna kill you, Zah, someday I'm gonna kill you.

Yeah, but I'll know when you're going to so I can run away and hide.

Until I find you.

It's called living in the present, Saar.

We do we call each other the same nickname?

It has something to do with us wanting to make up for our lack of un-identicalness, apparently.

We all know that's complete and utter bulllpoopies.

You mean shit. Swear, it makes you disrespectful.

She mind-rolled her eyes at me.

I walked into my class, fire magic. Why couldn't I rotate magic classes, seeing as I specialized in them all? There was a new Moroi standing at the back, looking quite comfortable. She had straight blonde hair and startling green eyes. She would mix in with the crowd. The student body introduced me and I stayed quiet the whole time because of the introduction I got, "And that's the girl who doesn't voluntarily talk, her eyes bore into you instead. She and her sister are freaks. Zahilia and Saraetta."

Fire magic went quickly and so did textiles, though textiles was enjoyable: we were doing cross stitching, my favourite.

French went slowly as I cannot speak French to save my I can, Sauvez-moi!Aide, un strigoi est m'attaquer (Save me! Help, a Strgoi is attacking me) but not fluently.

I walked by my loner self to lunch, until Saar caught up with me. We kept heading towards the cafeteria. One of the good things about being a stuffed-up Dhampir-Moroi thing was that I didn't have to go to the feeders or drink blood

Saraetta POV

"Miss Pedroski please answer the question."

Oh bullpoopie I hadn't been paying attention. I was watching Zar in fire magic class. It was time like these I was glad I had problems like the mind reading thing. Zar and I had a bond but I could read all peoples thoughts.

Ha there is no way you can find the answer to that one. Who was the first person to be change to a strgoni and changed back and who did it. I'm a genius. Only a few people know that so there's know way she can answer.


"It was guardian Beloski and Queen Valissa," I said will a smile on my face.

He was saying something to me but the bell rang cutting him off. I smiled and slipped into Zahs head, bored with walking to combat class

Zah was skipping absentmindly because she was on her way to sewing

SEWING! She was happy because she was going to sewing. She is sooooo old fashioned

I walked into to class just before 'mum' did. She had a worried look on her face. I rolled my eyes at her and unluckily she caught me.

Don't be rude. Your lucky I'm taking this class or that could on been trouble.

Ugh it was time like this where she said I acted like my mommy.

"Ok class I have some news," she said.

Yip tee do

"Guardian Hathaway and Guardian Beloski are coming in to talk to you and demonstrate some things tomorrow and I would like you to be on your best behaviour, ok now let's get started."

I was soo happy Rose Hathaway is my idol. And she is coming here.

I walked up to 'mum' not showing my excitement. We always went in a pair because I was better that all the other novices.

When the bell rang I went to find Zah.


She mentally greeted me. We walked over to the food line

What's all the fuss about over at the royal table

oh Queen valissa's daughter just moved here and her family are moving tomorrow

Great another royal pain in the bot bot

You know it wouldn't kill u to swear

I grabbed a chocolate iced dounat from the tray and Zah grabbed a salad

You know it wouldn't kill you to eat unhealthy food once in a while

The new girl keeps looking at us she thought picking at her food

I look at her she excused herself and started walking over to our table

New royal walking our way

WHAT! Why does she want to talk to us?

I don't know I guess where about to find out