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Author's Note: A bunch of random oneshots and drabbles about the Snatchers and how they interact. Hope you enjoy. None of them are in order as I'm just writing them as inspiration strikes me.

Snatchin' Moments


They all have their own families. They all have a last name that connects them to the past and into the future. These connections are made through blood, love, and sex. It gives them status in the Magical World, marks them for who they are: pureblood or halfblood. These families are different to their family however.

Their family is not made from blood. They've all been pulled from different places, found themselves together and worked together: sweat, pain, fights and dirt. They catch mudbloods, collect bounties, drink together, eat together, tease each other and sleep in the same tent – or rather three sleep in one tent and the other three in the other.

Their bond is not from blood but from their situation.

Scabior considers it the most interesting kind of family he's belonged to – and he's belonged to his own, to the Yaxleys and to his love. They aren't all buddy buddy – there are notable tensions between them, and he reckons when this is all over he will most likely lose contact with them – some out of active choice and others due to way the world works.

Still despite that foreknowledge while they camp in the wild they are family.

Griffin is the cool older brother. The man matches Scabiors own depravity and often acts as the bridge between Scabior's orders and making the younger ones follow them with his slightly dumb exterior which hides the fact he used to be a curse breaker for Gringotts. He's a second in command in a way. He's the one Scabior will talk to – being old dorm mates back at Hogwarts makes all the difference – about anything and vice versa.

Dion is the mother-hen which Scabior links to the fact he's the cook. He's acts like a gruff uncaring bastard but he's always making sure they all eat properly, are all getting enough sleep, and aren't getting infected from whatever the forest throws at them.

Mikael, little Micke, is the little brother. Being the youngest he's the most naive despite the fact he's been running from the Swedish Aurors since he left school. They all take it upon themselves to make sure he's alright even if they don't admit it. Mikael's got to stay safe in their eyes because he's really only a kid despite the fact he could probably out duel half the Dark Lord's inner circle if pushed.

King is the sullen middle-child. He's the teenager in the way he flirts with every girl they snatch, but with the way he sits by himself and writes potions concoctions in his journal. His mood swings are the worst in the group. Despite that he's a bit of a genius and Scabior has always wondered why a trainee Healer would give that up and come and live in the woods – he suspects Yaxley has something to do with it.

And that brings him to Yaxley. He's not with them when they camp but their main contact in the Ministry and the reason why their team of Snatchers is so different to the other groups. He's like a grandfather in that sense – the Godfather.

Oh and Greyback – that family member you have to invite to Christmas lunch though nobody really wants him there. With him there are also they random strays they pick up every now and then to increase numbers but never really stick around.

Within themselves they will fight each other tooth and nail – or rather Mikael will go toe to toe with Greyback at every opportunity because he sees the werewolf's first name, Fenrir, an insult to his beliefs and like a little brother annoying his big brother he is relentless – though Greyback is more like the unwanted Uncle that they have to invite along most of the time.

And he and Greyback always butt heads, fighting for control as the Head of the Family. They're both alpha-males, both trying to fill the father role and both never backing down. It's come to the point where even King and Mikael ask them not to fight in front of the kids much to their frustration. Fortunately Scabior mostly wins because he was technically in charge from the start and he is better liked by everyone else.

But on the outside they put up an united front as they hunt down mudbloods, each falling into their place with ease and protecting each other from stray hexes and curses like a family should.


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