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Rose's POV

As soon as I had finished unpacking I was exhausted. I went to the room next door as Lisa had fallen asleep already. As soon as I laid down I was dragged in to a sprit dream.

"You little fake," "Well you weren't going to unpack for me otherwise now were you?" she said as a grin spread across her face.

"Let me go back to sleep,"

"I know you know you're already asleep,"

"Actually I'm half asleep"

"yer well thats because I managed to drag you when you were half asleep but you could probably leave on purpose"


"no wait I wanted to talk to you"


"was it on your honnymoon?"

"was what on my ohhhh"

"well was it?"


"why didn't you tell me where best friends and you told about you and dimitri and invited me to the wedding and Ohmigosh Rose your going to have to tell them and both your parents and"

"what! No way. Why do I have to tell anyone"

"dont you think they like to talk to their parents ever?"

"they do I have written heaps of letters and I called them before they could read and write and Dimitri has done the same. I think its better than living with your parents personaly. We never fight and they're not afraied of me because I cant hurt them and I have more time to think what they say through"

"What about the family picnic and ball? You know how it feals to not have any family show up for those."

"fine but not right now"

"You have a week I sugest you tell Dimitri's family and Adrian"s tomorrow"


When the dream faded I dreamed of our wedding. I woke up when somthing wraped around me I rolled over to face him. He saw the worry in my face straight away

"what wrong Roza"

"my best friends evil skeming person"

"How so this time?"

"she worked out about Saretta and that let to Zahialia and since it lisa that means"

"she wants people to know?"He guess


"don't listen then"

"I cant. she's using my past and the fact my parents never came to anything as a reason and trust me not having people show up is crap"

"so what are we going to do?"

"exactly what she wants us to do we are going to tell people. Starting with your family and Adrian and Jill but not Josh"

I could see excitement on his face but also worry I was going to ask why when I was dragged into another sprit dream. It was Adrian

"Shouldn't you be talking with your wife and not me"

"It good to see you too little dhamper"

"hold on ill be back"

Before he could respond I pulled myself out of the dream

"I'm going to tell Adrian now mabey jill if he can get us both in the one dream"

He opened his mouth to say somthing but I was already being pull back into a sprit dream

"Gosh Adrian would counting to 30 kill you"

"Knowing him probably" came lisa voice as she steped out from behind a tree

"What do you want now lisa"

"to tell you that I'm making your dress for the picnic slash ball "

"ugh the day that I'm dreadying and just to let you know I was about to tell Adrian when you intrupted me"

"well let go talk to Adrian now and will pick up Jill on the way mabey even dimitri"

I felt my stomach do a flip wether it was nerves or the fact I hate the feeling I get when when she does it "right who did you manage to drag in" I said

"say I if your present" lisa said "Lisa I rose"

I decided that this was stupid

"I ... Think this is stupid" She ignored my comment


"I and where am I"


"I and this is very impressive how many people you have dragged into this dream"


"I why am I here ohhhh"



"hey I never agreed to fire boy" I said

"tough cookies it'll be like a bandaid rip it of all at once" Lisa responded

"hey um could somebody explain what's going on?" asked Jill

"dimitri and I have something to tell you" I gestured for dimitri to finsh

"no way rose it you who is explaining" Lisa said

"evil" I muttered under my breath then continued "ok so you know how I'm shadow kissed"

There was a mix reply of yer,yes and yep

"well that sot a means that I can get pregnant with dhampires"

"OMG rose your pregnant?"Jill said

"no" I took a deep breath then continued"but I once was"

The room fell into silence which dimitri broke

"their name are Saraetta and Zahilia and the go to st vladers and are 14 years old"

"Alberta is their fake mother"I added

"so that girl I saw today was your daughter?" christen asked


"now before I let every one who wants to leave leave I want to say one thing that you all need to here rose you's are telling them tomorrow" Lisa said with her hands on her hips

I looked at dimity and he nodded


"now those of you who want to leave may leave"

"Im defiantly staying Josh is very annoying" Jill said

"I agree" Adrian said

"dissing your own son I see" christen said

"well I want to talk to you so I'm staying even if it only for a few minutes" I said

"excuse us" I said while dragging Lisa away

"I'm gonna tell brook and Josh after I tell the girls tomorrow"

"nar don't let them tell their friends"

"they don't even know Josh yet"

"yes but considering that and daughters are friends i have reason to believe that the other will do the same thing and become friends with Josh" she said

"ok well think I'm going to go back to dreaming now"


With that I left and fell back into my wedding dream

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