Another flood!

Erogenous Zones

"The ass is really a sensitive thing."

Shizuo grunted, his eyes clenched shut and his brow ticking. He was lying on his back, his legs bend and knees near his head. Izaya was bent over her him, rubbing a finger over his testes gently, watching then draw up. Izaya continued.

"If you think about it, one too many enemas and your stuck doing them for life! Such a delicate thing to mess with on a weekly basis. So easy to hurt and tear. It's also a big erogenous zone. Many people get off on having their ass played with."

Shizuo let out a growl. Did Izaya ever shut up? He just wanted to get off. He didn't give a fuck about how delicate the ass was or anything like that. He knew his ass was sensitive. If it weren't, he would like this. Izaya laughed.

"The whole genital region is sensitive actually. You already know your penis is sensitive, don't you Shizu-chan? The foreskin... the corona... your testicles... heh. Such very sensitive areas."

Izaya's finger tip caressed right underneath Shizuo's balls. He purred. "But did you know of other sensitive spots?"

He grunted. He didn't care... he just wanted to enjoy this. He gritted his teeth, about to bark at Izaya when the man ran a finger over the space between his testicles and his ass. Shizuo hissed at the sensation, rocking his hips against that sinful finger.

Izaya smirked. "For example, the perineum. It's truly a neglected area. A lot of men are so sensitive on their testes... almost ticklish! And ah~ the perineum is a lot like the testicles in their sensitivity."

"Shut the fuck up flea. So annoying."

"I'm trying to educate you, dear Shizu-chan."

"Don't care. I wanna get off."

Izaya sniffed. "Don't worry Shizu-chan, you'll get off... trust me."

Shizuo hissed as Izaya leaned forward and licked the taut hole, his finger rubbing against his perineum, a nail scrapping against it gently. Shizuo groaned as that tongue rubbed against him his hole- back and forth; back and forth... it was a teasing motion, one that made Shizuo grit his teeth and shiver.

Izaya pulled back, licking his lips. "The perianal area is really an interesting thing. Women have it to, you know? Of course the anogenital distance is a lot small in women... yours is quite long, Shizu-chan~ but then again, you are quite big."

Shizuo growled. "Are you going to fuck me or talk me to sleep? Because I can easily get up and leave."

Izaya laughed wickedly. "Oh, I don't think it would be that easy. You're already hard and your hole is twitching. Arousal would definitely slow you." He let out another snicker and raised an eyebrow. "You need to relax, Shizu-chan! Here I am, only aiming to please you and you spit in my face... so ungrateful~"


The warning note made Izaya laugh. "Okay, okay... but you should really think about... the perineum and it's usefulness in foreplay."

That finger rubbed against the skin around his hole, making Shizuo pant and clench his eye shut. Izaya smirked as he watched his finger rotate against that flesh. He hummed and grinned up at Shizuo. "Did you know, you can stimulate the prostate by putting pressure on the perineum?"

Shizuo opened his mouth to tell Izaya to shut the fuck up again when he felt sparks jet through his system. He groaned and arched his back as Izaya pressed with fingers against the skin between his balls and his ass... rotating those fingers gently- stimulating that skin.

His cock bobbed and began drooling out precum... begging to be touched. Izaya grinned as he watched Shizuo roll his hips against Izaya's ministrations. "Hn... looks like you enjoy this, eh, Shizu-chan?"

"Fuck, flea... shut up... hm..."

Izaya snickered and rubbed the perineum up and down... rolling his finger down and then back up sensuously. He removed his hand and leaned down. His tongue flickered out. Starting from the base of his testicles, he rolled his tongue down- running it along the perineum. His tongue dipped into the cavity of the perianal flesh and lapped at the hole inside.


Izaya's eyes glinted as he opened his mouth further, using more of his tongue against Shizuo's hole. He shivered as he heard the man mewl in pleasure.

There was something incredibly satisfying with how Shizuo responded. He pulled away, licking his lips and replacing his tongue with his fingers, pushing a single digit in. Shizuo's entire face turned a pink color, it looked ravishing on him. His cheeks were a little darker than the rest of his face and his mouth hung open in a pant. Izaya felt his cock twitch as he twisted his finger.

He enjoyed the mewling sound that came out of Shizuo's mouth.

Only he could take the dangerous beast of Ikebukuro and make him into a lovestruck kitten. Just that power alone was enough to get Izaya off. He grinned as he added another finger, watching the taut skin stretch to accommodate the other finger- Shizuo grunted, his brows creasing. Izaya leaned down to lick at an exposed nipple.

"While the perineum is sensitive and so is the glans penis... the prostate is by far my favorite sensitive spot on the male anatomy."

Shizuo's eyes widened as those two fingers dug in deep, stroking him against the area that had been pressed against earlier. He snarled out a whine.

Izaya let out a wicked laugh. "Althought, human anatomy has never been my favorite subject. I'd much rather dissect their psyche rather than their body. I leave that shit to Shinra."

Izaya gasped as suddenly a strong hand was around his neck. Shizuo was sitting up now, his hips bucking against the fingers inside of him while he glared wildly at Izaya. "Shut the fuck up and do this or else I will fucking kill you."

Izaya sneered, pressing his fingers in; hard.

Shizuo let go with a gasp and fell back to the bed, his back arching as those fingers pummeled his prostate- rubbing, rubbing; jabbing, jabbing... until! Shizuo groaned and came with a cry, his fluids jetting up and making a small mess on his lower belly. Izaya pulled his fingers out and grinned.

"Coming just by prostate stimulation... did it feel good, Shizu-chan?"


Izaya snickered. "That's what I thought."

He leaned in to Shizuo's ear, licking at the lobe before blowing hot air into his ear.

"My turn~"