This is a Jacob/Bella story. After Edward leaves in New moon, Bella takes her dad's advice and moves back to live with her mother, hoping a change of scenery will do her some good. Almost three years later she returns for her dad's wedding and soon realizes that maybe she wasn't meant to leave the supernatural world behind after all.

There will be Cullen's, Pack, Imprint loving, and a dash of drama.

The story is rated M for some language, lemons, and other adult situations. So if that's not your thing move on to the next story.

Also please excuse any typos, I don't have a beta yet and even though I do spell check, I do sometimes miss things!


Chapter 1


I sighed looking through the clothes hanging in my closest. I was trying to pack for my trip to Forks but the options I had were limited at best in the terms of Forks attire. My closest that was busting at the seems with mostly tank tops and shorts held almost nothing suitable for the dismal weather of Forks, Washington.

Well at least I had a ton of jeans.

It was pretty much the only thing I had packed so far. I guess I'd just have to go shopping in Port Angeles, once I got out there. I'd need to pick up a dress for the wedding anyway.

I was still having a hard time believing that my dad was getting married. Not that I wasn't happy for him, if anyone deserved a happily ever after its my dad. It had taken him almost sixteen years to get over what my mom leaving him did to his heart.

That doesn't mean I wasn't shocked as hell when he told me he and his short-time girlfriend but long time friend, Sue Clearwater, were getting married.

I had known Sue since I was just a baby. My father and her then husband Harry and, Billy were like the three musketeers of fishing. So I had been deposited in Sue's care often with her two children, Leah and Seth and, also Jake. Even though I probably wouldn't be able to pick either Leah or Seth out of a line up, considering I hadn't seen them since I was 12, I can still remember how she used to always watch us when our dads were fishing.

She always held a motherly warmth about her that I had never received from my own mother. Not to say that Renee didn't try, but she was more my best friend than my mom most of the time. Always there for me when I needed her but not in the way a mother should be. Her neurotic tendencies always made it difficult for her to give me the stable environment children needed.

I remember the longing feelings I used to have when I spent time at Sue's. She always seemed to know that I needed a little extra mothering because she never seemed to mind when I would stick to her side like glue during my visits to her house. She used to teach me how to cook simple things and if it wasn't for her lessons I'm sure me and Renee would have starved to death at some point during my teen years.

And even though I hadn't seen her since I was 12 years old. When my teenage angst starting kicking in and I made my dad start meeting me half way, and spending our two weeks a year together any where but Forks. Sue still always made it a point to send me a birthday card every year, even when I knew I couldn't count on my mother's scattered brain to remember, I could always count on the cookies she would send me every year, even though the number of them went up every September as I continued to get older, I could always count on them like clock work.

I had always really cared for Sue, admired her effortless mothering instincts and her strength after her husband died. It had been a hard time for her and my father when he died suddenly of a heart attack not long after I moved. Charlie had been there for her every step of the way, spending his free time doing all the things around the house, Harry was no longer around to take care of and making sure she didn't spend to much time alone. He had even stepped up teaching Seth how to drive when he turned sixteen.

So it really shouldn't have been that much of a surprise that when he came down to visit me to celebrate my first book being published a year after Harry had passed away that Sue was tagging along with him. I had been thrilled to see them both and when I questioned them on their relationship status my dad had turned a familiar shade of red when he told me they were just friends. But the way they stayed close together and stole not so subtle glances at each other the whole week told a different story all together.

And because of that I wasn't at all surprised that two months later when my book tour brought me to Seattle that they both showed up together again, this time holding hands. I thought my dad was going to stay a permanent shade of red with as much as I teased him. I had been so happy for them they were two people who I cared a great deal about and they both deserved the happiness.

It was only three months later when I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday that he told me Sue had agreed to marry him. I almost spit my coffee all of my laptop in surprise.

I mean didn't people usually date longer than that?

But after I had finished choking on my coffee I had quickly congratulated him and Sue, immediately offering up my help with the wedding. With my second book going through the editing process, I had nothing but time on my hands.

And that's how I found myself here. Standing in my bed room in front of a closet full of Arizona only appropriate clothing with no idea what to pack.

Like I said at least I had tons of jeans.

I had moved back to my mother's home in Arizona not long after Edward and I had broken up. I knew I would never be able to move on like I should from the loss of a whole family that I had once considered my own, if everywhere I looked there were memories bombarding me of them.

I had seen how I had worried my dad and after the first two weeks of zombie-Bella when he suggested a change of scenery might due me some good, I hastily agreed and my mother was meeting me at the airport 48 hrs later.

But I missed my dad. More than I had ever had before. Growing up I had gotten used to only seeing him a couple of weeks a year but I had grown to love what little time we had together during my too brief stay in Forks. So I made a vow to myself to make sure that my dad and I's relationship wouldn't be hurt from the distance between us.

The first couple of times we talked on the phone after my move I think he was just happy to hear me doing something other than moping around but we soon feel into a rhythm and our once, once a month phone calls turned in to one and two times a week.

And the guilt I had over even entertaining the thought of leaving my father and mother behind to believe I had died for my own selfish reasons eat away at me for months following the move back. I thought I was going to literally drown in it when Charlie told me after graduation that I was his most prized accomplishment.

So it took me a some time but after a while it was easier to focus on all of the positive things the Cullen's leaving brought into my life instead of the negative.

Now don't get my wrong, there is still apart of me that is still so pissed off that a group of people who had once called me daughter, friend, sister, could just all up and leave because the golden boy himself decided that I wasn't good enough to keep around. But I wasn't blind to the good things that have come into my life because of their absence.

My relationship with both Renee and Charlie had never been better, not to mention that the little time I had with them had actually been my inspiration for my first book and the accomplishment I felt when that book hit the bestsellers list was like nothing I had ever felt, not to mention the pride my dad's voice held when he told me how proud he was off me.

I may have my fair share of scars from their sudden abandonment but I wouldn't trade the life I have now for anything.

I startled at the sound of my phone ringing. Wondering how long it had been ringing before I heard it. I had a horrible habit of zoning out in my own thoughts. When I would write sometimes I'd zone out of hours at a time with nothing able to get break my attention.

I dove for my bed, digging through the layers of clothes piled on top of to find the phone that was now on its second set of rings. Finding it quickly I answered it without looking at the screen.

"Hello." I panted

"You okay Bella?" My mothers voice rang out from the other side.

"Yeah," I grunted, trying to right myself on the bed. "Just had to find the phone, what's up mom?"

"Nothing honey, just calling to let you know me and Phil won't be back tomorrow, we decided to take a week to ourselves for a vacation, are you going to be okay by yourself for another week?"

I sighed, rolling my eyes even though she couldn't see the gesture. "Mom I told you last week that I was leaving for Dad's today, and besides you and Phil haven't been home in almost three months and I've been fine so far haven't I?"

"I thought that wasn't for another month, how long are you staying again?" She asked, but even from way over here I could tell she was distracted by something.

"I don't know mom, that's why I'm driving down there because I don't know how long I'm staying." I reminded, doing my best to hold in my strong urge to sigh and remind her how we had already had this conversation.


"Mmmh, well okay Bella, you give Charlie my best okay. And let us know when you get there, we love you honey."

"I will, love you guys too." I sighed, hanging up my phone.

Phil's career had really taken off the last few years and he was a starter for a team in Jacksonville, Florida now. So even though they kept this house in Arizona, since I moved back here they've been spending nine months of the year in Florida since before I had moved back home. If they were home any more than that I would have moved into my own place long ago.

My mother had the habit of hovering.

A lot.

And if she tried to set me up on one more blind date with some random baseball player, I'm not going to be held accountable for the baseballs I throw at her very, very hard head.

I sighed getting back to me feet before making my way back to my closet. I had planned on leaving an hour ago. It was an almost twenty-five hour drive and if I wanted to stay any where near on schedule I would have to be leaving soon.

It was times like this that I actually missed having Alice around.

It was only five hours into the drive and I was already bored out of my mind. I had never driven this far before and I definitely didn't think there would be so much, nothing! And from the looks of it there was a whole lot more to come.

I sighed, thankful for the overstuffed leather sets of my Tahoe. This SUV had been the only thing I had ever really splurged on after the selling of my first book. Knowing not to put all my eggs in one basket as my dad always said, I saved most of it. Putting most it in CD's and a retirement fund. The rest of it went in a savings account that I used to keep my checking account stoked.

It wasn't like I had many bills. My mother and Phil refused to let me take care of any of the house bills and my truck was bought in cash, and I had never really been the kind of girl who went around wasting money just because I had it.

But I loved my truck, and I couldn't find it in myself to feel guilty about the amount of money I spent on it.

It was a little after midnight and the sixteen hour point when I decided to pull of and get a room. I was beyond exhausted and Charlie had called only twenty minutes before, all butt demanding that I pull over and get some sleep.

And he was right.

I grabbed only the smallest bag containing only clothes to sleep in tonight and something to wear tomorrow before going inside the Best Western motel to check in. Ten minutes later I was in my room striping out of my jeans and tank before opting to take a shower in the morning and pulling on my fresh sleep shorts and tank. I quickly brushed my teeth and set my alarm.

I was asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

It seemed like only minutes later that my alarm was going off. I groaned getting out of bed, I had placed it on the dresser across the room so I'd be forced to get up to turn it off. I've been known for hitting the snooze button a few to many times in a row and I didn't want to be late getting to Forks tonight.

Making my way to the bathroom room, I turned on the shower waiting for the water to warm up while I brushed my teeth. I made quick work of the shower washing and conditioning my air and, not for the first time silently thanking my mom for turning me on to waxing. It diffidently cut down on your shower time when you didn't have to shave your legs every other day.

Opting to let my hair air dry, I was repacked, dressed, and checked out twenty minutes later. After I quick stop at the gas station across the highway to refill my tank and grab something for breakfast I was back on the road for seven, with only about nine hours left to go I was thankful for the early time I set out yesterday. If I was able to stay on route I would make it there before dinner time.

I wonder what the Cullen's would think of the lead foot I had acquired over the last couple of years. In Forks it wasn't really necessary to go very fast any where, everything in Forks is located down one main strip that isn't more than ten minutes away from any direction. My first time driving in the city when I came back, was a whole different ball game all together. You either got out of the way or you were going to get either cursed out or ran over.

My stomach grumbling brought my attention to the time, and I was shocked to see that it was already after one. After I quick glance at the fuel gage I decided I'd stop at the next station and fill up and grab something small to eat.

I was surprised to feel small surge of excitement shoot its way through me when I pulled on to the road for my last leg of the drive. In just a couple hours I'd be home to see my dad and Sue. I was also looking forward to seeing Billy and Jake. I hadn't seen Billy since the night Sam had found me in the woods and the last time I had really talked to Jake was when I was attempting to flirt information out of him.

I laughed at the memory. I must have looked utterly ridiculous. Looking like a drowned rat, all wet from the rain, trying to bat my eyelashes at him. I still think he took pity on me that day. I was half expecting him to laugh at me for my attempts.

Charlie had told me that Billy had starting dating Shelly Call a few months ago and that they seemed very happy together. He told me that Jake had started his own garage with two of his best friends and that they were doing really well. That didn't surprise me from what I remember, Jake had been the only reason my old Chevy was still in circulation when my dad gifted it to me. Dad said he had built up a good name for himself while he was still in high school fixing up cars for people who didn't want to dish out the high prices of the only other garage around which happened to be a forty minute drive away in Port Angeles.

I always had the feeling that Jake was the son my dad never had. He lights up when he talks about his accomplishments just as much as when he talks about my own. I still remember when my dad and Billy used to say that it would be perfect if me and Jake were to get married so that him and Billy could be apart of the same family. They had always been like brothers. Ever since they were sixteen. But even my six your old self used to roll her eyes at the way they used to set around sipping beers and talking about how their babies were perfect for each other.

Another trill of excitement went through me when my GPS announced that I only had thirty miles until I reached my destination. My dad wasn't expecting me until later in the afternoon so I knew I'd be surprising everyone by getting there so early.

He had taken to staying at Sue's house since the engagement. Sue's daughter, Leah lived only a few hours down with her fiancé, and Seth was in his Senior year this year and neither Sue nor dad wanted to leave him on his own during his last year of school.

So after double checking the direction typed into my GPS to make sure it was right, I checked the temperature outside noting the twenty degree difference from Arizona to here. At the first red light I hit, I quickly pushed a brush through my hair before tugging on my favorite pale green sweater over my tank top. After a quick swipe of plane ole chap stick I deemed myself ready to go.

A couple of minutes later I was passing into the familiar beautiful scenery surrounding La Push. It had been over eight years since I had been to Sue's so I was a little surprised when I didn't even need the GPS to direct me to her house.

I was happy to see my dad's cruiser parked outside next to Sue's car. I saw my dad's old blue truck that he had given to Seth when he finally broke down and bought himself a newer one sitting in front of the house so, I figured he was home too. I pulled up behind Seth's truck, and in my excitement I left everything in the truck, before making my way up the driveway.

My dad pulled the door open just as I was about to knock and pulled me into a hug before I could even say anything. Laughing at his eagerness I hugged him back.

"Missed you Bells!" He exclaimed releasing me.

"Missed you too dad." I smiled.

"We weren't expecting you until later tonight." He pointed out. "Weren't breaking any speed limits were you?"

"Who me?" I exclaimed pointing myself. "I would never to do that, I'm the police Chief's daughter." I smiled.

"Mmmhhhh," He grunted ushering me inside all the while giving me his, I know your bullshiting me, eye brow.

I hardly recognized the living room. All of the furniture had been replaced the walls a different color than I remembered. The only thing that was the same was the old TV that sat in the front of the sofa.

Which gave me a great idea for a wedding gift.

"Oh Bella, I thought I heard Charlie talking to someone." Sue gushed walking into the living room wiping her hands on a towel. "Its so good to see you honey." She whispered taking me into a hug.

I eagerly returned her hug, "Its good to see you too Sue. I missed you guys." I admitted.

"Did you go to the house first or straight here?" My dad asked, looking onto the porch.

"No, straight here, guess I was just anxious to see you guys. My bags are in the car." I answered his unasked question.

"You should stay here Bella, We have two extra bed rooms. And me and your dad don't really like the idea of you staying in that house by yourself." Sue worried.

I smiled at her mothering, I had missed it. "Maybe, I don't want to be a burden." I admitted.

I didn't want to admit it to anyone but sleeping in the same room I had spent my nights with Edward in wasn't an appealing idea to me. It would be the first time I saw it in almost three years.

"None sense dear, you'll stay here. Besides you'll be in La Push so much with the wedding preparations that it would make no sense for you to stay in Forks." Sue decided.

I smiled at her again before turning back to my dad. He was staring at the floor like it held the secrets of life, scratching the back of his neck.

I cocked an eyebrow at him, "Everything alright dad?"

"Oh ugh yeah. There's just something I need to tell you Bells. I didn't tell you before because I wasn't sure how you'd take it and I didn't want to have to tell you over the phone." He ranted.

"Out with it dad, whatever it is, can't be that bad. As long as you didn't pull a mom on me and try to set me up with a blindda-"

"The Cullen's are back!" He blurted cutting me off.

My whole body tensed the instant his words registered in my mind and it took a conscious effort to relax my muscles. I kept my face carefully neutral under his scrutinizing stare, not wanting to give him or Sue any thing to worry about it.

"For ugh, how long?" I finally managed.

"Few months now." He informed. "Don't be mad like I said I would have told you sooner but I-"

"Dad I'm not even any where near mad at you, thanks for the heads up incase I run into any of them though." I eased.

"Well if you don't want too see them you could always stay here, the Cullen's don't come to La Push." He told me.

I raised my eyebrow at him once again, wondering how he knew that but before I could question him on it the front door swung open again and in walked a boy? A man? It was hard to tell. He had to be at least six feet tall. Wearing just some old cotton cut offs and a huge contagious smile, that I had no choice but returning.

"You must be Bella!" He exclaimed before wrapping me up in a bone crunching hug that rivaled only Emmet's.

"Ugh yeah," I muttered a little caught of guard. It took me a moment to return his hug. The heat from his skin soaked through my layers of clothing and wear my hands meet his bare skin felt like I was touching a heating pad. "Geez are you sick are something? Your burning up."

"Nah, I'm just hot like that." He winked releasing me.

"Seth!" Sue laughed.

I turned back to him gaping. No way was this guy little scrawny Seth Clearwater. He openly laughed at my reaction.

"Who'd you think was hugging you if it wasn't me?" He laughed.

I shrugged, finally managing to close my mouth. "I don't know. Figured you were just someone being nice, no way did I think you were Seth!" I laughed.

"Believe it shrimp, I grew up good huh." I joked bumping his shoulder with mine.

"Ugh yea." I admitted. Turning to Sue I asked, "What are you feeding this boy?"

"Oh no Bells, its not just him. There's just something in the water down here, all of his friends are as big as him." Charlie answered winking at Sue.

I was confused at the wink but let it slide. Maybe he was unsuccessfully trying to flirt.

"Speaking of feeding me, the boys are out back, anything to eat mom?" Seth asked, already walking to the kitchen before Sue even answered him.

"I made sandwiches." She informed following him.

I took her lead following behind her. When I spotted the two platter sized plates both piled high with sandwiches and the several bags of chips next to them I gaped again.

"Geez how many people are out there?" I joked.

"Those boys can put it away Bells. You hungry?" My dad asked.

"Yeah I could go for a sandwich." I admitted when my stomach growled at the mention of eating.

"Well you better grab whatever you want before the guys get to it, or you won't get any." Sue warned handing me paper plate and smacking Seth's hand way when he went to snatch one.

"Oh okay, thanks." I said confused. There was tons of food here. There couldn't be that many people out there.

Still I took a roast beef sandwich and a hand full of chips for my plate and set a can of coke on the side before grabbing on of the platters and making my way to the back door followed by Seth, Sue and dad who had grabbed my plate and drink for me.

"Oh thanks Bella! But you don't have to do that." Seth smiled.

I shrugged smiling back. "I don't mind. Besides I don't want to hold any body up."

"Here let me get the door." Sue offered walking in front of us carrying the chips. "Just set one down on each table."

The first thing I noticed when I stepped through the door was the large group of overgrown men sitting around the two patio tables. I knew I must have been gaping like a fish again when I heard Seth let out a joyful laugh.

"She gave me the same look when she realized who I was too!" He laughed.

"Geez there's only eight of you, how are ya'll going to eat all of this food." I wondered setting the platter down on the table nearest to me.

"Don't worry about that Bella, we'll manage." Seth told me throwing an over heated arm over my shoulder. "Let me introduce you to everyone."

"That's Sam, Embry, Quil, and Jarred." He said pointing out the people at the table closest to us.

After a chorus of, "Hey Bella's" and "Nice to meet you's". I was directed to the other table that my dad and Sue were sitting at.

"Obviously you know your dad and my mom, so that's Collin, Brady, and Paul. Leah and Jacob should be here any minute." He informed. "Oh there they are now." He pointed.

I was excited to see Jacob again so I quickly looked in the direction he had pointed. I smiled at the beautiful girl who I assumed to be Leah before looking over for Jake.

He had been jogging his way toward us but as soon as our eyes locked, he stilled at the same time I felt like all of the wind had been knocked out of me. Everything around us seemed to lose focus and all I could see were the almost black eyes that were boring into my own. The man standing before me was not the same gangly boy I remembered from just three years ago.

Without giving my body any active demands to move I found myself walking in his direction, my movement seemed to snap him out of his trance because I had only made two steps before his long strides closed the distance between us in three strides.

I couldn't contain my gasp when his body made contact with mine. A feeling of completetion settled over me as he wrapped me up in my second bear hug in the last fifteen minutes.

I don't know how long we stood like that, wrapped up in each others arms but eventually the sounds of the people only feet away from us starting breaking into my thoughts. I felt my face flush in a blush that was very rare for me these days before very reluctantly pulling away.

Smiling I looked up into his warm eyes. They seemed to be shinning with so many different emotions as he smiled back down at me.

"Bells." He breathed tucking some stray hair behind my ear before allowing his warm fingers to trail down the side of my face.

"Jake." I uttered, leaning into his comforting touch.

From somewhere in the background I made out my dads voice exclaim.

"I can't wait to tell Billy!"