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Darkness, that was all Ichigo could see. It was cold, wherever she was and yet... Strangely warm. She tried to stand and look around when there was pain across her chest. She cried out weakly and staggered slightly. She held herself, trying to block out the pain when a voice enveloped her.

"Ichigo... I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I never in a million years expected you to return my feelings. Pai wont allow me back. He says i have disgraced my people. But i'm OK with that. Because as soon as you wake up, we're going to go fight the Chimeras and we're going to stop deepu buru. We'll stop them from destroying your home and your family. We're going to save the earth and then... Then maybe i can save mine. I've seen how your family treat you. How your father is protective and how your mother strives to love you. How your friends all love you in their own way. Keiichiro says that he doesn't know if you'll survive. He says that... That you might never wake up." Ichigo felt her eyes well up with tears as she listened to Kisshu's voice. The pain had lessened to a dull throb and she struggled to stand again. "But please koneko chan... please wake up. i cant remember a life without your smile, your frustrated glare or your little grin of success. I don't want to remember it. Because to me, that is no longer living. Oh Ichigo.. I don't know how i made it before earth, before meeting you but all i know is... If you go, i'm following. I'd finish the mission and save both earth and my people.. Then follow you. Kisshu and Ichigo. Never one without the other." She felt something wet touch her arm and she looked down to see tears. She touched her face gently and found that she was crying.

"Kissh-u..." She whispered and took a step forward, blinding pain shot through her as she did so, but a light had appeared in the distance. She staggered to her feet and took another step, repeating the process.

"Ichigo, i'm sorry for always fighting you, i'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry for attacking your friends, i'm sorry for endangering your family. Ichigo... I..." She kept walking toward the light, the air getting warmer as she did so. "The pendant you bought, the wolf mew Zakuro, told me what it meant. Ichigo it shines so brightly. It shines for you. It wants you to be here. I need you to be here. I need to hear your voice, your chocolate eyes." She was half way there now, the pain near agonizing and she stumbled a few times. She gritted her teeth as Kisshu's voice continued and broke out into a run. The light was growing faster and brighter. "I need you to tell me it will be OK. I need you to tell me that you're never going to leave my side, that you'll always be there for when I need you." She shot through the light and the pain dulled slightly. "I.. I love you. Please... Just wake up Ichigo" There was something heavy by her hand suddenly as she realized she was on something soft. She was warm now and everywhere ached on her. The soft thing rocked slightly and she realized someone was crying. Her eyes opened and she looked to her side to see a mess of green hair on her hand. "Please... Tell me you'll be OK... tell me-"

"Everything will be OK" She finished and Kisshu's head shot up. Golden eyes were puffy and swollen from his crying with dark circles under them. Disbelief crossed his face, then terror and then joy. He stood up and grabbed her hand, his mouth moving with no sound coming out. "Oh for once he's got nothing to say." She smiled weakly, her voice raspy and dry from misuse. Kisshu laughed, not his usual laugh but a mad from relief laugh.

"Your awake... Your... Ichigo!" He lent forward and hugged her gently, tears silently streaming down his face. "Ichigo, he said you might not wake. He said you could..." He trailed off, his voice faltering as a lump formed in his throat. Ichigo smiled and buried her face in his hair.

"yeah, so unless your dreaming then he was wrong." Kisshu darted up.

"Oh no! I'm not.. I cant... No! This isn't a dream. Ichigo tell me it's not a dream." He looked panicked and Ichigo chuckled slightly then gestured for him to come closer. He lent over her, his face above hers with his arms either side of her head. She gently put her hand on his face and pulled him closer. Their lips connected and she felt his breath hitch. She let him go and he moved away, his face a cross between absolute terror and disbelief.

"This isn't a dream." She finished as the door burst open. Pudding was stood at the door with mint as they stood terrified.

"Keiichiro said her heart had sped up! We're worried! Is she OK!?" Ichigo laughed tiredly and Kisshu stood bolt upright as Pudding attacked him, hitting his head with her hands. "Don't you hurt Ichigo onee-chan!" Mint was stood at the end of the bed, staring at the pink mew with disbelief.

"Your... Your..." Suddenly tears sprung from mint's eyes as she shouted. "Don't ever do that again!" Ichigo smiled and nodded feebly.

"I'll try." At the sound of her voice, Pudding stopped her assault on Kisshu's hair and looked at her, her position of hanging off Kisshu's shirt seemed not faze her in the slightest. The girls gathered around the bed and Kisshu joined them, his hand taking hers as they talked and smiled, glad their leader was alive.

The sun was shining on green grass as a red headed girl walked with a blonde headed boy. His eyes were a deep shade of green and the girl's chocolate eyes closed as she laughed. They turned toward each other as she laughed and she pushed him slightly. The blonde boy smiled and took hold of her wrists before pulling her against him.

"Eh, ai..." The read head looked at him and smiled.

"Hai?" she answered.

"Can I ask you a question?" The girl nodded and the boy smiled. "Close your eyes." she did so and he knelt down, a pendant shining slightly from around his neck.

"Kish-kun, what are you doing?" She giggled and he smiled at her.

"Just stay still with your eyes closed." His hand dug into his pocket and he took her hand. "open your eyes." She complied and looked down at him, confusion covering her face. He smiled at her. "Ichigo Momomiya, would you do me the honor of-" Suddenly the ground erupted from around them, green vines wrapped around the blonde boy and knocked the red head back, another vine wrapped around her.

The boy shouted as he was lifted into the air, a blue light enveloping him and as it died down, Kisshu was left there instead. The vines wrapped themselves tighter around him and he cried out as he heard a crack from his chest.

"Hah! Turns out darling Ichigo was right!" both Ichigo and Kisshu turned their heads to see Masaya Aoyama walking toward them, a green glowing ball in his hand. Ichigo watched helplessly as Kisshu cried out from pain as the vines wrapped tighter around him. "You'll forgive me if this is brief but I need a certain thing that you have Kisshu Hikari." Ichigo's eyes widened as Kisshu paled.

"How do you know my- ack! My name?" he managed as he felt a rib break. Aoyama smiled nastily.

"Simple. Pai told me. He also told me to tell you that Deep blue's return will be sooner than you think."Aoyama walked over to the vines where Kisshu was being held and clicked his fingers. The vines lent Kisshu toward him and he held the orb against Kisshu's chest. "Just speeding things up a bit." Kisshu grunted in pain as the pressure on his chest grew and, as the orb disappeared, passed out. Aoyama laughed and turned to Ichigo, Kisshu's unconscious body being lifted back to where it was.

"Aoyama, why are you doing this? Kisshu has never done anything to harm you!" Masaya's face twisted into a sneer and he moved quickly into Ichigo's face.

"On the contrary. He stole something of mine." Ichigo blinked and shook her head.

"Kisshu would never steal." She said with pride in her voice and Aoyama laughed again, the sound causing hairs on her arms to stand.

"He stole you from me. Now. As much as I enjoy our chat Ichigo, I have to be somewhere. Night night." With that he hit Ichigo across the head hard. When she didn't pass out the first time he hit her again and again until she blacked out.

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